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One Man's Doomsday

Action Games

Have you ever thought what life would be if you were pursuing by endless enemies? Will that be as excited as those described in action movies? One Man’s Doomsday is a shooting game on where you can find out what it feels like being catching up by bloody foes. In the game, you can shoot your enemies dead using a gun which you can pick up on the road. When you think the gun is useless or you need a new gun, you can throw it away. You can get in a tank which may protect you from some raid. You can still move and shoot when you are in the tank, but don’t stay in it too long, the enemies may burn it. When you see a first-aid kit, take it, for it can help you relieve. Do remember that you are immune to enemies’ assault by jumping and rolling. Try your best not to be killed, the game is over when you are dead. Just be careful!

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