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One Ton Reloaded

Shooting Games

One Ton Reloaded is an action game, available on The skilled ape is an expert using all kinds of weapons, familiar with the guns, is a gun tricker. He can use the gun in multi-ways. Shooting when you press SPACEBAR, while for a qualified tricker, you can shoot in 2 ways by pressing SPACEBAR and DOWN-ARROW simultaneously. Fight an endless horde humanoid robots. Their only directive is to destroy intrudes you are the intruder. When you touching the enemies, you will melee attack to the robot. Tear all the robots up, make all the people know your anger!!

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Five Minutes to Kill Yourself Reloaded is miscellaneous. Hold the mouse button down while pointing in any direction to move around. Click on objects or people to interact with them. Use M key to bring up the map and orient yourself. You can choose the more powerful tools to damage yourself. It will shorten your life. Wish you good luck in this classic game. Enjoy more free games at Have fun!

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