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Operation Overdom

Adventure Games

Operation Overdom is a skill game on in which you are a spy to complete dangerous missions. You are CIA agent Dom Forster. Your job is to collect valuable information for the CIA using stealth tactics by avoiding people and security traps and gathering intelligence. A possible terrorist group Albahanzar has purchased a small building in Munich, Germany and is suspected to be planning a terrorist attack. We believe important information is located in this building. We need you to get inside the building are retrieve all the information you can on the alleged terror plot. There are civilians, employees, and securities in this building. You can use the arrow keys to control the character through the level. Some levels may require using computers and keys to open doors to other areas in the level. Every time you are seen your suspicion bar will increase. If you are seen by a civilian the bar will increase slightly, but being seen by a camera or employee will fill the bar a lot more. If your suspicion bar fills up completely, you will have to restart the mission. Good luck!

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