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Operation Thunder

Shooting Games

Operation Thunder is an adventure game on in which you go through dangerous zones to rescue your soldiers and friends. Cruel Lee has held two hundred soldiers hostage. As Captain George, your mission is to rescue the soldiers from his heavily guarded prison. Once the game starts, you are located at the clearing of the forest. In front of you is enemies’ fortress. You can use arrow keys to move around. Don’t tread on the mines. You will first go though a long blockade line made of electric wires. Then the enemy turret may find you and shoot you. A number of enemies holding machineguns get out of their house and try to kill you. You can throw grenades at them. Collect bonuses like ammunitions, grenades, and extra life from brown boxes on your way. You should keep safe distance from the enemy soldiers and beware of overhead Airplanes. They are dangerous. Maybe tanks and armored cars are waiting for you. Try to survive and finish this mission. Kill all enemies with your machinegun, pistol and other weapons. Good luck!

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