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Puzzle Games

Orbox is a puzzle game on in which you should try to run one box into the exit. Though it seems simple, it is not easy to find the right way to let the box run into the exit smoothly. At the beginning of the game, you will see a fixed exit and a sparklingly movable box. Your task is to make the box bounce into the exit. You can use the arrow keys to manipulate the box. The box only can rebound in a level and it only stops at a box. If there is no other fixed box to make the box rebound, the box will disappear in the endless space. You should take care that the box can go in the right way. You’d better plan the routine of the box before you start the game. If the box is thrown into the exit successfully you will go to the next level. You will gain points if you mange to run the box into the exit. Play now.

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