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Skill Games

Organ-ise is a skill game on in which you in which you need to transplant organs as a surgeon. First of all, you have a patient in the waiting area awaiting an urgent transplant. You can see how much time he/she has left from the beside icon next to him/her. This icon also illustrates which organ is needed. So in this case, he/she requires a heart. Pay attention, time is ticking. You need to click on the patient and drag them to a made bed. In the organ delivery area there are icons displaying all of your available choices. If a heart has arrived for your patient, click on the heart icon. You must be hurried, because it won’t stay useful for long. Remember some of your patients could be children, so make sure you use the right organ for the right patient. In the organ delivery room you can see the difference quite clearly. At last, keep an eye on your waiting room on the left. You don’t want that to get full and their time is ticking as well.

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