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Paul The Penguin

Shooting Games

People love penguins because they are lovely and precious. But have you ever thought that they could be very naughty, just as those unruly boys? Paul The Penguin is a skill game on in which you will see a very obstinate penguin who will launch an ice cream ball at you—bit it with your mouse! The further away the ball is when you bit it, the more points you get. If you are hit by the ice cream ball twice, you will lose your game. So try to be as quickly as you can—you have to grab ever second to enjoy the delicious. Good luck!

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Shooting game Zombies vs Penguins 3 is a free shooting game on You are supposed to control the penguin to kill all the zombies in each level. Target with the mouse and left click to shoot. The bullets you fired will ricochet from walls and ceilings. So, try to kill as many zombies as possible with one bullet. You earn money by killing zombies. Now, time for fun! Enjoy yourself!

Penguins destroyer

Here comes the free puzzle game Penguins destroyer! Visit to join it to have fun! You are supposed to kill all the penguins hiding behind the wall in each level. Click at the cannon, hold to strengthen the fire and drag to set the shooting angle. Release when you are ready to fire. You can change the time the bombs last before explosion at the left bottom corner. Your score decreases with time. Try to collect the stars!

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