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Adventure Games

Pingo is a skill game on in which you should try to join all stars in horizontal or vertical line. You can use arrow keys to move freely. There are various obstacles such as stones, bombs and so on. At the beginning, you will find that three stars are located in different positions. Your mission is to remove obstacles to make three stars in the same line. You can press space button to remove the stone. At the same time you should avoid the moving bombs. If you hit the moving bombs you will die. But if you shoot the bombs by stones successfully, you will win points. You have only three chances to play the game. If you manage to join the stars in a line in the limited time, you will get points and go to the next level smoothly. Besides, if the time is not enough for you to fulfill the task, you can look for clocks and press space button to earn extra time to finish the task. You will die if you can’t manage it in time. Good luck.

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