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Pirates of Caribbean

Action Games

Pirates of Caribbean is a fighting game on in which you play as a swordsman to fight with your adversary. Your adversary and you are standing on a rotational mill wheel in the afternoon. Behind you are a beautiful scene of the sunset and the village under the sky looks so peaceful and immemorial. The audience can only see your silhouette without discerning your faces. And you are really swordsmen, who will always obey the rules of swordplay. What you need to do is to smash the one standing in front of you and to be the last champion. Both the implement of you two is the warriors’ glory sword. So just take it in your hand and stride towards your adversary. Good luck!

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Caribbean Admiral is an adventure game provided by Click on your aim to shoot. Every quick shoot takes 15 bullets. When you are out of bullets, it will take your enemy’s turn to fire. In the title, “Cargo” means Cargo of all your ships. You can buy cargo in the shop. And “WP” means your money and war points. You need WP to open new ships and upgrades. Good luck!

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