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Pirates Second Blood

Arcade Games

Pirates Second Blood is an adventure game on in which you will navigate a pirate ship with a Jolly Roger to fight other pirate ships and save your friends. You will start your adventure in Blue Ocean. Your weapon is not so powerful and nobody helps you. But don’t worry! You can earn everything by eliminating enemies and collect bonus items. You can collect cannons to fire faster and pick up power to fire further (longer distance). Save your comrades and they will help you repair your ship. And you need to get ammunition to win. Don’t hit rocks on the sea and avoid touching sea mines for it will damage your ship. When you shoot out one shell or bullet, you need some time to reload your cannon. Be careful during your reloading time for enemy ships will fire at you. Use arrow keys to navigate your pirate ship and press left mouse button to fire. Are you ready? Go now!

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