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Pixel Monsters

Fighting Games

Pixel Monsters is a fighting game on in which you create a robot and use it to fight against another robot. Pixel Monsters is a turn based battle game where the player must first design a monster which they will then use to battle against a series of computer controlled bosses. By using a combination of trumps like game play and a strategic RPG battle system, the player must defeat their opponent in order to raise their stats and proceed to the next round. After each round, the player must deside if they want to continue to the next challenge and risk losing their high score, or save their high score on the online scoreboard. The drawing screen is where you design your monster. The pencil tool will automatically be selected when you enter the drawing screen. To use it simply click on a grid cell that you want to fill. If you make a mistake when using the pencil tool, you can correct it by using the eraser tool. When the robot battle begins, you can click some buttons to control your robot, like Attack, Defend, Power Up, Heal, Shield and so on. Do you want to know more? Join it now.

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