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Pokemon Revolution

Shooting Games

What the hell are you doing messing around on a computer when there’s a full-scale crisis going on?! A terrorist group of communist pokemon has invaded the USA embassy in Brazil, killing everyone inside. Pokemon Revolution is a shooting game one in which your mission is to infiltrate the building and blow those stupid pricks to smithereens with your handy magnum. It goes without saying that you will be heavily outnumbered and will probably be killed, but if you’re not going to slaughter these annoying parasites that have a vocabulary of one word… who will? The computer will helicopter you in so that you can enter from the roof and work your way down to the pokemon Marxist leader: Pikachu. Fortunately, Pikachu is a homosexual who would rather hug you than shoot you, but watch out for his owner, Ash, and the bulbasaurs—they carry bombs on their backs that explode after three seconds. Good luck!

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