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Power Copter

Action Games

Power Copter is a fighting game on in which you steer a gunship to eliminate all enemy aircrafts. From the future, enemies are invading Power Copter’s time. It’s up to you, as Power Copter, to stop the destruction of the Earth. Our hero’s journey begins in the Arctic. It’s snowing and snowflakes fly down from the sky. All around is covered by heavy snow. But the battle is fierce in such a cold and frozen world. You must kill all invaders by using various weapons, like bombs, laser, missiles and machinegun. Press number keys to change your weapon. There are several types of enemy fighters. They shoot bullets, missiles and laser at you. So you must move up and down to avoid being shot. You can collect some shield item on your way to recover your health or become invincible. Pay attention to a kind of cuttlefish missile for it is invincible under the protection of a kind of protective layer. Try to survive in the war. Ready? Fire.

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