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Power Force

Arcade Games

Power Force is a shooting game on in which you are a flying warrior to protect our Earth. Aliens want to conquer the Earth, so they send a lot of spaceships to fight against human beings. All of our fighter planes and gunship have been killed during the war in space. Now the invaders have entered the airspace of our city. Numerous airships are destroying the buildings and our factories. Everything is in extreme danger. It is your time to stand out. You are the Space Warrior with powerful weapons. It’s only you who can save the world. You can shoot enemies by using your mouse. Laser gun is your first weapon. During the war, you can try to collect some other more powerful guns. You can fly left and right to avoid being hit by enemy fighters. You should also avoid being shot by bullets from aliens. Try to collect ammunition or diamond icons for bonus points. Go as far as possible. Good luck!

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W/Up - Jump A/Left - Move Left S/Down - Crouch D/Right - Move Right R/Right Click - Reload Q/Shift - Switch Weapons E/Ctrl - Killstreak Mouse - Aim and Shoot

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