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Shooting Games

Privateer is a shooting game in in which your mission is to destroy all of your opponents through various stages. To move your ship, simply drag the mouse in the direction you wish to move in. To fire simply tap left mouse button, or hold for continual firing. Various ship upgrades can be picked up during levels. Finding these will be necessary to maximize score and survive through later level. The longer you go without getting hit by an opponent, the better your score multiplier will be and every hit will be worth more points. Beware, sometimes there will be some trackers. Try to shoot at them before the missiles hit you. Indeed, some truly amazing flying and whatnot, a true show of skill and finesse behind the helm of your new and very stolen ship. Your glee in the slaughtering of hundreds of people just doing their jobs will be such a comfort to their friends and families. Those ships are pretty close now though, so you’d better pay attention. Go ahead and show your shooting skill. Good luck!

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