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Prom Racers

Racing Games

Prom Racers is a sport game on in which you ride a motorbike to go as far as possible within the time limit. You can select from four characters. They will ride on different roads. If you select Thomi Wolkenbruch, you shall help him go through a narrow wooden bridge without guardrails. Use your mouse to move left and right and avoid falling into water. If you select Stoffel Raser, you shall help this old man to collect many coins in the road by riding his old bike in the evening. Don’t hit cars and other vehicles. If you select Mona Kurzwells, you help this pretty woman across grassland. Watch out for some ramps. Finally if you choose Rosche Entenfeder, your objective is to strike down as many snowmen as possible by using her tennis racket. But be careful, or you may hit the snowman. There are three lives in all for each character. If you run out of lives, game is over. Good luck.

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Paintball Racers is a shooting game presented to you by It is totally free! Join it to feel both of the fun of shooting and racing! You are going to drive a red car. Race it forward with the up arrow and tilt it with the left and right keys. Shoot other cars with the space bar. Press X to jump and Z to make turbo attack. Collect the coins and bonus items along your way forward. Kill all your enemies to win!

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