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Puzzle Defense

Puzzle Games

Save the turret and save the battle, you can navigate around the map in order to check around the enemies, place the mouse cursor on the edge of the stage. Earn resources to build towers by completing chains of 3, 4, or 5 runes. Click a rune, then click an adjacent rune to swap them. Use your mana to build towers to stop the enemy hordes. Survive for 30 waves to achieve victory! Buy and construct turrets to defeat them click the turret on the panel and place it inside the building area. Unlike other defense games, whose money is earned from the amount of enemies who are eliminate by your turrets as the bonus, capital in puzzle defense depends on the puzzle, you have to collect certain amount kinds of different elements to build towers with different defense affect. You can purchase towers with gold you have earned, but you can only take 8 towers or spells into battle. Once you have purchased a tower, click the inventory button to select which ones you want to take into the field. When you buy towers, your progress is automatically saved. Don’t delete your flash cookies! Every turret has its own system to upgrade itself. When all of these are done, the turret will automatically attack the enemies you can just click a building to activate all turrets in its area. Use the mouse to aim and left click to fire. Puzzle Defense is a skill game on Good luck!

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