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Puzzle Games

Quad is a puzzle game on in which your mission is to place the quads in lines. You will be given some block group in different shapes. You need to match them so that the quads will form a line vertically or horizontally. At this time, those quads will disappear, which means you have empty place to place new quads. If your board is stuffed by blocks, your game’s over. Try to hold on as long as you can. Have fun!

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Sports Heads Cards Soccer Squad Swap

Sports Heads Cards Soccer Squad Swap is a card game on Your goal is to have a better starting 11 cards than your opponents after 18 turns. There are values on each card. If yours trumps the value of your opponent’s card, you can win both cards to your squad. If your opponent gives a card bigger than yours, you can play a card of a star with the same nationality to launch a shoot out penalty. Enjoy this free game!

Stick Squad

Shooting game Stick Squad is brought to you by Your mission in the game is to kill all the enemies. You are a sniper. Move the mouse to target. When you are ready, left click to shoot. Head shot kills fastest and earns you the most money. Press the key R to reload. When each level is finished, you will enter the new stage and get new task. You can buy new equipment in the shop.

Hans Coldy And Emma Quadly

Hans Coldy And Emma Quadly is an adventure game provided on Join it to help blue Hans to rescue red Emma. Move Hans with the arrows and jump it with the space bar. When you press the space bar together with the up arrow, Hans will be able to cling on the blocks. Collect the coins and diamonds for a better score. To upgrade to the next level, you need to find the doors and send Hans in!

Stick Squad 2

Join the shooting game Stick Squad 2 on The objective in the game is to kill all the bad guys. Click to start the game. In the career menu, there are different countries with different levels. Start your mission in America. Move the mouse to rotate the map and to target. Left click to shoot. Press the key R to reload. The red bar with a cross represents your HP. You can upgrade your weapons in the shop.

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