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Quibeland Evolution

Adventure Games

Quibeland Evolution is an adventure game on in which you are in control of a robot to go through many levels of risks. The robot has a spike fist and blue eyes. It wants to challenge powerful Boss Robots, but it must try to kill all the soldiers of the boss first. You can use the left key and right key to move left and right. Press the up key to jump and make use of space bar to attack. It will encounter Quibeling, Spikeling, Pikeling, and Swordling. They are all the minions of the boss robot. Kill them all and move on. There are some traps on its adventure. You shall avoid hitting Orange Splock, Black Splock, Agile Splock and Fishling. There are two lives in all for the robot. When you run out of the lives, game is over. But you can collect some items for bonus points. Try to pick up Coin Block, Health Block, Coin, and Life Block. Go as long as possible. Ready? Good luck!

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