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Quickling is an adventure game on in which you will guide a fairy to enter human lands. There is a custom in the fairy realms that a fairy has official rights to enter human lands on a special day. But the portal to the human realms is a long way from there. It’s hidden rather well so the fairies don’t get to it, but if you follow some instructions you should make eventually. At the beginning, you will have a philometer and a red gem. You can push A button to release a fiery blast that will be good protection from the fairies. The other fairies are rather pesky. They like to change shape, so it is almost impossible to tell them apart from the peaceful wildlife, and if you touch them, they teleport away in a blast of damaging magic. It is best to avoid them or scare them off with your fire gem, but if you do accidentally run into one, those purple gems in your philometer will cancel out the magic so it doesn’t hurt you. If you run out of purple gems you will have to start over. The main thing you will need to look for are the other three gemstones for your philometer. There will be other sages along the way who will be able to make them for you, but no doubt they will test your wits first. One last thing, if you see any more rune stones like the first one, be sure to activate them and they will bring you back to life if your philometer runs out. Good luck, off your go!

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