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Race for the Chair

Racing Games

Race for the Chair is an action game on in which you try to catch a bus in the shortest time. Your flat mate says he is busy tonight, but you know better – the cheeky sod is just trying to beat you home to grab that ice old can of Carling from the fridge and nick prime position in front of the footy on the Comfy Chair. You should catch a bus as soon as possible. Just run! You can use left and right cursor keys to run, and then press the up key to hurdle stuff on the street, such as dustbin, signpost, etc. You can use the space bar to knock past anybody in your way. Because you are running in a busy street, you may encounter some cleaners, shopping girls, pedestrians, workers, and so on. Just push them away using the space bar. Your aim is clear. Catch the bus and then you can drink beers to celebrate. Good luck!

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