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Dangerous Falling Bridge

Dangerous Falling Bridge is a free game on! Join this racing game for fun. You are supposed to drive a motor bike to escape from a falling bridge behind you. Drive forward with the up key. Tilt with the right and left arrows. Press the space bar to use Nitro. Collect the money along your way forward. Do not topple the motor or you will lose. Race as fast as you can! Good luck!

Master Racing

Have you ever dreamed to be a speed racer? Master Racing, a free racing game on, will help realize your dream. Select PLAY from the main menu, select your car and its color and then press GO RACE. Use the cursor keys to drive your car: hit Up to accelerate, Down to brake or reverse, Left to turn left and Right to turn right. Complete 3 laps to get a chance to enter your name into the best times score table. Good luck!

Car Tranporter 2

Join the racing game Car Tranporter 2 on for fun! In this game, you are supposed to transport fancy cars to the garage by driving a truck. Left click to choose a truck and then the game starts. Press the left mouse button at a chosen car and then drag it to the truck. Then click the Go button to drive forward with the up arrow. Left and right keys are for tilting. Do not drop cars off on the way. The time you cost will decide your points.

Madness on Wheels

Enjoy the racing game Madness on Wheels on to experience the fun of speed! Control your car with the arrow keys or WASD. On your way forward, you are also supposed to kill your enemies. Aim with the mouse and press the left mouse button to shoot. You earn cash by killing enemies and running. Avoid being shot and crashing into others. You can upgrade your car after each level. Good luck!


Play free game Weesix on


Play free game BM REX on

Uphill Rush 4

The racing game Uphill Rush 4 is here on! Join this free game to entertain yourself! Choose the hero before starting the game. Rush on the water track to the destination. Move forward with the up arrow. Balance with the left and right keys. Collect the money and bonuses along your way. Never fall the girl off! You can buy new equipment after each level. Enjoy yourself here!

Coaster Racer

Coaster Racer is here on Join this racing game to entertain yourself! Press the up key to accelerate, the down arrow to brake and the left and right keys to steer. You can also use the keys WASD for the same purpose. N is for nitro when the middle button flickers. M is for freestyle. Pay attention to the road sign. Try to collect the coins along your way. You must rank high enough to unlock letter levels. Now, let’s go!

Web Racing

Racing is one of the most exciting sports in the world. But not everyone can become a professional racing player. Don’t worry, you can realize your racing dream on Web Racing, a sport game on in which you can compete with your computer. The rule is quite simple. Just speed up, but don’t forget to pay attention to the corners which may drag your speed. Fast, fast, and fast—it is the only truth of racing! Have fun!

Offroad Madness

In Offroad Madness, you will see how skillful you are as a driver. In this skill game, there aren’t many rules, and your only objective is to run as long as you can without crashing. There are many bonuses along the path. Go and get them to gain extra time, for example. There are many trunks on your way, be careful not to run into them or you will lose lives. You are racing against time, so speed up! You can find this game on Good luck!

Drift Time

Drift Time is an arcade game on in which you drive your car to reach your task. You have a white racing car in this game. Use arrow-keys to control it; there are two nummular lawns, two short walls and some yellow balls on the ground. Collect all the yellow balls by direct the car while avoiding to touch any wall or sod, because they will slow your speed down and waste your time. You can see a timer on the upper-right corner of the screen and your timer-speed by its side. Try to finish your mission in the least time and faster your speed with the lesser stops. Play now.

Skateboard Girl

Decades ago, girls were not allowed to attend school, wear pants, or go to work. Thanks to many pioneers’ efforts, girls today can do almost everything boys do in the society. Some women even do their jobs better than men. Some girls now do some sports used to be played by boys, such as playing skateboard. Skateboard Girl is a skill game on in which you will control the girl on the skateboard to go through a dangerous road. She can’t jump over obstacles so the only way not to be tripped down is to avoid anything on the road. You have three lives to finish the game. Good luck!

Dune Bashing in Dubai

Dune Bashing in Dubai is a skill game on in which you will be a motor-driver. In the game, you should try to drive the motorbike in the steep slope and reach the end line safely. You can use the arrow keys to move and control the motorbike properly. If you turn over the motorbike and fall off from it, you will loose a life. You only have three lives to finish the mission. The slopes are so precipitous that you should control the motorbike carefully and skillfully. The aim of the game is to complete all the stages in a short amount of time. To advance to the next levels you need to cross the end line before the timer goes up. Good luck.

Mini nitros 2

Take part in a challenging racing competition in the country side where you've to drive a Mini Cooper through various tracks and try to reach the finish line in the fastest time possible. You can activate Nitro to boost your speed on long straight road segments.To begin with, select your car and tune it up by adjusting the specifications to the desired level. You can Left Click and Drag the yellow squares from a feature and place it in any other feature to tune up your car for the challenge ahead. Finally select the track and get ready to race. Avoid hitting the sides of the road, as it will slow you down. If you succeed in completing all the tracks then submit your score to the high score list. Have fun with mini nitros!

Sim Taxi

Play free game Sim Taxi on

Yoru Kuuten

Play free game Yoru Kuuten on

Burning Horizon

In Burning Horizon, you get 180 seconds to finish a track, and less time you used, more points you get. Each time you overtake an opponent, you get bonuses and you lose scores if you are overtaken by your enemies. Collect gears to speed up. Be careful about the corners and obstacles on the road. The total score of the three rounds will be your final score. Sumit the high score board. Enjoy this skill game on Have fun!

Xenon Price Racing

Welcome to Xenon Price Racing. Here you are on a mission to win the championship. Use your arrow keys to control your vehicle, and try to win every race to unlock more tracks and cars. Your computer will store automatically your best time and progress. There are many cool sport cars waiting for you: Firecrest, Buzzaro, Peregrine and Conoor. Cool, right? So what are you waiting for? Just start this skill game on Good luck!

Brekky Race

Brekky Race, which is a racing game on Usually children like to do some little games while they having breakfast. A 5 years old boy Nicky and his little brother are playing the mini cars on the table while they having their breakfast, their Mom always annoying by this and stop they to play the mini cars when they are having breakfast. But these two naughty children always play the mini cars when their mother was busy, and they are racing the mini cars, can you help them? You have to control the car by your keypad, and don’t collide with those things on the table, otherwise you would stop there and can not moving any more.

Street Rally

A racing game, you are driving an electric car, your role is to collect the most parts, but for resister you must take the piles not to slow down, to avoid all the obstacle, Cannette, Chewing-Gum, Egouts........ Good Road ! (Translated by Google)

Motor Madness

Motor Madness, which is a racing game on Have you ever watch a cartoon program called Scooby dog? They alawys have a lot of adventure trips together, though Scooby is very a very chicken dog, but at least he never leabe his master. One day, they got a mission is following a track, but they need a really good driver, they hope you are the one they have been looking for. Would you please do them a favor? Driving safety! Good luck to you!

Turbo Spirit XT

Turbo Spirit XT is a sport game on in which you try to win the bronze, the silver and the golden league as a motorcycle player and gain a highest score between all the players. It is the race motordrome in a desert. And the screen is full of yellow sand. Beside the motordrome there are few trees and lots of earth bags. The race looks no end as the motordrome extend to the deep of the earth. But the audience is very ebullient as you drive through them. You can drive races in France, Germany, Japan, USA, Newzealand, Poland, Greenland and Egypt, and all races are in different conditions as different countries have different climate. Get the full version now and enjoy the full set of features. Good luck.

Samsam Race

A racing and skill testing flash game. You are ridding a bicycle on the road, and you must arrive on the final line before the game is finished. But attention this road is sown obstacles and each one of them makes you lose 10secondes. The arrow High is used to accelerate, Droite and left to turn and Low to slow down. Good Luck.

Foofa Race

Foofa Race is a sport game on You can select your favorite driver in the game. Different drivers have different stories and characteristics, like acceleration, speed, grip and weight. The creep has been in love with “she” for years, but she sees him as a friend. He wants to make her change her mind after winning this Cup. The smoker likes the winner’s champagne bottle. “She” attracts the cars by charming their drivers and she is here because she can’t go shopping on Sundays. The first race Location is in Death Valley. After the catastrophic train accident in 1876, this area became the main training field. You can try to collect bonus weapons and press space bar to use them. Chili Boost provides super speed for a few seconds. Smart Firework follows and hits the nearest opponent. Oil Barrel makes the ground slippery. Space Cannon hits the car in first position. And Soap Bubble protects against any weapon. Don’t hit plants and rocks. Go to win the first prize and the Cup! Race now!

Speed Breed

Speed Breed is an interesting game where you can change your shift gear from 1 to 5, correspondlingly to the KEY 1 to 5. And you can accelerate your car by pressing and holding UP ARROW KEY, then brake by DOWN ARROW KEY. Handbrake is useful, if you hold KEY Z. Automatic transmission is for KEY R to trigger and manual transmission is KEY F. May be you are not familiar with the way your racing car runs, but you can handle it eventually. This skill game is on Good luck!

Fast and Furious

Fast and Furious is a skill game on in which you race the car to win the game. You are racing the other dude, shouldn’t trash your car or you may stop. The first prize is a babe strips and get to take a beautiful woman home. If you are the second, you are losers and couldn’t get prizes. You can select the car before the race. There are Dodge, Honda, Mitsubishi, and Toyota cars for your choice. The race is happening on a street where have many colorful shops and cars, so that you won’t feel boring. There are located some obstacles on the raceway, which will stop you. The obstacles are including the trucks, the rocks and the road-block and so on. You need to skill enough so that avoids them.

Flash Tuning Car

Play free game Flash Tuning Car on

Rally Point

Play free game Rally Point on

Freeway Fallguy

Play free game Freeway Fallguy on

Drive & Dodge

Drive and Dodge is a skill game on In the game, you control a car, driving anti-clockwise, which has to pick up all flags. The movement of the car is restricted. It can not turn, and can only switch lanes inwards or outwards at open spaces, up to two lanes at a time using arrow keys on your keyboard. To switch to a specific lane, you have to push the up, down, left or right arrow key for the direction you want to go. The car can also switch between two speeds using the space key on your keyboard. Switching is deliberately restricted to one lane at a time when driving fast. Driving in clockwise direction are one or two enemy cars, which try to ram you. These can only switch one lane at a time. Once your car is hit by enemy car, the game is over. Good luck!

Hummer Rally

Hummer Rally is a sport game on in which you steer you own racing car to join a rally. You can select the cities you want to compete, New York, London, Moscow, Tokyo, and Monaco. And yellow car, white auto, blue vehicle are ready for your choice. Use arrow keys to control you racing car. You must avoid hitting rocks for it will damage your car. Do not drive your racing car off road for it will greatly affect your moving speed. The sports car is always so sensitive and hard to steer. So you must practice it more times and master how to drive it well. You will compete for 5 laps to gain the last win. Are you ready for this competitive game? Join it now!

German Autobahn

German Autobahn is an arcade game on in which you will drive a race car on the road. It is a racing, so you have to use time as little ad possible. You will use your brave, skill and judgment in this game. If you like F1, you will like it very much. Once it starts, you will find that there has a road on the left of the screen. On the right of the screen, there have two clocks which can tell you about your speed and time. There are many cars in the road; you have to grasp the directions of your car. Otherwise your car will have collision with other cars and then break to fire. You can image that you are the Schumacher who is the winner of F1.

Rocket Racers

Rocket Racers is a classic game on It is about the intergalactic rocket races. This championship provides great entertainment throughout the local group, and promotes friendship and camaraderie between galaxies. Each ship is built by the competing life form to be very sturdy, and is also capable of interfacing with the race weaponisation system. This weapon is designed to temporarily disable all competitors in the vicinity, while causing no long term damage. There are several ships for your choice. If you select The Pride of Earth, you will be chosen to represent Earth at the 229157th intergalactic rocket races. Green Scimitar is driven by Marmaduke, a member of the hunting Skree, for whom racing is a religion. From the outer arm of Andromeda, this competitor has traveled the furthest to take part. The Skree’s predatory instincts make him a fearsome competitor, who is very accurate with missiles. Space Spider is one of a species of interstellar life form, this enormous beast is capable of racing by herself. The spider’s senses are very different from most planetary-evolved organisms. She is capable of tracking many targets, and will try to maximize the effect of her missiles. As for Twin-tub ship, it’s for the first time that the machine-intelligence from the large Magellanic Cloud has chosen to enter, represented by Instantiation 1337. As a computer, the Twin-tub will see every possibility for attack. The last ship is The PFO. The races are organized into two series: the Comet and Sunspot cups, of four races each. After you have completed a track, finishing in the top three, you are permitted to perform time-trials on that course. You have three lives, if you fail to place in the top three, you lose a life and must repeat the race. Good luck!

Ambulance Rush

Play free game Ambulance Rush on

Replay Racer

Replay Racer, which is a racing game on People loves to watch car racing game but never dare to drive the racing car themselves. In this game you can make your dream come true and practice here. Drive twice from your chosen track as quickly as you can, race against your own personal best, or have the game select a challenging replay for you. Use your arrows to control your racing car direction. Press your spacebar while you rturning to do a sharp handbrake turn. You will love this game, enjoy it!

Scooby Doo Snack Adventure

Scooby Doo Snack Adventure is a free racing game on The mission for you in this game is to help the hero to collect snacks. Drive forward with the up arrow. The down key is for brake. The left and right arrows are for balance. Press the space bar for nitro when the bar at the bottom of the screen is in yellow light. The less time you cost, the better points you will win. Enjoy more free games on this website.

The Big Race

The Big Race is a sport game on in which you play as a hippocampi taking part in the race to win the first place as quickly as you can. It is rather like the rule of horse race. After the sound of the gun, the doors of horse race open at once and all the players run out to shoot for a better place. The race is held in the roads of desert so the scene you see is totally yellow and there are no railbird waiting along the race track. After one race ends, the big screen in the racecourse will show the champion of the race. And you will receive the big cheer from the audience as you come in first. Have fun!

Pedal to Metal

A very sympathetic game, you direct a formula 1 on a circuit... out of toy!Le play is played with only the arrows to the top of the keyboard for accelerer... It there has three race, the goal of the play, obviously is to arrive in first and there is only another formula 1 on the circuit. Attention, if you accelerer too in the turns or that you are already too fast, you will run off the line! The play is appropriate has everyone, without exception! Good play! (Translated by Google)

PMG Racing

This is a racing game. Firstly, enter your name and choose your vehicle, and then begin the game. You should control the car with the mouse. Watch for obstacles on the way. If you hit them, they will slow you down and you will take damage. Also certain cars are immune to some obstacles.

American Dragracer

Play free game American Dragracer on

Rocket MX

Rocket MX is a sport game on in which you ride a bike to perform tricks in the air. You can use arrow keys to control your bike and make use of the slope to jump high. After you hit a green ramp, you can press the space bar to give yourself a rocket boost. You must rocket boost if you want to stay in the air. Once you are in the air you can hit the arrow keys to do different tricks. Each time you rocket boost, you will lose some fuel. Each time you go through a green ring you gain some fuel. Slow the bike down with the rocket boost before you land, or you will crash. As you get to higher levels, it will become harder to land your bike safely. Don’t hit rocks on ground, or your bike will crash. You totally have three lives. If you run out of them, the game is over. Ready? Come on!

Racoon Racing

Play free game Racoon Racing on

Mercedes Drift

Mercedes Drift is a skill game on in which you will drive an awesome sport car and your mission is to cast as much snow onto the seven drift boards as possible within 60 seconds. Scoring is based on the total amount of snow casted on each board, multiplied by the amount of drift boards you hit. Cast as much snow as you can onto each board, but if you touch a drift board while drifting, your score will not count. The goal to scoring big is to create the perfect drift which is a combination of speed and angle along the drift boards. Go ahead and show off your drift skills...

Island Cruisin

Island Cruisin is a sport game on in which you race boating around a beautiful island. There are three other players, Dunc (a bear), Bonkers (a monkey) and Ellie (a giraffe). They have different power, speed and handling skills. First, choose which of the 3 crazy Kritters you will race with. Then it is time to get over to the starting line. You can use the up arrow to accelerate forward and press the right and left arrows to steer. The race is three laps around the lagoon. Many coconut palms grow in the island and a wooden house is located at the center of the lake. You are bound to run into a few beaches as well as the other racers. Try to anticipate the curves and don’t get too turned around. You must endeavor to catch up with other racers and don’t lag behind. Win the first prize and join in now.

Diesel and Death

Diesel and Death, which is a racing game on Diesel as we know only use in truck or bus, seldom usual car using the diesel. And here we got a racing game, in this game you or your enemy probably will die, if he die, then you win, if you both are still alive while the racing, then you both might be lose. You can press your spacebar to make your enemy fall and kill him, then you will win. So, diesel and death, here we go! Best of luck and be careful!

Sim Taxi 2

Play free game Sim Taxi 2 on

City Racer

City Racer is a skill game on in which you will be a racer and control your car to collect letters. In this game, you can press the up arrow and the down arrow to accelerate your car or decelerate. Use the left arrow and the right arrow to move your car avoid other cars and not to out of the road. You can’t hit other cars over six times; otherwise the game will be lost. In addition, you should pay more attention to indicator, collect these letters as many as you can. At the end of this game, you will use these letters to fill in a blank. It’s time to go for it!


VXR is a skill game, available on You have three options of the cars that you can choose to have on the way of the race in the field, it is simple in rules but when you practically manipulate the car in the arena, you will find that it is not what you have imagined. For it is more interesting and intense racing nervous, you will have chances to try more complex racing fields and racing lane. That is different when you imagine that you are in the car. Collect the bonus star and finish the race as soon as possible. Have fun!

Car Eats Car

Car Eats Car is a free racing game. To win this game, you are supposed to get the first place in the race. Drive forward with the up arrow. Tilt the car with the left and right arrows. Press the space bar to jump. If you want to jump higher, just press the space bar longer. The key X is for firing weapons. Collect bonuses along your way. Upgrade your car after each level. Visit to have fun!

Aqua Massaqua

Aqua Massaqua is a skill game on in which your mission is to control your flatboat as you are requested. Each level you have to meet five checkpoints, and there will be an arrow showing you the nearest way to get the point. Rotate your pontoon and speed up—if you don’t get to the point within the given time, you will fail. If you unfortunately meet some sharks, punch them in the nose in emergency. Collect the shells and starfish to get more rowing power. Good luck!


You are in a boat in arctic sea, surrounded by floating icebergs that drown you if they touch you. You have two possibilities to avoid them: You can drive the boat to avoid them and shooting at these to destroy them. To drive the boat needs some practice. Use the space bar to go forward and the left and right arrow keys to turn. You also have a boost mode by using the "delete" key. I would however not recommend it, because in this mode, the boat cannot be driven and you have no idea where it makes you go! To shoot, align the boat to the iceberg you want to destroy and press the "M" key. If you get it, it will be broken in smaller icebergs that are less dangerous. Have fun.

100m Running

100m Running is a sport game on in which you will be a sprinter. The 100 meter dash competition is carried out on a sunny day. The sky is blue and white clouds flutter in the sky. There are a lot of audiences on the stand. They refuel and cheer for you. You may hear their yawp. To attend this competition, there are 4 roles you can choose from, number1, number 2, number3 and number 4. They have different strength, energy, endurance and power. All of these were pressed by stars. You can choose one which you like. In the competition, you can run by pressing the Left and the Right arrow keys alternately. If the frequency of your pressing of the two keys is different, the speed of the sprinter is changed. You should strive for the maximum speed. Wish you good score!

Run Over

Run Over is a sport game on in which you have to drive the car to run over people in order to get points. When playing, there is a yellow car in the center of the screen, use the arrow keys to drive it. You may also see the points on the ground which you can check your score any time. The guy who runs in different speed stands for the different points. For example, the slowest guy give you twenty five points, the guy who run in normal speed give you fifty points, while the guy who run the fastest give you seventy five points. If guy run and you don’t kill him you lose twenty five points. So you should run over as many guys as possible.

400m Running

400m Running is a sport game on in which you will be a sprinter. The 400 meter dash competition is carried out on a sunny day. The sky is blue and white clouds flutter in the sky. There are a lot of audiences on the stand. They refuel and cheer for you. You may hear their yawp. To attend this competition, there are 4 roles you can choose from, number1, number 2, number3 and number 4. They have different strength, energy, endurance and power. All of these were pressed by stars. You can choose one which you like. In the competition, you can run by pressing the Left and the Right arrow keys alternately. If the frequency of your pressing of the two keys is different, the speed of the sprinter is changed. You should strive for the maximum speed. Wish you good score!

Material Mole 2

Play free game Material Mole 2 on

Ready Race

Ready Race is a classic game on in which you will become a crazy driver. The playing area is in a city road with pedestrians and cars in different colors. You are a chauffeur in white shirt and steer a blue vehicle. Use your mouse to control your auto. Pick up icons like dollar to earn money, missiles to fire, and metal to increase shield. To kill pedestrian will also grow your cash. Hit the cars in the road into explode. You can hit one car to force it to hit another car and thus you can earn more money when they both explode. As you pick up missiles, you have to shoot armored cars. Watch it out. It is not an easy mission to eliminate the armored vehicles. So you have to operate it carefully. You’d better shoot the tanks and meanwhile hit them. In this way they will explode rapidly. The more tanks, cars and pedestrians you kill, the higher score you can get. Try it.

Rocket Power

Help Otto Rocket pick up as many skating trophies as possible in 60 seconds. Press spacebar to start game, use your arrow keys to move him, be sure to avoid hitting the rocks, the traffic cones and his friends!

Lil Racerz

There are the toughest track on the circuit with fast, dusty, fierce competition. The tracks in the game covers from miscellaneous kinds, from different seasons and climate. Many rally racer are available in the game, too, well balanced car with smooth handling, a solid engine and good acceleration is recommended to the rookies. . Lil Racerz is a racing game, available on Good luck! And have fun.

Over Steer

Over Steer is a skill game on in which the basic goal is to race the tracks in the fastest possible time, your scores are checked on an online database and if you gain a good enough time, you may even get to put your own name on the high score table. You can use basic controls such as accelerate and brake, or advanced controls such as hand brake, horn and re-position. Time are calculated differently to actual elapsed time, so there are no handicaps between computers. Good luck!

Mud Rally

Have you ever thought that frogs hold races too, just like human beings? Mud Rally is a skill game on in which your mission is to lead the little frog to win the paddle race. There are not certain rules, the only thing you need to do is to be quicker and quicker. Don’t forget to eat butterflies when you meet them, they will add you more points. Avoid bees because if you run into bees, you will lose your points. Good luck!

Car Race

Will your heart beat faster when watching a car racing match? Are you dreamed of involving joining the game? Car Race is a skill game on in which you will navigate your way through obstacles. Your car doesn’t have super power such as jumping over objects or shooting at obstructions, so it all depends on your driving skill. Avoid everything on the road meanwhile speed up otherwise you are easy to lose your game. Good luck!

Turbo Racer

Turbo Racer is a sport game on in which you drive a racer to race in a track in a limit time. You will be the racer driver once the game starts. Press the arrow keys to accelerate and break, or turn left and right. In the progress, you can pick up these bonus time to gain extra seconds and a lighten signal to speed up for 5 seconds. You can also collect these thought balloons to add your total points. But you should avoid pick up those thing such as the gloomy thought bubble, the obstacles or the black oil spilled on the ground. Those objects can slow down your speed or cut down your points. Moreover you may meet a mystery portals, enter it! You never know what you might find there. And you can catch the overhead bonuses by jumping up through the ramp. Manage your time. Be a perfect racer driver.

Moon Rider

Moon rider is a game of moto racing against the watch. Click on ?READY?? to start. Fires ignite and to the green you leave. The game is played with the arrows keys: arrow top to accelerate, arrow of bottom to slow down, arrow of left to turn left, arrow of right-hand side to turn Good race on the right!

Fireball 5

The feel of the open road. Its a wonderful thing, except when you've entered the Demon's Territory. And they don't take kindly to intruders. Maneuver your hotrod through the onslaught of Demon drivers to move to the next level. Grab shield, repair and time icons to help your chances. Instructions: Move Left - Left Arrow Key. Move Right - Right Arrow Key. Speed Up - Up Arrow Key. Slow Down - Down Arrow Key. Shield - Spacebar (must collect shield icon).

Box 10 Rally

Play free game Box 10 Rally on

Turbo Spirit

Turbo Spirit is a sport game on in which you will act as a racer. You can press the arrow keys to accelerate, break, move left or right. You can press the up arrow with left or right arrow at the same time to make your motorcycle run faster. Avoiding those motorcycles in front of you, otherwise you will be slow down. It’s also a time counters game. Here are 5 checkpoints wait for you. You have 30 seconds for each checkpoint. And don’t run out of time. Your score a bonus for your remain time at each checkpoint. After you have finished all checkpoints of a track, you can get 50,000 bonus points. Are you ready? Click and point now!

Sonic Boom Town

Sonic Boom Town is a skill game on You are a crazy driver here. There are two key game-play elements in this game: driving around the city as fast as you can and destroying buildings with your in-car entertainment (ICE) system. To navigate, you have the aid of a map, descriptions of the next target and a way-pointer which will always point toward targets. The way-pointer’s length shortens as you get closer. Each car has a different driving style – try them all. Maybe you will enjoy drifting and handbrake around corners or perhaps you will just wait the machine with the smallest turning circle. When destroying buildings, you may be able to destroy two at once. This will save time and boost your score. Use the arrow keys to accelerate, brake and turn your car. Advanced drivers may use the space bar to handbrake around those tight turns. Most importantly, the shift key will increase the volume of your HPLOD system to building shattering levels. Use this to destroy your objectives. And you can also select your favorite car style and color. Drive now!


Van is a skill game on in which your job is to help Philpots and Dave control their camper and guide them to Glastonbury. You must help them by stopping boyracers and dam hippys from getting past (Leaving an oil slick is the best option—a successful hit gains cash—you will need it for your tickets and any emergencies). Don’t forget to let the rest of your chums past (who all just happen to drive VW Beetles). Killing them result in huge funeral costs. Good luck and don’t crash.

Snow Rally

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

Temple Rider

Visit to join the racing game Temple Rider to kill your time. In this free game, you are going to control a fancy car racing in a temple. Use the up and down arrows to speed up or slow down. Tilt with the left and right arrows. Follow the arrow pointing the direction and mind the time at the bottom screen. Try to get to your destination before time runs out. Be careful! Do not drop your car off the way!

Parking Perfection

The goal of this game is to park itself in a carpark. But that is much harder than it does not appear to with it because the room for manoeuvre is reduite and the almost full carpark and if one strikes another vehicule the play is lost. Parking Perfection is played the keyboard with Top for accelerer, Down to slow down and move back, Right and Left to turn and Spacebar to stop.

N2O Rush

N2O Rush is a racing game on in which you will drive a car to compete with other racing drivers in different roads and tracks. You will encounter or hit pedestrians, steel barriers, other cars and motors, rock road-blocks. If you hit these obstacles or objects, you will lose relevant coins. You will have certain coins at the beginning and earn more money to buy expensive and high-quality autos if you win the game. You can steer your car by using arrow keys. Every racer in Champion club dreams about becoming the next king of speed. To achieve the goal, you have to challenge and beat racers in a one on one race. When you beat the racer, you replace the ranking of him or her. Every competitor must pay a large fee to entry the road. To reach your goal you will have to build a good reputation to win money to repair damage and by new parts. To get to Spin Ave you must beat the fifth racer in Rainstone Ave and the fourth racer in Amigo Ave. To get to Apllo Ave you must beat the third racer in Spin Ave. To get to Sweetsugar Ave to hunt the King of Speed you need to beat the second racer in Applo Ave. Good luck!

Flash Racer

Racing is one of the most exciting sport in the world. Unfortunately, not every one can be a racer. But hold your sigh before playing Flash Racer, a sport game on In the game, you can experience different racing because in spite of high speed, you need to avoid obstacles on the road if you want to win the match. You can control your car move to the left side or to the right side according to position of the stones. Meanwhile you need to speed up otherwise you will be passed by other racers. Two words to conclude: speed, carefulness. Good luck!

Horse Race

In real life, horse racing is a kind of gaming sport which sometimes needs more luck than experience. That’s why it is loved by many people all over their lives. Do you want to sample the pleasure of it on the computer? Horse Race is an arcade game on in which you can test how lucky you are. You start the racing by choosing a square, and then the computer will control the speed of the 6 horses randomly. Your job is just to guess which horse will be the winner and see whether it is true. Have fun!

Steampunk Rally

Play free game Steampunk Rally on

Partmaster Mini GP

Partmaster Mini GP is an arcade game on in which you will join a mini car racing. It is very funny. And I am sure you will enjoy it very much. Before it starts, you will have a look at a TV shows. The two hosts will tell that it is a mini car racing. Then the racing will begin. You will find that the racetrack is the desk in a room. There are books, remote control, ruler, pin and other study suppliers on the desk. You have many opponents that are also mini cars. Your mission is to run as fast as you can to win the racing. There has not formal track, so there will be many obstacles on the desk. For example, gap of the books. Please be careful, and do your best to avoid being broken.

Valet Parking

Play free game Valet Parking on

Car Madness

How do you estimate your driving skills? Do you think you are an excellent driver? Test yourself in Car Madness, a skill game on in which your mission is to finish the track with as little time as possible. The track is like a maze which gives you a lot more difficulties to finish the route. Some corners are nightmare. So you need to pay full attention and meanwhile, don’t forget to accelerate. Try to enter the high score rank. Good luck!

Newcarnet Racer

Racing is one of the most exciting sports in the world. Do you want to experience that on your computer? Newcarnet Racer is a skill game on in which your mission is to finish the laps faster than your opponent. Try not to run out of your track otherwise your sport car is easy to crash, which will result in failure. You can choose competition mode before you start your game. Gear up and good luck!

Pedestrian Killer

When you are learning driving, you are taught not to kill or even hurt anyone on the road. Maybe you have obey this all of your driving days. Now there is something new for you. Pedestrian Killer is a skill game on in which your aim is to crash passers-by dead. The pedestrians will come out in large amount so you need to turn your car very quickly to hit them. When you really kill people, you will see their blood pond, which may add your excitement. If you are not nimble enough, your scoreboard won’t be satisfying. Good luck and kill more!

Hyper Trak

Hyper Trak is a skill game on in which you will operate your racing car to the end line. The countdown timer is displayed on the top of the screen. When it reaches zero, your game is over. Keep your eyes on it. You can gain extra time by either passing the checkpoint or by collecting the clock icon. You can use hyper power for turbo speed when you press the mouse button. Collect the hyper racecraft icon to refuel when you run out of the hyper power. Good luck!

Sheep Racer

Sheep Racer is an arcade game on in which a sheep is riding bike and try to cross some barriers. When the game starts, a sheep is riding on the street, the houses and the trees at the road sides are leaving behind. There are many holes in the street, if the sheep fall into a hole, he will lose one life. Totally he has 6 lives. The more holes he gets across, the more bonuses he will get. When he loses his 6 lives, game is over. You can control the sheep using the left mouse key, if you click the left mouse key and move to right, speed will be faster. And if you click the left mouse key, the sheep will jump. Have fun!

Drifting Championships

Welcome to the online Drifting Championships, a sport game on in which your mission is to win the championship. You can choose to play yourself, or challenge up to 14 of your friends in a league. Use arrow keys to move your car around the track, and use speed to your advantage. The faster you’re going, the more you’ll drift, therefore the better the score you’ll get. Don’t take too long, though. 30 seconds is all you get. Upgrade your tires to improve your performance. Good luck!

Mini Moto

Take part in the mini moto racing challenge and compete against the best riders of the mini moto circuit. Race through different tracks and try to beat all of them to qualify for the next track. Watch out for the oil spills and avoid crashing into the side walls or you will lose time. Try to complete the race in the fastest time possible to score the maximum points and enter the high score list. Good luck... Controls: Accelerate Up Arrow Key, Turn Left Left Arrow Key ,Turn Right Right Arrow Key.

The Race

Do you like Star Wars Racer? Here is a similar game! Use the left and the right arrow key to select your player, and press enter key to confirm your choice. Use the arrow keys to control the direction of your vehicle, and press the spacebar to boost. The goal of the race is to collect as many cheeses as possible to get lots of points and get to the finishing point first by using the boosts!

Flash Sprint

Flash Sprint, which is a racing game on Racing began soon after the construction of the first successful petrol-fueled autos; before that time people raced in other vehicles such as horse-drawn buggies. The first race ever organized, by the chief editor of Paris publication Le Vélocipède, Monsieur Fossier, was on April 28 1887 and ran 2 kilometers from Neuilly Bridge to the Bois de Boulogne. It was won by Georges Bouton, in a car he had constructed with Albert, the Comte de Dion, but as he was the only competitor to show up it is rather pointless to call it a race. On July 22 1894, the first real contest was organized by Paris magazine Le Petit Journal, as a reliability test. The Comte de Dion was first to arrive in Rouen on his steam car, but a Panhard et Levassor was judged to be the winner. Have you ever watch the movie called Herbie: Fully Loaded? Herbie is so cute, right? Do you want to try to driving it?

Jump Gear

Jump Gear, which is a racing game on Jeep is a very big car which makes you driving easier in the mountain and jeeps always have a very good functure is the suspension of a jeep car. And of coruse the tires also bigger than the normal cars, especially the lines on the tires also deeper the normal cars. In this racing game, you have a very big gear jeep, you will meet some problems while you controling the jeep. Use your spacebar to jump, up arrow to accelerate, down arrow to revers, right arrow to improve adherence, left and right arrows to flip. Have fun with it!

Crazy Relax

The goal of the play is to remain longest possible on the road by controlling your vehicle with the arrow keys. It is necessary to collect the no-claims bonus to increase your score. You have 30 seconds and the no-claims bonus time to collect to lengthen your time. By knowing that you have 3 lives, you will have to avoid the obstacles to preserve your lives and not to leave the time meter to zero.

Crazy Police Car

Crazy Police Car is an arcade game on in which you are a crazy driver in a black police car. You steer the car in a green road with several trees growing at the two sides of this road. The road has two dividing lines. You will encounter many other cars blocking your move. So you have to avoid them or jump over them by using the space bar. Your goal is to finish 5000 kilometers’ route within certain time. In level 1, you will be given 30 seconds to finish it. And at level 2, only 25 seconds are given. You must drive as fast as possible. Press the left and right arrow keys to steer, the up and down keys to control the speed. Avoid hitting other cars for it will greatly affect your moving speed. You will have to restart your car. Are you ready for a crazy trip? Join now!

Beetle Buggin

Beetle Buggin is a sport game on in which you will drive your mini car move around the desk to take pictures. Once the game starts, you should choose your language, the azury cube stands for the English. Select Novice or Expert level to start. You should drive around loading zone as quickly. The road is just the wooden desk. And some books and disks formed the zone. Pick up the sheets of HP Photo Paper by driving your red Beetle through them. You can use the arrow keys to control or press the A and Z to accelerate or break. Remember! Once on the ramps drive carefully to avoid driving off and having to start from lower down again.

Krazy Kar

Krazy Kar is a skill game on in which you drive a crazy car at a crazy speed to find the way home. One fine Sunday morning, Adam decided to take a joyride in the scientist’s special modified car. Strangely, the car warped to another planet. Adam has to drive 10000 feet in order for the car to warp again. You are now in control of this special car and make it as far as you can. And try to reach the end of this strange landscape. Drive! Drive! Drive! Press right to go forward, left to go backward, and up for a boost jump. You shall try to collect as many clocks as you can, for if you run out of time you will lose. You will drive the car through valley, mountains, hills, plains, and cliffs. The car will not be damaged under any conditions. So don’t worry. Just finish the route within the time limit. Then Adam can come back to the Earth. Are you ready? Good luck!

Atomic Racer

In Atomic Racer, your mission is quite simple: intercept the nuclear transport so that to prevent a war which is a disaster to the human world. You stop your target by shooting it until it is destroyed, but don’t release too many missiles or you will fail your mission. Try to speed up meanwhile don’t hit any other car because that is harmful not only others’ lives, but also your own health condition, and if your car crashes, this shooting game is over too. Don’t hit the police scanner, and that does no good to you. Enjoy your racing on Have fun!

NFS Underground

NFS Underground is an arcade game on in which you will experience a real high-speed racing on the street. If you are good at driving a car, you will have good result in this game and have fun. Once it begins, you will see a green screen on which there has a cool car. Space key means gas. If you want to be more excited and have higher speed, you can press it. Up and down arrow keys separately mean lower gear and higher gear. When the street light becomes to green, you can speed up. You can see that the houses which are standing on the street are all running to you back. You will see how fast you are driving. There have some obstacles on the street; you have to shift the gear in order to let the car go through.

Stunt Crazy Trick or Treat Pac

Select one of such four levels as Hangman Score, Funhouse Score, Haunted Score, and Hell’s Bells Score. And then choose your vehicles. Press Up or W to Go. Use Left or Right to aim, and Space to fire. Hit X to stunt rocket. Try to collect blue, red, yellow stunt reels by various means as the OBJECTIVES instructs. Stunt Crazy Trick or Treat Pac, a racing game on for free, needs your consummate skills. Let’s begin!


Samdodge is an arcade game on in which you will drive a car to participate in a racing. Once it starts, you could choose the drive. And then the racing begins. You should play this game with your mouse. You can click the coins to score points. To jump, click just before the ramps. After a crash, put your driver back on the circuit and click to restart. But you should remember that the driver is limited, so you have to grasp the directions very carefully. You need to do your best to get as many scores as you can. There will be obstacles on the road, such as, stones and so on. And you could not hit the railings of the track. Good luck.

Grand Prix Challenge 2

Car racing is one of the most exciting sports in the world, and are you fond of it? Try Grand Prix Challenge 2, a skill game on, in which you will control your sport car to get the prix. You can operate the car right and left. Try to avoid other cars on the track and make as small damage as possible because when your damage reaches 100%, your game will be over. Don’t remember to switch to high gear—it is a car racing any way! You have all together 3 tracks to finish. Good luck!

Mini Boat Race

Mini Boat Race is a skill game on in which you will drive a boat. It is a very interesting game that you can play it yourself or two people play it together. If there is only one player, you can press the LEFT and the RIGHT arrow keys for turning left and right. The UP arrow key is for speed up. There are 10 types of boat for you to choose one from. And there are 12 types of different routes for you to choose. From 1 to 12 are getting more and more difficult. If 2 players play the game, the control keys for player 1 is not changed. Player 2 may use the D and the A key for turning left and right, and press the W key for speed up. Player 1 chooses the boat first. Come on!

vs Racing

Thrilling racing game that quickens your pulse!


Super bike racing on 4 different tracks based in Scotland, Florida, Switzerland and Mexico. Instructions: Strap that helmet on for the thunderous hum of superbike racing. This game gives you a tire-burning look at the raw power of motorcycle racing. Lean into the tight curves of these notorious courses and pinch those handle bars because at these speeds, laying a superbike down just might hurt. Watch out! dont't go off course as it will slow you down or you will lose time. Try to complete the race in the fastest time possible to score the maximum points and enter the high score list... Good luck! Use the Arrow keys to control the bike and don't forget to fuel. You have to finish first on every track in order to progress onto the next level and also to unlock exciting new race tracks... Good Luck and start your engines.

Get Ready

Car racing is one of the most exciting games in the world and it can speed up people’s heart beats, that’s why it is loved all over the world. Do you want to race your car on the computer? Get Ready is a skill game on in which your mission is to finish the race in all three rounds. You can’t start until all the lights have dimmed. You can go forward by alternately pressing arrow keys. Try to dance your finger otherwise you are easy to fall behind. Good luck!

5 Miles 2 Go

A car racing game in the style of the femous Nascar game, use your arrow keys to control the car. The goal of the game is to gain by using aerodynamisme and the technique of the ?drafting?; more the cars are numerous on the line more it goes quickly; 5 cars with the file go more quickly than 3 which is followed which is faster que1. The key Q makes it possible to change image quality.

Ho Pin Tung Racer

Ho Pin Tung Racer is a Sport game on Ho-Pin Tung is a successful Dutch-Chinese race car driver. Ho-Pin has won several races, among which the Formula BMW Asia (2003) and the German Formula 3 (2006). Ho-Pin Tung also raced in the A1 series (2006) where he managed to get the first ever podium place for China. Ho-Pin is currently a driver in the GP2 series. Ho-Pin has also raced in Formula 1 cars, for both Williams and BMW Sauber. Spill Group and Ho-Pin Tung have worked together for several years, especially in China. Spill Group’s Chinese game development company Zlong Games developed this game in honor of Ho-Pin Tung’s achievements in his racing career so far, and to support his future success. In the game, you can use arrow keys to steer the racing car. Don’t hit obstacles like trees, for it will damage your car. Also don’t drive your car off road, for it will decrease your speed and make you lag behind. You can select different countries and tracks. This is a real race for excellent racers. Join in now!

Highway Madness

Play free game Highway Madness on

Quad Racer

Quad racer is a racing game, you are driving a quad and racing against two opponents. Use the arrow keys to move your quad, watch your gas level and damage level on the bottom of the screen.

Kamikaze Race

Kamikaze Race, which is available on, is an awesome skill game. How long can you survive the kamikaze race on the busy freeway in the car run amok? The brakes refuse to work and the accelerator is jammed at full throttle. Stay alive as long as you can. Use left and right arrow keys to steer your car. Try to avoid running into the other cars, some of them ran fast while others run slowly. Beware of the high speed located at the left that the cars are against your direction. Go ahead and show your racing skills. Good luck!

Park Racing 2000

You may have shown yourself by driving a roadster or a sport car running wildly on the road. Have you ever tried some special custom made vehicles in a park? Park Racing is a skill game on where you can experience a different racing. In the game, you can play against the computer or opponent. To win the game, you must jump over the obstacles in one of these exciting cars. You will lose your game when you touch too many holdbacks. Good luck!

Speed Warrior

Speed Warrior is a sport game on in which you join a car race to win the first prize. There are many types of racing cars for your choice. You can select Mazda, Jaguar X, Dodge Challenger R/T, Chrysler 300C, Shelby GT 500, Dodge VIPER SRT-10, Ferrari 612, Aston Martin VANQUISH 6.0V, Bentley CONTINENTAL GT, Mercedes Benz, Ford MONDEO 1.8, and Mazda MX-52.0. Different racing car has its individual Engine, CC, Performance, Max Torque, and Acceleration. The first race takes place in TOKYO#25Raceway. The racing Distance is 2500m. You are in Driveway 4. And the road material is Bitumen. There are totally six loops to compete. The winner will be awarded 10000 dollars. When you earn enough money, you can buy a better car and earn more money. You can also choose to race in other tracks. Use arrow keys to control your racing car. Master some rules in driving it. Join it now for your performance!

Race for the Chair

Race for the Chair is an action game on in which you try to catch a bus in the shortest time. Your flat mate says he is busy tonight, but you know better – the cheeky sod is just trying to beat you home to grab that ice old can of Carling from the fridge and nick prime position in front of the footy on the Comfy Chair. You should catch a bus as soon as possible. Just run! You can use left and right cursor keys to run, and then press the up key to hurdle stuff on the street, such as dustbin, signpost, etc. You can use the space bar to knock past anybody in your way. Because you are running in a busy street, you may encounter some cleaners, shopping girls, pedestrians, workers, and so on. Just push them away using the space bar. Your aim is clear. Catch the bus and then you can drink beers to celebrate. Good luck!

Scuba Racer

Scuba Racer is an arcade game on in which you compete with other players at the bottom of Blue Ocean. The scuba race is held at the bottom of sea and you are one of excellent divers. You can use your mouse to control speed (move left or right for slower or faster) and use space bar to make diver float up. There are three modes. In quick play mode, you will race against one other opponent and try to get to underwater finish line first. In Championship mode, there are 5 races against 3 opponents. You have to win each race to move onto the next. Competitors become more difficult to beat as you progress through each race. In Endurance mode, it is simply a survival test to see how far you can get to before dying. You must avoid being swallowed up by a shark or being attacked by crabs and other fishes. Fortunately, kind dolphins can carry you and help you speed up. Don’t hit rocks and reefs. And don’t lose your attention for beautiful coral. Just race now.

Drift Battle

Car racing is one of the most exciting sports in the world. What if the race is some zigzag mountain road? Drift Battle is a skill game on in which your mission is to win the competition. You can choose the time-against mode or the battle mode. Before starting the game, you can choose your car and the keyboard controls. Try to control your car according to the road condition. Don’t hesitate to accelerate, and don’t wait to brake. You are the road king!

Deadly Drive

In Deadly Drive, a skill game on, your mission is to reach the exit spot without crashing your car. You can navigate your car forward and backward, right and left. And, you can use action button to jump over obstacles and also perform cool stunts. Don’t forget to collect items such as gold coins to increase your score. There is time limitation, so you’d better speed up, and meanwhile pay attention to your safety. Anyway, crash your jeep means losing everything. Good luck!

Dojo Delivery Dash

Play free game Dojo Delivery Dash on

Goosehead Racing

Dragsters racing game. Your Goosehead team takes part in races against another team. You have a budget on the beginning and your goal is to gain the Championship. Each race Championship comprises 5 consecutive races and you must win all of them to gain. You can increase your vehicle and the inscription to the championship cost you some money. Each gained race brings back money to you. All is played keyboard with Espace Accelerer, Haut to pass a speed, Bas Retrograder, X to slow down and Z to leave the parachute. Good Races.


Air balloons, Lego puzzles, Winnie bear, robots… yes you are in a room full of toys! In this 3D driving game, you are controlling a remote controlled car for free race, use the arrow keys to move the car, and you can go everywhere you want with this small car.

Dare Devil

Dare Devil is a sport game on in which you will show your personal skills in riding a motor bike. You will perform bike rotation, bar rotation, super man, and 360 back flip in the air. This performance happens in the evening and thousands of people have come to watch your action and applaud for your show. Bright lights make the playing field like being in the daytime. Three flags are swaying in the breeze. Yes, it is a cool night for your cool performance. Your jump will start from here. Some slopes have been prepared for your show. There are several fire cans between slopes. So it’s very dangerous. You must drive your bike, accelerate and fly from one slope to another slope. You can not fall down from the air, or you will be burnt out. A successful jump will lead you to the next level. Do you accept this challenge? Are you the Dare Devil? Try it now.

Risky Whisky

A driving game in which you must bring back a full box of Whicky from a warehouse to a shop. You have the choice between several ways lead all to the final point, but you must avoid breaking the bottles. To control the van, use up arrow key to accelerate, down arrow key to slow down and move back, right and left arrow key to turn, Spacebar to reset van (if it is turned over) and Q to leave. The difficulty is due to the rather chaotic road and with the behavior of the van.

Kore Kart

This is a great racing game, two players could attend together Vs computer, separately control by arrow keys and ?A S D W? keys. You could also choose the different mode from easy to hard. Ready? Go!

Ultimate Rally Challenge

Ultimate Rally Challenge is a sport game on in which you drive your favorite race car to join a Rally race. You can select to show tire tracks, show ghost car, blood effect and the best graphics quality in the game. You can also select to race in France, Finland, UK, Japan, US… The race track may be asphalt, ice and snow, wet gravel or dry gravel. Then you come to choose your race car. Different cars have different max speed, handling, acceleration and braking. You can select one from Toyota Corolla, Mitsubishi Lancer, Ford Focus, Citroen Xsara, Audi R8, Subaru Impreza and Peugeot 206. When you join the race you can choose to use different steering controls. Try to get your best record in the match. Go now.

Nitro Trabi 1

Nitro Trabi is an arcade game on in which you will be a player in an automobile race. Once it starts, you will be located in the racetrack. You will have a very cool automobile, you can use up arrow to accelerate, the light and left arrow to steer, and the shift key will give you a hand shake. There have arrow on the road; you can go ahead with it. In the process, your will encounter something hard, such as terrible road. There is a stopwatch to time how much time you spend to finish a lap. Please notice that you just have five minutes, you are so smart to finish many laps in five minutes. At first, you will find it is hard to grasp the direction of the car, and you will have some collision. Don’t worry, play again, you will be a good player.

4 Wheel Madness

4 Wheel Madness is a sport game on in which you drive a truck to show your own performance in rocky path. It’s a fine day and thousands of people have gotten the information that you will have a crazy performance at the foot of the mountain. So they come to watch your skill and applaud for you. You will steer the improved truck along a clean river. You should try to reach the finish line as soon as possible. There are many small rocky hills on your adventure. Some old cars, minibus, and vehicles are set for you to be crushed by your truck. Thick smoke is spouted from your vent-pipe. Then you start your mad action. You can use arrow keys to move and lean your truck. But be careful – if your health reduces to be zero, the game is over. Don’t turn over your truck, or it may crash. Are you ready? Good luck.

Scorched Pursuit

Welcome to Scorched Pursuit, a skill game on Here you mission is to drive the fire-breathing dragon to his lair. You have two choices: get there first to win or get scorched. So to keep yourself alive, you’d better accelerate as much as you can so that you can get bonus points. You can steer left or right or brake if necessary. Try not to get scorched or your health will be depleted. Have fun!

Jet Velocity

In the racing game Jet Velocity, a free game on, the mission is to race your jet as fast as possible. Press the start button to start the game. Use the up arrow to accelerate forward and change directions with the left and right arrows. There is a small line near your jet telling you the map. Follow the arrows along your way. You are supposed to win a better score with less time. Now, race!

4 Wheel Fury

Race your 4 wheeler around the challenging course and try to keep your quad running and gain as many as points as possible before time runs out. Finish early for a bonus and extended play. Use up and down arrow to accelerate and brake, left or right arrow to turn left or right. Watch your fuel and repair levels, these levels will decrease as you race.

Buggy Run

Welcome to Buggy Run. You are the saboteur on the buggy. Plant the bomb and run as fast as you can. Along the path you will meet wasted rocked, bomb buttons, oil barrels, etc, and you need to control your vehicle well to prevent it from turning upside down and crashing. You need to reach the flag before the bomb detonates or you will blow up. Pay attention when you are in the air, because you are easy to crash in that position. Find this skill game on and enjoy!

Jungle Patrol

Jungle Patrol is an arcade game on in which you will be a jungle patrol who should make efforts to prevent the bombs on the jungle road from blowing up. At the beginning of the game, there is a white school bus running on the road. There are some bombs on the road several meters away. A man carrying a weapon is walking through the jungle. You should drive your green car by pressing the arrow keys as fast as you can. But you should also avoid bombs or you will be blown up. You can stop near every bomb and dispose it with your space bar before the white school bus will hit it. If the white school bus hit the bombs unfortunately, the game is over.

Dragon Ball Kart

Dragon Ball Kart is an arcade game on in which you will drive a kart to join a special race. Have you ever seen the cartoon Dragon Ball? This game is closely related to it. The race will happen is a beautiful suburb. Small houses, green grass, tall trees and fine weather form nice scenery. But don’t lose your attention. Your objective is to finish first in each race and collect seven Dragon Balls. Select your favorite character from Son Go Ku, Picollo, Vegeta, and Mr. Satan. All of them are the characters of Dragon Ball. You can press space bar to use special move and use Enter key to use item. Make use of the right key to accelerate and press up key to jump. There are many steps on your way that you have to jump over them. There are some blocks marked interrogation points. Dragon balls may hide inside them. You also should pay attention to other special blocks. Are you ready? Go!

Go Fast

Go Fast is a shooting game. You will sit in a car, and you have a gun in your hand. Your target is to kill all the enemies before you reach the destination. You can move your mouse to aim at the enemies, and click the left mouse button to shoot. You can press the “Z” key to speed up, and press the Down arrow key to gear down, press “Q” key to run left, and press “D” arrow key to go right. Be careful, you should hedge the attack from your opponent. Pay more attention to the speed meter, the road sign, and guides. Have fun!!


Game of track race in the car in an immense city. You summers in a yellow car and you summers continued by several gray camionetes black and 4x4 which does not want that you to stop by demolishing your car you must hold longest possible by monitoring your bar of damage and the level of gasoline remaining you. All this jou with the High keyboard, arrow to accelerate, low to slow down, right-hand side and left to turn and Spaces for the hand brake.

Nitro Trabi 2

Nitro Trabi is a skill game on in which you should control the car to reach the end as quick as possible. It is a racing car game. You can use the UP arrow to forward and accelerate. Use the left and right arrow to control the steer, and the SHIFT for hand brake. The race track is curve, which make it much harder to go through. You should be skillful enough. Notice the white arrow on the road which will lead you to the right way, and you can follow that. There will be sands and trees along the road, be careful not drive on them. It is also some obstacles on the road, and you can’t go ahead but choose another way. Time is limited, so hold your time! Have fun.

Knugg Rally

Knugg Rally is a sport game on in which you try to win sets of Rally competitions. Use arrow keys on your keyboard to operate the car. Up means Accelerate while Down means Brake. Left and Right mean Steer while Space key means skid out. And push R key you will fire a rocket to stop your enemy car. T key means activate turbo while E key means gentle turn. You will see some facilities turning up for you; try to catch them to gain the extra energy. There are three levels for you to choose according to your ability, and the different places need you change your racing stratagem. You can choose five cars and every car has different characteristic because of the different places. Remember to consider the situation of the racing ground and the advantages of the car both! Have fun!

Ghetto Gateway

The actions featured in this game are extremely dangerous, high speed pursuits and street racing may cause serious injury. Please do not try any of this yourself. It can result in permanent injury and even death, be smart, drive safe, stay legal! Use the arrow keys to control your vehicle, press C for handbrake and if you got stuck in the game, press R to reset your car.

The Heist

Welcome to Heist. In this skill game, you mission is to take the money you have robbed away and plan a bigger heist. When you are on the road, you can destroy polices to gain credits but try to avoid crashes which will reduce your cash. When you get to the destination within the time limit, you can hire some experts such as hacker, stealth, surveillance, etc, and also upgrade your engine for next better robbery. You can find this game on Good luck!

Horsey Racing

Horsey Racing, which is a racing game on Horse is a long term running animal. Long time ago, people riding horses to instead the cars. In this game you can see three super cute horses, they named Saddler, Rosy and Sparky. Rosy seems like a horse princess with her pink skin. Can’t wait to driving them on the street to showing people how cute they are! Press your left mouse button to jump the horses. Have fun with Rosy, Saddler and Sparky!

Crazy Mustang

Driving a mustang is somehow much more like steering a tank, running over everything in sight that blocks the way, flatting the obstacles in front of the way. They are not easy to drive, and not fast enough, you have to steer the truck, get to the finish line at your bolt speed safe and sound. Crazy Mustang is an action game available on Good luck.

4x4 Rally

A 4wd car racing game, your truck is controlled with the keyboard, accelerate with up key, slow down with down key, and move with the direction keys. You can choose the color of your truck at the beginning of the game, be care of different types of road, and be care of your oppennent who are very aggressive.

Speedway Challenge

Speedway Challenge, a fantastic racing game on, can definitely not be missed. You can control your car with the keyboard or mouse. Hit Up or click left mouse to accelerate and Down to brake. Hit Left and Right or move mouse to turn Left and right. Select one of the four racers racing drivers. Try to earn money to buy a car with more advanced functions. There are 5 levels in total. Come on! Show your speed and passion!

Mini Nitros 1

Mini Nitros is a sport game on in which you have a car racing outdoor. Choose the color and performances such as acceleration, top speed, steering circle, tire grip, nitro and some others by move the yellow pan to another. There are four winding roads you can choose. Once the game started, you can see jubilant people at the starting point. They offer their best wishes to you by shaking flags ebulliently in both sides. Press up-arrow key to go forward and start the timer. You can use space-key to accelerate the car, you may take a good view by the roadside, there you can see houses ,trees and flowers ,cattle farms with different spotted cattles and so on. Try your best to avoid collide the roadside because it will low your speed down. Hope you enjoy yourself!

Shadow Factory

Shadow Factory is an adventure game on in which you are in control of an automatic truck to finish an important task. It is on 29 September 2211. Two of the five reactors in SNPS 11 nuclear plant have been closed. Your mission is to explore the plant and collect information about the radiation levels. All the people around there have moved away. The place thus becomes a death valley. You must travel all the areas around to ensure the accuracy of your data. You can make the truck move forward and backward by using arrow keys. Press the x key to get it bounce or jump. The truck will go through many gears, iron plate, and some machine facilities. You can not turn over it. When the truck falls down into the valley, you have to buy another one. Try to reach the exit of each level, and then play the next level. Good luck!

City Car

In the Olympic Games, people compete in the hurdle race. To win, the athletes need god speed and nimbleness, and lacking of either will lead to failure. But have you ever seen cars can take hurdle race? City Car is a sport game on in which you will operate your mini car to cross many blocks by moving it left and right. It seems very easy. But the challenge is that the distance between each barrier is short so you have to be very agile. Try to be a driving master! Good luck!

Prom Racers

Prom Racers is a sport game on in which you ride a motorbike to go as far as possible within the time limit. You can select from four characters. They will ride on different roads. If you select Thomi Wolkenbruch, you shall help him go through a narrow wooden bridge without guardrails. Use your mouse to move left and right and avoid falling into water. If you select Stoffel Raser, you shall help this old man to collect many coins in the road by riding his old bike in the evening. Don’t hit cars and other vehicles. If you select Mona Kurzwells, you help this pretty woman across grassland. Watch out for some ramps. Finally if you choose Rosche Entenfeder, your objective is to strike down as many snowmen as possible by using her tennis racket. But be careful, or you may hit the snowman. There are three lives in all for each character. If you run out of lives, game is over. Good luck.

Mini Toy Car Racing

Welcome to Mini Toy Car Racing, a skill game on in which your task is to drive the mini racing car to the end of the track with minimized time. Seems easy, right? But don’t underestimate the difficulty. There are many obstacles around the track such as tokens, paperclips. Try to accelerate and break the time record. The lap has many corners which may cost you some time, and in this case, you’d better use beautiful driving skills just like real car race. Good luck!


Bobot is a rather odd play, because the goal is to make return a hyperactive robot (it seems to to me, because it moves hyper quickly!) in a hole to pass at the following level. All being played mouse, you will find that easy, but that does not stop there. The robot turning on him even infinitely, you will have to point your cursor on this one, and to move it at the time when it raises the direction of your choice. You can also move the posts using the mouse.

Camp Runamuck

Camp Runamuck is an arcade game on in which you should paddle, climb, and jump your way to the finish the mission. It’s summer and it’s time for the camp run amuck thunder challenge. In the first level,you are putting into a lake where has a small island. There are also some grass and trees around the lake which make the scene much beautiful. It’s a race against the clock. There is a time bar under the screen which you may notice. Each fish you hit subtracts five seconds from your time. Use the left and right arrow keys to paddle with your left and right hands. In the second level, you are in a desert, what you need to do is jump to the top. You can press the space bar to jump. In this level, there are goats which will kick you down. You should take care.

Kart Attack

To earn themselves some “Street Cred”, Ed, Edd & Eddy have built a Go Kart out of junk to enter the annual village downhill Go Kart race. Using the Up, Down, Left and Right arrow keys on your keyboard, maneuver the kart and collect the starts to gain points. You need to have “Street Cred” to stay in the race, earn your “Street Cred” by hitting the obstacles and making a mess on your passage.

On The Run

Your enemies are determined to run you off the road. Your objective is to get to the meeting point before the bad guys wreck your car. Collect the fuel and repair bonuses that are scattered around. Don’t collect all the bonuses first time around – you have to cover a lot of the route again after going through the second tunnel. You will need some repair bonuses later on. On The Run is an action game, available on SPACEBAR for brake, accelerate by pressing KEY Ctrl or KEY UP ARROW KEY, reverse by KEY Alt or DOWN ARROW KEY. Good luck, racer.

Micro Machine TT

Micro Machine TT is an arcade game on in which you will have an opportunity to drive a car to have a racing. If you are good at racing, you will play very well and have fun in the game. Once it starts, you will be located on the floor of a room. There have oranges, cookies and socks on the floor. This track of the racing is made of little cookies. You can use the arrows keys to speed up and grasp the direction. Your racing car is very small but has good motors. You can have a very high speed. There are three laps in one level. When you finish level one, you will come into level two in which you will drive a boat to racing.


Racing is a simple game, you drive your racing car on a circuit, using keys CTRL to accelerate and arrow keys to guide the car. This plays is not badly graphically but it is quickly wearying by the longor of the circuit. The length of the circuit which does not compensate for the fact that it is single! Can be a 2 player version one day?

Car Can Racing

Car Can Racing is a sport game on in which you steer a car can for competition. There are 15 car cans totally in the game. The game has 5 levels, 30 seconds for each level. You will get a bonus for your remaining time at each level. 50000 points will be added to your score if you can make it to the finish line… then, submit your high score. Try to drive as fast as possible to get to the checkpoint within 30 seconds. The race takes place in desert road. Don’t lose your attention for the beautiful scenery at the two sides of the road. Watch the road signs in key positions, such as a turning point. A little girl and boy will cheer you up. Don’t hit rocks and don’t drive off road. Good luck!

Dune Buggy

Play free game Dune Buggy on Game instructions for Dune Buggy: Collect stars and try to stay upright while racing your dune buggy. Use the up/down arrow keys to move forward and reverse. Use the left/right arrow keys to lean the buggy. Press the space bar to jump.

Gr8 Racing

Car racing is one of the most exciting games on in which your mission is to get to the finish line as quickly as you can. Actually there aren’t many rules, the only rule is to accelerate, and accelerate. The only problem you need to pay attention is that when you are turning some corner, you have to control your car carefully. Otherwise you are easy to go out of the track, which is dangerous and also wastes your time and score. Like a real car racer, show yourself!

Just Shut Up And Drive

The racing game Just Shut Up And Drive is a free game available on Your goal is to drive as quickly as you can. Accelerate with the up arrow and brake with the down key. Turn left or right with the left and right arrows. You are supposed to overtake your rivals before time running out. Consecutively overtaking other cars or keeping a high speed will result in extra points. Now, time for speed!

Central Parking

In the free racing game Central Parking, your goal is to send the person into a car and park the car to the right parking lot. Move the person with the arrow keys. Accelerate the car with the up key and move back with the down key. Turn right and left with the left and right arrows. Press the space bar to brake. Follow the arrow on the road until you find your parking lot. Visit for fun!


Have fun in Clusterz, a play of race available on the gate free flash Gain the race without making district for your adversaries. Pay attention to the court of time. Carefully direct your vehicle with the arrows of the keyboard, press the bar of space to draw and use the key “X” to activate the special weapon. Good luck! You can make it!

Rural Racer

Rural Racer is a skill game on in which your job is to finish each track as the winner to advance to the next level. You have 8 laps. Actually the corners are not difficult to pass, but you should still pay attention to them—don’t let them drag your speed. To win, you need to hold the turbo key to get speed. Watch out the energy, because if you are out of it, you have to wait until it refills. After that you can use if again. Try to fly on the track. Good luck!

Fuel Transport

Every one knows that fuel plays an important role in a war. So people used to disturb their enemies’ fuel supply as a strategy. Do you want to have that kind of experience? Fuel Transport is a shooting game on in which your mission is to get the fuel safely to the base behind the enemy lines. When you are driving you car full of fuel on the road, you will meet battle planes shooting bullets at you. Try not to be shot otherwise you will lose one life. Destroy the trucks approaching to you because if you don’t do so, they will crash your car. Good luck!

F1 Chinese GP

F1 is one of the most exciting competitions in the world. Now you have a chance to get involved in F1 racing in China. F1 Chinese GP is a sport game on in which your mission is to win the competition. To achieve this goal, you need to drive as fast as you can. You can play with the computer or with your neighbor. Pay attention when you turn the corner, too fast will lead you out, and too slow will make you far behind. Good luck!

Crab Race

Choose your crab and go for a crab race ! The first one arrives on the line is the winner crab ? It is the yours ?

Formula One Race

Formula One Race is an arcade game on in which you will drive a race car and have a racing. It is a racing, so you have to use time as little ad possible. You will use your brave, skill and judgment in this game. If you like F1, you will like it very much. Once it begins, you will find that there is a little race car in the road. You can also hear of the noise of the motor of your car. You have to grasp your direction of your car to make sure that you are running in the road and don’t have collision with other racing cars which are your opponents. The computer just give you 200 seconds, if you could not finish the race in 200 seconds, you will lose the game.

Talladega Nights

Play free game Talladega Nights on

Jewel Hunter

Jewel Hunter is an adventure game on in which you will experience a fantastic travel in the desert. You become a jewel hunter. Once it starts, you will see a road which is through the desert. The road is gray which is like the sand. There are cactus, stones and other cars in the road. Your car is running in this road and you can hear the sound of your motor. You could use the arrow keys to grasp your direction. You just have three opportunities. So be careful. When you are running in the road, some snakes will crawl from the desert to the road. It is very awesome. You have to avoid them; otherwise you will lose the game. And then you won’t find jewels.

Ice Racer

Ice racer, which is an adventure game on Many people like Jeep, jeep cars could driving in a snowy day, it also can driving in the mountains. You will feel safe while you are driving jeep, cause the tyres are strong. You own a jeep, one day some people invited you to a race by your lovely jeep are in a snowy day. Use your arrow keys, up arrow is forwards, left arrow is tilt backwards, right is tilt forwards, the down arrow is revease, if you can’t handle wanna pause, please press "P". Good luck!

Rich Racer

Rich racer is a great 3D racing game. You are driving against your friends in 5 different levels. Use the arrow keys to control the car, avoid the sides of the road, they will slow you down, and drive carefully.

Formula Fog

Formula Fog is a 3D formula one racing game, choose between the red or the blue car at the first, and then enter to the race. Your are racing against one opponent, control your car by arrow keys.

Vredestein Race

You are playing a car racing game, before the race, choose one of the 4 cars and then choose a type of tire, during the race you have 3 opponents, and you control your car with the arrow keys. As all racing game, your goal is to be the first to pass the final line, good luck.

Coaster Racer 2

Play free game Coaster Racer 2 on

Gone In 60 Seconds

Gone In 60 Seconds is a skill game on in which you are Randoll “Memphis” Raines, and you must steal 10 cars to save your brother Kip and get $200,000 in cash. You’ve got 10 minutes—which means each car has to gone in 60 seconds. Watch out for obstacles—if you hit anything, the value of your car drops. Stay ahead of the cops. If you get pulled over, you will get fined 20 seconds. If you get caught 3 times, game over. Any time left at the end of each level will be carried over into the next level. You’ll need it. You’ll need to find one laser-cut key on each of the first three levels in order to steal the three Mercedes on level four. Drive over a key to pick it up. You will not be allowed to enter the warehouse with the last car until you have collected the key on that level. Good luck!


Race of futuristic cars. You have various races to make. All is played keyboard with Top to accelerate, Bas to slow down, Droite and Left to turn. The flashes on the road give you turbo if you pass above. Bone Race.

ATV Winter Challenge

ATV Winter Challenge is an arcade game on in which you take part in the ATV Winter Challenge. In this game, you are invited to do a test ride on ATV; there are several courses you can choose to race on with different setups. Try to performance perfectly, and get all the bonus items to enter the next level. There are also many road-blocks in the way and you have to avoid touching them, complete your task in each stage with the least damage before the time runs out. You can see your score and energy in the upper-right of the screen. Now, if you are ready, press enter-key and show your skill.

Starsky & Hutch

StarskyandHutch is a skill game on in which you are in the driving seat. It’s Saturday night and you are on your way to the club. You are in the StarskyandHutch car which will follow your mouse when you try to avoid police cars, taxis and random pedestrians—they will reduce your points and waste your energy. Make sure to pick up ladies on the way, they will add you extra points. Try to move your mouse more quickly in that the car will speed up as you do so. Just enjoy the night! Good luck!

King of Skeleton

With the arrow keys you control a man on a bogsley... Enthusiast for big thrills attention you will be been useful! Win the levels and become the champion of the world.....

Formula D

Formula D is a sport game on in which you join car race. When you enter the game, you can first go to the dealer to buy your favorite car. Then you can take part in Time trial or Drift time. You will show your excellent driving skills in these two modes. The race track is always so zigzag that you can practice your skills to great extent. Don’t steer the car off road and don’t destroy the lawn and trees along your routine. You should also try to get some licenses for more competitive games. There is also a garage prepared for you here. You can store or maintain your car here. In one word, this game is totally like in real life and real competition. You can earn money by joining race and buy better race cars. Join it now.


People love racing because it is one of the most exciting sport in the world. Many are dreamed of having a cool racing car. Try Ponky, a skill game on In the game you will find a very special car—Ponky which can jump over any obstacles such as other cars on the road and oil slicks. But things are not always perfect. If Ponky jumps, it will be slowed down. So try to avoid obstacles by operating it well. Use its jumping ability only when it’s necessary. Try to run faster and faster—it is a car racing! Good luck!

Quad Evasion 62

Quad Evasion 62 is an arcade game on in which you will drive a car to have a small travel. Once it begins, you will be located in a small and beautiful village. There have small house, trees, birds and pond. You can drive the car to enjoy the charming scenery and listen to the singing of the birds. You have to pick the right way to go. Because there will be stone on the way sometimes. With your driving, you will go to the highway. There are many cars which are having a very high speed on the highway. Now you can speed up too. Suddenly, you will find that a broken is standing on the way. You have to be very careful, otherwise you will lose the game.

Sand Storm

Sand Storm is a classic game on in which your mission is to win the desert racing competition. There are no certain rules, and the only thing you should do is to speed up. Don’t underestimate your opponents. After all, they are controlled by the computer. Pay attention to the corners—don’t let them waste your time. Keep your sport car on your track otherwise you will lose your opportunity to win. Try your best to speed up, raising the sand and running on the ground like a lion. Have fun!

Heavy Metal Rider

Heavy Metal Rider is a sport game on in which you are a crazy driver. You will ride a mad motor bike along country road, town road, city road, and beach road. You must try to complete one stage and go on to the next stage. You are a modern lady with should-length hair and wear red suit. You can use the arrow keys to steer your bike. Don’t hit some pedestrians or cars on the road, or you will be thrown up to the sky by the hit. You should pay attention to the oil on your way, it will make your motorbike slip and out of control. And you can collect the gold coins, silver coins, and copper coins on the road to gain bonus points. Try to collect Nitro for it will give your bike super power and make your motor bike move faster. You must reach the finish line within the time limit, or the game is over. Good luck!

Bush Rampage

Welcome to Bush Rampage. Here, you will see President Bush going increasingly frustrated at the length of time it is taking to win the war in Iraq. He has to decide to take matters into his own hands and enter the conflict and silence the critics of the war. The only weapon Bush has is a brand new monster truck, and he has to crush all the enemies, fortress as well as all the Saddam statues throughout the country. In this skill game, you can control the van right and left, and if it is upside down, you can flip it. Watch out your energy bar. You can find this game on Enjoy!

3D Space Skimmer

3D Space Skimmer, which is a racing game on A ship racing game is exciting and if you win the game and past through all the tough levels, you will get the self-actualizatoin and you will never forget about this successful whole your life... In this game, you are racing at night, so the sight of you is not that well, you must avoid those blowing up barriers, otherwise your ship will damaged by it then you have to restart your game... Best of luck!

Rocky Rider

Play free game Rocky Rider on

Fast & Furious

Race of cars in downtown as in the film Too fast and too furious. On the beginning it is necessary to choose the vehicle among the 4 proposed then the quality and the level of difficulty. High arrow to accelerate, Down arrow to slow down, move with Right and Left arrow, Space to change speed, and CTRL to decrease speed. The goal of the game is to arrive as quickly as possible on the arrival line.

DB2 Racing

People, especially young men love car racing because it’s really exciting. But not every one can be a sport star. Try DB2 Racing, a skill game on, and then maybe you will realize your racing dream. The rule is very simple. You will compete with the computer opponent and try to be faster than he is. Control your car well on the track and pay attention to the corners—they may make you some trouble to pass. You can choose your car and game area before you start your game. Good luck!

Figure 8

Figure 8 is a very addicting car game. You can choose one of the six cars on the bottom of the screen, click on one of them to put it on the track, and see how many cars can you keep on the track simultaneously.

D Racer

A very simple car race game, use the arrow keys to turn left and right, and Z to accelerate.

Monsta Truk

Dis truk iz so tuf, we had to misspell it. Get your tilt on in another stunt driving challenge!

The Transporter

The Transporter is a skill game on You shall guide the tricked-out BMW to the Eiffel Tower completing Frank’s latest job as the Transporter. The BMW will run at the foot of a great mountain covered with green plants and grass. You can use the left and right keys to dodge obstacles in the road and try to collect the money bags. You will encounter animals, pedestrians, pits, rocks, road-blocks, and other cars on the way. You must avoid hitting them all. Five collisions will lead the game to be over. Sometimes you have to watch out the helicopters over your head. They will throw bombs on BMW. There is a distance meter in the top middle of the screen which indicates how long you have run. Do you want to be an excellent driver? Join in now.

Moto Trial Fest 2

Play free game Moto Trial Fest 2 on

Commie Crush

You will experience the speed and passion in Commie Crush, a racing game on for free. You run into a bandit troops when driving a jeep in the jungle. So let’s teach them a lesson. Your mission is to drive as far as possible. Use arrow keys or WAD to control your jeep. Hit Space to boot. Try to put into high gear to kill all of the enemies. Don’t forget to upgrade your jeep equipment! Enjoy this exciting game!

Alias Runner Apocalypse

Alias Runner Apocalypse is a racing game available on In this game, you are going to race a car forward. To win this game, you are supposed to be the driver stick to the last. Accelerate your car forward with the up arrow and change directions with the left and right keys. Collect the red fuel bottles to reload your fuel tank. Avoid stopping on the road. Click the spanner button to repair. Good luck!

ATV Extreme

Here in ATV Extreme, you will know the excitement of extreme motorbike riding. The rule is simple: riding on the unsteady mountain road as long as you can without crash and collect bonuses to get more points. When you are at some peak location, you’d better use balance skills to help yourself pass or you are easy to turn upside down. Challenge your riding skill and bravery in this skill game on Good luck!

Road Wolves

The racing game Road Wolves is brought to you by Your task is to race fast and try to be the first getting to the finishing line. Race the car with the arrows. Press A to boost. S key is for firing with the gun. The key D is for firing secondary weapons. Q and E are for secondary weapons shift. You will be awarded with money and you can buy new equipment after each level.

Fables en Vrais

This is a flash version of the famous fable ?Turtle rabbit race?. The player should control the turtle. The key point of this game is to click the red part in the left corner of the screen unceasingly and crazily.

Taxi Driving School 2

Taxi Driving School is an arcade game on in which you will learn how to drive a taxi. You are a lover of spicy curry and last in line in a family of legendary taxi drivers. Looking to continue the family legacy, you have traveled to the taxi centre of the world, New York. But the path to greatness is a rough road, and your journey begins with a grueling test of faith and perseverance. For before you can get your first fare, you must defeat TAXI CORP’s legendary entrance exam. To pass, you must complete the 14 maneuvers within the set time limit, while staying on the set path without crashing. Your loaned practice taxi can move forward, backward, brake and turn left or right. When you are driving your car, you don’t own the road. There are other people who need to use it too, and they just want to get home safely without you killing them. There will be some guides on the road which you must follow to execute the required maneuvers correctly. Stray from the path and you will get hit with a loss of merits. But don’t go to slowly, or you will lose anyway. Are you ready? Good luck!

Crazy Shuttle

Most people have driving licenses, but does everyone have excellent driving skill? Maybe not. Test yourself in Crazy Shuttle, a skill game on In the game you will get your driver in and control your car through crowds. You can move forth and back and also right and left. Don’t kill people otherwise you will lose bonuses. Try to stop at the given plot according to the sign above the screen. See how many points you can get within the given time. Have fun!!

Cycle Racer

You two pals have challenged you to a race and you have no intention of losing. Use the left and right key alternately to speed up. The faster your fingers, the faster your bike. Use the up and down arrows to avoid obstacles in your path.

Super Racer

Super Racer is a sport game on in which you will drive a tractor across mountain ranges as an experienced racer. The game happens in a sand beach with coconut palms. You can use up and down arrow key to move your tractor forwards and reverse. Press left and right keys to tilt forwards and backwards. You also shall pay attention to the dangerous sign, a red triangle board with bones. In the process of your adventure, try to collect Stars. Different stars increase different scores for you. Little white star add 50 scores. Big white star adds 100 score. Blue star is 300 and yellow star is 800 scores. The slope is always so steep that it is difficult for you to control your vehicle. Practice more and you can gain the skills. You will find it is an exciting adventure after you get to its destination. Play the next level for another mission. Join it now!

Skidoo TT

Skidoo TT is an arcade game on in which you skiing around the tracks as quickly as possible. In this game, you can choose to race all three tracks in arcade mode or a track in time trial. Just as the name implies, the time trial has a limited time. But the arcade mode doesn’t. You can also choose the play scene (Forest, ice lake and night time) in time trial. The special FX is used for turn off effects in order to get a higher speed, you can press F key during the game to toggle on /off. Once the game started ,you can use Space-key to shoot snow missiles ,use P-key to pause the game, use up-arrow key to accelerate and down-arrow key to brake or reverse, left –arrow key to turn left and right-arrow key to turn right. There are also many obstacles in the game, you can check out the instruction section for more information about the game. Are you ready? Have fun.

Cotse Spy Hunter

Do you envy 007 when he racing his super car on the road shooting enemies? Now you can be another 007 in Cotse Spy Hunter, a sport game on In the game, you operate your car through heavy traffic. You will find yourself surrounded by commuters which are only obstacles and of no danger. You can hit these cars to get points, but you will lose your health as cost. Watch out the Hit Man on the road who shooting anything he sees just for fun. He may aim at you and his every bullet will cost you 10% health. So meeting him the best way to get out of trouble is to fire back. Why not? You have endless bullets. Don’t crash in the Hit Man otherwise you will blow up. Be careful for you have only three lives.

Cats Racing

Pet enthusiasts will hold many kinds of pet tournaments to show their cute friends, such as “Ugly Dog Championship”. Have you ever seen any cat contests? Cat Racing is an arcade game on in which your mission is to guess which cat will take the first place. Actually it is a lucky game in theory because all you can do is to choose a cat and then the computer will make all the pusses run randomly. That’s to say, whether your cat can win depends on how lucky you are and you can do nothing to the result. So just enjoy!

VXR Racing

People, especially young men, like racing because they think car racing is exciting and can give them the feeling of getting power. What about you? Are you a big fan of car racing? Whether yes or no, try VXR Racing, a classic game on in which your mission is to win the racing competition. This is a very simple game and there is no certain rule. All you need to do is to accelerate and drive your car along the track. You can choose how many opponents taking part in the game. The first who finishes 4 rounds wins the game. Good luck!

Atomic Badger Racing

Atomic Badger Racing is an arcade game on in which you bet on badger race and win money. There are totally six badgers in the game. You shall pick the badger you wish to bet on and then place a bet of the amount you want to risk. Once the race starts, you will be able to slow opposing badgers by dropping cat bombs on them. Just click over the badger you wish to slow down, then a bomb is thrown out. You only have five bombs though so use them wisely. If you find your badger is lagging behind, a press of the space bar will unleash a nitro boost if you have one. Nitro is very expensive though so only use them if you have no other option. After the race, if you win your bet will be doubled. If you lose you get nothing and refill the money placed on the bet. You will also be able to buy more bombs or nitro boosts, but be warned that items will cost more each time you buy one. Ready? Good luck!

Camera Killer 2

Shoot the radar cameras before they catch you speeding.

Jetski Racers

Jetski Racers is a small racing game, you are controlling your jet ski with the mouse, left click the mouse button to jump. You should to avoid other jet skis and the obstacles like sharks in water, and you must to collect bonus item to get more fuel.

Seven 7

Maybe you are bored with shooting games or car-racing games. Maybe you need something different, something more exciting. Try Seven 7, a skill game on In the game you will have a chance to show your driving skill. When you are driving your car, you will see some yellow plates, drive over them will own you points and shooting it gives bonuses. Try to avoid flogs because either driving over them or shooting them will slow you down. When you see the person-like pads, shoot all the brown ones which will add you points. Don’t shoot at red ones for they will reduce your points. Good luck!

Micro Racer

Micro Racer is a sport game on in which you steer a race car to join contests. There are three race options. In championship mode, it is a simple race for a top. You have to finish as a winner in order advance to the next level. In Challenge mode, it is a quick game. Pick a track and try to finish first. In trial mode, you will learn how to control the car in the game. It is just you against the track. You can use the arrow keys to accelerate, brake, steer left and right. Press space bar to use a Nitro boost. You can choose your favorite cars with different speed, handles and nitro. Don’t hit walls or drive off road. And try to catch up with other cars and not lag behind. Good luck!


Race your car around the track using the cursor keys. You will pit-in once for every lap.


Thump is an arcade game on in which you can drive a race car to have an exciting racing. If you like F1, you will like it very much. Once it starts, you will find that a racing car is standing on a runway. You can image that you are the Schumacher who is the winner of F1. When the traffic light turns to green, you can give gas and speed up. The point is grasping the directions; otherwise you will collide with the obstacles which are standing around the racing ground. The time to beat is 19 seconds, if you can run into this time. You will win and have champagne and trophy.

T Zero Turbo X

T Zero Turbo X is a skill game in which you are going to try your best to win each race. Control your ship with cursor keys, and press spacebar to activate your T-Boost, which will give you huge increase in speed. But be careful, if you don’t use all your T-Boosts every lap, they will not be replenished for the next one. Don’t forget to upgrade your plane after each race, and make sure your space ship is competitive. Enjoy it on Have fun!


Destruction is an arcade game on in which you will steer a monster Jam truck to destroy everything in the evenings. Destruction happens along a river in the city. All around is so quiet that you can start your plan. Try to destroy all the things on the way, like buildings, tractors, helicopter, airship, trucks, and petrol dumps. These things may cause explosion and fire. That’s what you should do. You can use arrow keys to drive your truck. Stomp on Everything! The more you destroy, the more points you get. You will get 200 destruction points to go to the second level. Every time you destroy 7 of those “Monster Jam” symbols, you will unlock a special truck. Sometimes your monster truck will fly in the air for a long time by using a slope. Yes, it’s exciting. You can realize your destruction here. Join now!

Over Size

Welcome to the wonderful world of Over Size! You will have to deal with an entire season of races. Please participate to 4 championships. Each championship is located on a specific track and the only chance to see them all is to win! You’ll race in the hot desert arena, the creepy the pit, the alien mars attacks, and the writhe-hot volcano! As a skill game, Over Size can be found on Have fun!

Speed Mania

Driving on the highway, are you desired to speed up and never to be punished? In Speed Mania, a skill game on, you can experience your dreamed speeding. In theory, it is a simple game in which you just use arrow UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT to control your car. But the challenge is to avoid the high-speeded approaching vehicles. They may appear from right, left and middle, so you should adjust yourself swiftly, otherwise you will be bumped and slow down finding a pursuing police car behind you. In that case, just throw caution to the wind and go faster and faster towards the finish line.

Land Rider

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!


Pompier is an arcade game on in which you use arrow-keys to control the spraying car to aspersion on people. Use left-arrow key to turn left, right to turn right, up-arrow key to go forward and down-arrow key to fall back. Direct the car carefully through the narrow street, you can see people run away to every direction. Catch up with them and spill water on them; push on the people will kill them. You can see the number of people you spill on or kill in the upper-left of the screen .look out for the time meter in the upper-right area, when the time runs out, the game is over.

Splash And Dash

Every one knows that car racing is not only the driver’s business, but also a matter of teamwork. Do you want to arrange a perfect race on your computer? Splash And Dash is a sport game on in which your mission is to win the competition. With make better performance, you can seek help from the helmetgirl who can clean your helmet, engineers who can repair your car, fuelteam who will support you with fuel. You can also change tires and wings. Try to summit the score. Good luck!

De Race

Are you good at riding motorcycles? Or are you fond of this sport? De Race is a skill game on in which you will lead the young man to finish his race. The rule is very simple. You just need to navigate your way through all the obstructions. But the challenge is that it is a very difficult and different road—you will meet ash-bins, children playing football, murderer practicing his shooting skills, etc. You have only two minutes and once you crash, the miles you have passed will turn into zero. Good luck!

Chase 2000

Car racing is one of the most exciting sports in the world. Many people especially young men are crazy about the game. Do you want to experience that on your computer? Chase 2000 is a sport game on in which your mission is to speed up your car as possible as you can. Avoid hitting other cars, thus will give you different degrees of damage. When you see some yellow balls or other items floating in the air, pick them without hesitation. They give you bonuses. Good luck!

Rally 2100

game of race of spaceship. You must finish the race by avoiding the obstacles (other cars, bumps,?) ; with each collision you lose a little energy, if you do not have any more energy the race is finished. The vessel moves with the mouse.