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Raging Steel

Shooting Games

The objective of the game is to destroy as many hostiles as you can without being destroyed. Your tank has a lot of armor but it can stand only for a while.Try to dodge enemy bullets by maneuvering laterally while shooting. Good Luck! Move Up,Down,Left,Right W, A, S, D keys,Shoot Left Click.

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Steel Jack

Steel Jack is a free skill game presented by You are going to run forward to save the king and the princess. Click at anywhere or press the space bar to start your game. Click to do an action when you are near an object. You lose if you clash 4 times. There are diamonds along your road pointing you the direction. Collect all of them to get full bonus! Now, start the game and have fun!

Vile Steel

Vile Steel is an action game provided by Your mission is to eliminate the enemies. Move with arrow keys. Use WASD to attack. W is for recover, A is for chaos spear, W is for weak attack, and S is for strong attack. Double press attack keys to make combos. The bar at the top stands for your health status. You have a shadow and he will help you in fighting against the enemies. Good luck!

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