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Shooting Games

Red is an arcade game on in which you protect your base from being hit by falling rocks and try to survive as long as possible. Some accidents or changes happen in outer space. All planets lose their gravity except the Earth. Numerous falling rocks and aerolites fly towards the Earth at high speed. The sky turns into red. The world is surrounded by panic. All human beings hide underneath the earth. Your aim is to protect a base on the ground. You can shoot out pink bullets at the falling stones so that they can be pushed away. You can not destroy the falling rocks. When in great danger, you can release bombs to form greater power for pushing away the stones. Keep an eye on your ammo power, if it is run out, you will have no bullets or bombs to defend the base. But don’t worry. The ammo power will recover quickly and automatically. Once your base is hit by a rock, the game is over. Try to collect some items for bonus, like shield, super weapon, etc. Ready? Good luck!

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Princess Jasmine Inspired Makeup

Disney Princess Jasmine is always one of my favorite princesses. Her special makeup look is exotic and glamorous. Play our new game called Princess Jasmine Inspired Makeup and learn how to recreate Jasmine's look step by step. Let's get started! have fun!

Undiscovered Paradise

Visit the to have fun! There comes the puzzle game Undiscovered Paradise. There is a list of different things at the bottom of the screen. Your objective is to find all the things listed in the picture. If you find it, click at it, and the thing then will disappear in the block. Only when all things in the blocks are cleared away can you upgrade to the next stage. Now, keep your eyes open and win the game.

Cinderella Injured

Cinderella is at the hospital because she got injured. Help her recover as soon as possible. Use the tools in the right order to clean and heal all her injuries. Thanks to you Cinderella will feel much better. Enjoy!

Snow White Inspired Makeover

Snow White is the fairest princess of all Disney princesses. Fashion designers get lots of inspirations from her dress, her hairstyle and her story. In this game called Snow White Inspired Makeover, Let's first give this cute girl a facial, then help her with makeup. Last choose from these gorgeous outfits inspired by Snow White and dress her up! Have fun!

Red Warrior

Play free game Red Warrior on

Red Bull Kart Fighter WT

Visit to join the defense of the air cleaner. You are supposed to clear waves of zombies in the racing game Red Bull Kart Fighter WT. Move with arrow keys, left click to shoot or attack and press Q or E to change your weapons. Keys 1 to 7 are for different traps and use the space bar to throw grenades (number limited). The key R is for reload. Head shot kills the zombies most effectively and earns your more score. Good luck!

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