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Remote Control

Skill Games

Remote Control is an Arcade game on in which you and your parents have different hobbies in watching television programs. Your father likes sport games and your mother like cosmetology program. But you like watching girl shows. So you really want to watch your favorite television show, but unfortunately it’s at the same time as your parents’ favorite show. While your parents are distracted with cooking dinner or talking on the phone, quickly swap to the channel that you want to watch. But don’t get forget to swap back to your parents’ show before they look up, or else you will be grounded for a week. In the game, you are lying on the sofa and your father or mother sits on another sofa. A glass desk with a bottle of flower on it is placed in the middle place of the room. Every time you watch your own favorite channel before your parents look up, you can get a score. Is it like in the real world? Have a try.

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