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Adventure Games

Reventure is a fighting game on in which you fight against invaders and revenge on your enemies. You are a happy boy and live a delightful life in peace valley. But one night when you are sleeping, a group of robbers invade the village, kill all your friends, and burn your house. You swear by Almighty God that you will revenge. You find a sharp sword and start your adventure for revenge. Many people are hung from trees. Everything is so terrible. But you don’t want to fall back. You can use the arrow keys to move around and press A key to attack. Try to kill all enemy soldiers and protect yourself by a shield. You will climb up steep cliff, eat wild fruits as food and drink stream as water. You have forgotten how many enemies you have killed and just remember a lot of new tombs have been built along the valley. At last you find the Black Knight. It is hard to kill him. You must avoid being hit by his iron hammer. There are totally 5 lives for you. Do you want to see the end? Join now.

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