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Rocket Racers

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Rocket Racers is a classic game on It is about the intergalactic rocket races. This championship provides great entertainment throughout the local group, and promotes friendship and camaraderie between galaxies. Each ship is built by the competing life form to be very sturdy, and is also capable of interfacing with the race weaponisation system. This weapon is designed to temporarily disable all competitors in the vicinity, while causing no long term damage. There are several ships for your choice. If you select The Pride of Earth, you will be chosen to represent Earth at the 229157th intergalactic rocket races. Green Scimitar is driven by Marmaduke, a member of the hunting Skree, for whom racing is a religion. From the outer arm of Andromeda, this competitor has traveled the furthest to take part. The Skree’s predatory instincts make him a fearsome competitor, who is very accurate with missiles. Space Spider is one of a species of interstellar life form, this enormous beast is capable of racing by herself. The spider’s senses are very different from most planetary-evolved organisms. She is capable of tracking many targets, and will try to maximize the effect of her missiles. As for Twin-tub ship, it’s for the first time that the machine-intelligence from the large Magellanic Cloud has chosen to enter, represented by Instantiation 1337. As a computer, the Twin-tub will see every possibility for attack. The last ship is The PFO. The races are organized into two series: the Comet and Sunspot cups, of four races each. After you have completed a track, finishing in the top three, you are permitted to perform time-trials on that course. You have three lives, if you fail to place in the top three, you lose a life and must repeat the race. Good luck!

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