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Rome Puzzle

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Rome Puzzle is a puzzle game on The object of the game is to create matches of three in a row by clicking on adjacent tiles to swap them. Behind this tile is a marble plaque. You can make matches over each marble plaque to finish the level. Some of the tiles give you resources, such as gold, supplies and food. Each silver coin gives you 3 units of gold. Each gold coin gives you 5 units of gold. Collect coins to build the city. Collect all three types of resources to buy buildings for your city. And new buildings will give you more valuable tiles and bonuses to collect. Pick up all the bonuses you can. They help you to win. You can match four or five tiles in a row to get more resources. The quicker you finish the level, the larger time bonus you receive. Time bonuses add to the resources you need the most. New buildings give you tiles that are worth more and provide gold, supplies and food. Your achievements will be awarded with bonuses- small inhabitants of Rome will appear in the city and bring you additional benefits. Right clicking the building in the city shows you more information about what each building gives you. The faster you build the city, the more chances you have to get to Olympus at the end of the game. Don’t lose your chance to visit the home of the Roman Gods. Do you want to try? Join now!

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