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RPS Blockade

Puzzle Games

RPS Blockade is an arcade game on The objective of the game is to remove some tiles from the playing field. Before you can begin, you must first know the basic rules of rock, paper, and scissors. If rock paper scissors, there are three hand gestures, each symbolic of an element. Each element can beat one element, and be beaten by another. RPS Blockade has four basic tile types. Rock, paper and scissor tiles all interact with each other while glass tiles act as obstacles. Playing the game is easy; you can simply click any tile, then click on any adjacent tile to make them swap places. If you slide a tile against an element that it can beat, the beaten tile will explode and you will earn points. When a tile comes in to contact with a beatable adjacent tile, that beatable tile can chain together tiles of the same type that are diagonal from the tile you moved. These chains build combos. The more tiles that explode in a chain, the greater your score is. If your chain is larger than 3 tiles, you will also create a charged tile. Do you want to know more? Join now.

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