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Russian Affairs

Adventure Games

Russian Affairs is an adventure game on in which you shoot enemies and destroy a group of powerful weapons. You are a plain-clothes man and find one of your teammates is at death’s door at the street. He tells you a secret that the Russians have stored some high-powered weapons in a room on the fifth floor. If those weapons hit the streets, all people are finished. You must go to it and destroy it. You will encounter many terrorists on your adventure. Kill them all with your pistol and reach the fifth floor quickly. You will find two workers there and they tell you that the high-powered weapons have been moved to an adjacent warehouse. The entrance to the warehouse is on the third floor. But you must first unlock the steel door from the control room on the seventh floor. So you go on moving forward. The enemy leader has found you and wants to kill you. He sends more terrorists to prevent you from destroying the high-powered weapons. Can you finish your task successfully? Join now.

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