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Samurai Asshole

Action Games

In ancient Japan, samurais were definitely loyal to their masters. Their duties were to protect the masters regardless of cost. Compared to their masters, nothing from them was important, even their cherish lives. Samurai Asshole is a skill game on where you are the warrior revenging for your master who died at a dinner held by three local religious leaders. Rage is burning inside you, and you swear to kill the three leaders for your master’s sake. In the game, you can wave your falchion of vengeance towards your enemies. Cut them apart then you can go on. Be careful about your surroundings, there may appear some defenders unexpectedly. Try to move around and use buttons to attack, to jump and block when you are attacked. You will lose your game due to your death. Do remember: slaughter foes quickly, and protect yourself carefully.

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