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Santa Artois

Skill Games

Santa Artois is an arcade game on in which you are in control of Santa to bring gifts to children. It’s at Christmas Evening. Outside is heavily snowing. All kids in every family go to bed so early and put their stockings hanging on the head of the bed. They fall into sleep quickly and have a dream that Santa brings their favorite presents and put them into their stockings. After a while Santa drives in a sleigh to the roofs of each house with his elves. But all the roofs have frozen, which makes it very hard to walk on them. You should keep Santa on the straight and narrow by moving your mouse left and right as he drops presents down the chimneys. If Santa can not keep balance on the roofs, he will fall down to ground and be hurt. Thus the kids may become disappointed for no gifts in their stockings. So this is an important mission for you. You must keep Santa safe on the roofs so that he can send all presents out. Ready? Play now.

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