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Saute Mountons

Skill Games

Saute Mountons is an adventure game on in which you help a sheep to go through many difficulties and try to survive. It is a fine day and several pieces of clouds are floating in the blue sky. You, a sheep, go out for searching for food. You will encounter many traps and dangers. There are many barriers on your way. Don’t hit them, or you will lose a life. Also avoiding hitting the electric fence or you will be electrocuted. Sometimes an eagle flies over your head, under this condition, you shall not jump high to hit it or you will also lose a life. The most dangerous thing is that there are many wolves on your way hiding in some dark places and not easy to find. You must avoid being devoured by them. You can jump high to collect some grass for bonus points. Try to pick up a red heart for a bonus life. Go as far as possible. Are you ready? Good luck!

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