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Save The Cheeseburger

Skill Games

Save the cheeseburger is a skill game on in which you will protect a nice cheeseburger from being eaten up by flies. Use your mouse to move your cheeseburger. There are square pieces and oval-shaped pieces floating in the air. You should try to get square pieces by moving your cheeseburger. The more square biscuits you can get, the higher score you are awarded. As for oval-shaped pieces, they are like the eggs of flies, which means they will become flies in short time. You have to avoid your cheeseburger hitting flies and their eggs, or it will be eaten up and the game will be over. Fortunately, you can endeavor to pick up a red biscuit to kill all flies. The red biscuit piece does not appear frequently. So grip the chance to get it once it appears. Try to keep your cheeseburger as long as possible. Join now!

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