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Screwball Zuma

Puzzle Games

Screwball Zuma is an arcade game on in which you throw the colorful ball to link together. The game is happening under the sea. Most of the sight is blue, and you may also see the float grass at the background. The ball is throwing from two holes. One is in the center which beside a shark, the other one is on the right. The hole on the right is throwing colorful balls ceaselessly. You shouldn’t let them go into the center hole, or you may die. You should connect with more than three balls in the same color. The more of the ball, the more score you will get. You can see the color of the next ball on the background. The symbol on the left stands for the next ball of the center while the right one stands for the ball throwing hole. Notice the ball with a lightning, if you hit it with a yellow ball, it can bomb all the yellow ones on the screen. Have fun!

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