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Sentry Fortress

Shooting Games

Sentry Fortress is a shooting game on There are several missions here. Railroad Protection requires you to defend railroad with a single sentry. Amazing Defence asks you to defend Quarry without giving up a capture. You may select your favorite roles, Scout, Sniper, Soldier or Spy. The scout is the most agile of all classes. He has a weak weapon, but is fast and has the highest jump. The sniper can take down his target at high distances. He has no close combat weapons. The soldier’s rocket launcher fires exploding projectiles. And he has high health. The spy can cloak and become invisible. He can destroy structures using sappers, and backstabs deal a lot of damage. Totally, your task is to prevent the BLU team from capturing your control point. The enemies may use sniper rifles, rocket launchers, and machine guns. Kill them all and finish you mission. Join now!

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