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Shark Bait

Sport Games

Shark Bait is a sea fishing game. Move the mouse to move the fish hook, catch the fish by catching them with the hook. Only eat good fishes, the bigger, the better taste! There are also some mutant fishes which will make you sick if you eat one of them, so don’t touch them at all. Keep eating fishes to keep the hunger bar up, if the hunger bar runs out, the game will be over.

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Bait and Switch is a free shooting game on Your goal is to kill all the fish in the sea. Hover the mouse to target and left click to shoot. Press keys ZXC to use special skills including freezing, killing fish at once and slowing the time. Your gun reloads after each 15 bullets shot. You earn coins by killing fish. After each level, you can upgrade your weapons, skills and health status. Enjoy yourself here!

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