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Shaun of the Dead

Action Games

Shaun of the Dead is an adventure game on in which you kill Corpses in the street of your city. The perfect occasion for a bout of drunken excess has turned into a meat market more horrible than you could ever imagine. Hordes of zombies are marauding the local nightspots, taking chunks out of anyone who crosses their shuffling path. You will need to dodge and batter your way through countless corpses to reach the safety of warm beer and bar snacks. Make your way to three different pubs – you will have thirty seconds to get to each one – any time left over will be added to your score. Don’t let the undead come between you and a well-earned pint. You should avoid getting bitten and blat as many putrefying cadavers as you can, swipe successfully to earn 25 points per pop. You can chop the corpses into pieces by your hatchet. This is one pub crawl you will never forget! Good luck!

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UndeadRun is a shooting game on Your objective in this game is to kill all the zombies and their king to win. Click to move your character. Direct with the mouse and attacking is automatic. The weapons you acquire along your way are available for a short time. Collect all the coins to win more score and you can upgrade your equipment after each level. Try to win the war and good luck!

Undead Run

Visit the website to join the shooting game Undead Run. At first, you need to control a car by moving the mouse. The hero crops out when the blue tube fades off. Move the mouse to direct the hero and he will attack automatically. Try to collect all the coins and power-ups. Avoid hitting on obstacles. Your time is limited. So try to move fast and run further. After each level, you can upgrade your equipment.

Dead Zed 2

In the shooting game Dead Zed 2, your task is to kill all the zombies. Aim with the mouse and left click to shoot. Press Q to swap weapons and R to reload. Keys 123 are for detonating remote bombs and F is for switching firing modes. Press the space bar to enter rage mode. Headshot kills zombies the most fast and earns you the highest score. Items on the top of the screen tell you the status. Play free games on!

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