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Sheriff Tripeaks

Card Games

Sheriff Tripeaks is a card game on Tripeaks is a classic solitaire variation where you stack cards on a pile that are 1 away from the card pile. So if the card on the pile of cards is 10 you can place a 9 or Jack [from the table of revealed cards] on top of the card pile. There are 25 different levels to complete. Based on your score, a bronze, silver, or gold badge will be awarded fro a level. The total score is calculated by adding up all the scores of all the levels. You can play fast for bonus points. Once the game starts, a card can only be selected if it is either 1 number above or below the current card. You will have to select a card from the left bottom pile if no relevant card is a valid card. The game is over when the pile of cards on the bottom left run out. The game is won when all the cards have been removed from the table. You can press an undo button if you make a mistake. And press bonus bar to fire the gun and get a big bonus by playing fast. Have fun!

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