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Skill Games

Sheriff is a skill game on in which you will have to shoot different objects that appear in the screen. As a sheriff, you must select food for the people. There are only four kinds of fruits that are wanted. They are watermelon, orange, pear and tomato. But there are a number of other food and fruits also appearing in the screen. You can shoot the wanted objects to get a high score. If you shoot the wrong objects, you score will decrease. The objects may be ice cream, bread, coffee, cake, typewriter, mushroom, milk, hamburger, and so on. You must shoot the four right ones. Try to get a high score within time limit. Click the left mouse button to shoot. Yes, it is easy to play. But you must be skillful for the objects fall down so quickly, or you score is probably a negative number. Don’t you believe it? You can try it now.

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