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Shoot em

Shooting Games

Shoot em is a shooting game on in which you try to shoot a gangster with a pistol. A gangster breaks into the house of a civilian. As a policeman, you must kill the gangster and save the hostage. You drive your car to the front of the dangerous house. The gangster sees you and fire at you with a rifle. He may shoot you from the window, behind the tree or a car. You must shoot him before he shoots you. Once there is no bullet in your current clip, you can simply click the reload button in the screen. But be careful – don’t shoot the hostage. You totally have three lives. Once you are shot by the enemy for three times, you will lose a life. The more times you can shoot the gangster, the more points you can get. Join now.

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Xtremebox Plus

Play free game Xtremebox Plus on

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