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Adventure Games

Sinjid is an adventure game on in which you will act as a solider fight your way to protect the village and defeated Lord Baka and his Fallen Army. Once the game starts, you can choose your own character. There are four kinds of character. For example, the warrior, balanced, spell caster and the shadow ninja. Each kind has his special skills and a starting skill. After you have chosen your character, you are locating at a place. The style is look like the ancient Asia. Walk around to search you way to the Gateway which you will receive the training. Here are many different kinds of object. You can buy the herb and the weapon to enhance your skill level. But you can just buy those objects which fit your current level. Use the space bar to enter the next stage or talk to people to get information. At the bottom of screen is your healthy meter. The green is your healthy, the blue stands for magic and the yellow stands for energy. In addition, if you want to save game, talk to the old man in yellow-orange at the beginning place.

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