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Rainbow Spider

Rainbow Spider is free here on! Come to join this skill game for fun! Help the spider girl in this game. To win this game, you are supposed to walk as far as you can. Click at the items to spill silk and the hero will be hung so that she can swing in the air to move forward. Choose good points so that she can collect the bonuses. Your score depends on the mileage you covered.

Hero In The Ocean 2

Hero In The Ocean 2 is a skill game on Join it to entertain yourself. The goal is to collect the treasures in a maze under the deep sea. Move the ship with the arrows. You can push an unfixed rock by moving against it. Try to avoid touching dangers. There are three stars in each level. Try to collect them all before you reach the treasure to win more points. There are more free funny games waiting for you on this website.

Sky Freaks

The skill game Sky Freaks is brought to you by You are expected to collect balloons and fight with junk food. Use WASD or the arrows to move and collect the balloons by touching them. A red one is one point, green one 3 points and yellow one 5 points. Avoid touching the junk food and press the space bar to attack them. Escape from the explosion represented by red wheels. Now, time to have fun!

Thats How We Roll

Join the free skill game Thats How We Roll on to entertain yourself. You are supposed to send the little shinning ball into portals. Use the arrows to control the movements. The tunnel is not fixed. It rolls with the character. Touch your companions on your way ahead and get them to portals too. Do not touch the ices and other obstacles. The arrow on the screen implies your direction.

King Roll

King Roll is provided by In this free skill game, your objective is to make the king touch and kill the other man. You need to control the other man by left and right arrows or AD. The whole spot will rotate so the man and the king will meet. You are supposed to control the man to eat stars along your way. You must be careful to avoid falling off the screen! Good luck!

How To Bird

Play free game How To Bird on

Gangnam Dance Training

Gangnam Style is striking the world now. Let’s shake our bodies together with Psy! Follow dance steps with the arrow and letter keys. Gangnam Dance Training is a popular skill game on Try to improve the precision by hitting the key when it comes into the required place so that you can achieve high scores. Nobody will refuse happy steps. What are you waiting for? Show us your awesome dance now!

Music Catch 2

Music Catch 2 is provided by In this skill game, your target is to collect the shapes. Tip: collect the shapes to earn points. Yellow shapes are good. Red shapes are bad. Purple shapes are powerful. Would you like to join in the game? Come here now. There are all kinds of games here on this website, and they are totally free! Just enjoy yourself and have fun here! Good luck!

Rocket Santa 2

Rocket Santa 2 is a free skill game. In this game, you are going to control the Santa to collect money. Use the money you earn to upgrade. You will reach a new height with more energy. Left click to start when the fuel is at the maximum, and then drag the mouse to move the Santa. There are 21 levels altogether. Visit play more free games. Just have fun here!

Papa s Hot Doggeria

Papa’s Hot Doggeria is a free skill game on First, select a character, or create one as you like. Second, after clicking Play, hit the Help button and you are provided with detailed information including Basics such as taking orders, grill station, build station, and rewards and so forth, Shop, Customizing, and Other Features. Try to learn the skills to provide highly qualified services so as to earn more money. Good luck!

Super Awesome Bike

Play free game Super Awesome Bike on

Skill Roll

Play free game Skill Roll on

Psychic Arrow

Play free game Psychic Arrow on

Railroad Crane Parking 2

Railroad Crane Parking 2 is a skill game on You will experience an extreme fun in this game. Use arrow keys to move, Q or E to control the crane, T for upload and Y for unload. Try your best to help the railroad workers finish their work more quickly. There are eight levels for you to conquer. Just concentrate your energy and enjoy it! Good luck!

Ben 10 Ship Pilot

Play free game Ben 10 Ship Pilot on

Lost Probe

Play free game Lost Probe on

An Epic Stickventure

An Epic Stickventure is a free skill game on To win in this game, you are going to control the stick-man to kill all his enemies on his way forward. The game is totally mouse control. Click at the ground under the cliff where the hero stands at to start the game. Click at the objectives on the screen to get interaction. Click at the enemies to attack. You are supposed to move fast to win. Enjoy yourself here.

Catchy Orbit

Catchy Orbit is a skill game on Your objective is to hit the red balls and turn them into blue ones around the big blue ball. Direct with the mouse and left click or press the space bar to shoot. You have only 3 shots. A blue ball turns into 2 when it touches a red one. Create a chain effect to reach the goal and win a high score! Enjoy the free games on this website. Have fun here!


Play free game Amberialites on

Touch the Bubbles 4

In the skill game Touch the Bubbles 4, there are millions of bubbles. Your goal is to crash all of them in each level. Click at the start button to start the game and move the mouse to drag the lightning to crash bubbles. There may be red moving metals. Avoid touching them, otherwise you fail. You have three lives in each level. On the right top of the screen are items showing your status. More free games on will give you more fun!

Super Bro Throw

Skill game Super Bro Throw is waiting for you! Join it on! Your task is to bash the naughty kids in the games by throwing your red brother. You are the blue one. At the beginning, you can set the control model to move your hero with WASD or the arrows. While you are over the red one, left click to pick it and hold to adjust strength. Move the mouse to target. You can walk on hazards but never throw your brother on them! Move fast!

Disappearing Path

Play free game Disappearing Path on

Holy Crap Bears

Holy Crap Bears is a skill game provided by Your task is to reach chickens without being mauled by the bear. Collect all other objectives to win higher score. Move with arrow keys and touch the objectives to collect them. On the right bottom are five blanks. Fill them with the objects you collected to get bonus score. All games here are free. Now, are you ready? Let’s start!

Wicked Castle

Play free game Wicked Castle on

Spiky Wall of Doom

Spiky Wall of Doom, a skill game, is free on Join this game for amusement! Click to select a character to start the game. The road is falling behind you. Run fast for escape. Run your character forward with the right key and jump with the up key. Do not fall your character off the screen nor run into any dangers. Collect the bonus along your way forward. Now, time to run!

Hardball Frenzy

Join the skill game Hardball Frenzy on to enjoy yourself. In this free game, your objective is to clear the screen by shooting all the green balls off. Move the mouse to target and press the left mouse button to shoot. The green balls will be swapped once being hit. Your bullets are less than the green balls. So, find a good triangle and try to make chain effect to win! Good luck!

Effing Worms Xmas

The mission of this skill game is to find the prey, eat them, and profit. Press W to move forward, A to turn left, D to turn right. Arrow keys also work. Try to find out and eat Santa or animals before the worm’s health values decline into Zero when his body will be exploded. Do your utmost to fulfill your missions in different wave. The danger below the earth is coming closer and closer! Effing Worms Xmas is free on Enjoy your play!


In the skill game Jacksmith, your wagon has four crafting stations where you can build a weapon. Each weapon has two main stats: power means the weapon’s attack strength. Durability means how long the weapon lasts before breaking. Monsters will drop loot when attacked. Move your mouse over the dropped items to collect them. Wish you good luck with a harvest! provides this free game.

Dino Run Enter Planet D

Rocks from the universe are killing dinosaurs! Join the skill game Dino Run Enter Planet D on to save them! You can customize your character as you like. Move with arrow keys or WASD. Run beyond others or into white items to earn score. Try to touch the dinosaurs with wings to make your character fly. Avoid the fire balls and being swallowed by the darkness. Run as fast as you can!

Fly N Frog

Fly N Frog, a skill game presented by, is free for you. In this game, your objective is to control the frog to eat all the mosquitoes in each level. The game is totally mouse control. Left click at the mosquito to let the frog eat it. Click at the frog and drag to a point to make it jump over obstacles. Fewer clicks and less time lead to a higher score. Wish you good luck!

Earn to Die 2012 Part 2

Earn to Die 2012 Part 2 is a free skill game. Use the up arrow or W to accelerate, and left and right arrows or AD to tilt. You earn money by killing zombies. The distance you covered also affects your score. Collect bonus boxes boasting special equipment or money along your way. You can click at the GARAGE to upgrade your equipment. This game is provided by Enjoy yourself here!

High Flying Halloween

Play free game High Flying Halloween on

Teleport Gun

Play free game Teleport Gun on

Dungeon Runner

Dungeon Runner is here free for you on The mission in this skill game is to help the knight to escape from the dungeon. Left click to start the game. Use the mouse to move the knight forward. Left click to jump. Collect the coins and bonuses along your way forward. Setting foot on the traps or touching enemies costs your life. You have three lives to start. Upgrade yourself after each level.

Cowboy Feats

Play free game Cowboy Feats on

Farm Soccer

Play free game Farm Soccer on

Pinata Hunter 2

Here comes the mission in the game Pinata Hunter 2: collect the sweet to get the golden coins. Drag the bag to suitable position. Use the bag to load the sweet. You need to collect the sweet as much as possible. Smash the little horse for sweet. Reward 100 strikes in a row without pain spasm hands. Don’t forget you can buy the better tools in the shop. provides this skill game. Have fun here!

Birdy Fruit

A little bird is hungry and now your job is to help the bird get enough fruits! Click up arrow key to help the bird fly. Eat all fruits and then the exit to the next level will show up. Be careful that some objects are dangerous. The little bird is too young to hit the dangerous walls. Birdy Fruit is a free skill game provided by Enjoy more games here! Have fun and good luck!

Candy World

Play free game Candy World on

Orbital Debris Danger

Play free game Orbital Debris Danger on

Candy Buff

Candy makes people happy, and the skill game Candy Buff on will also make you happy. Help the little boy to eat candies as many as possible. Left click to jump. Different candies earn you different score and bonus. There are three bonus skills to help you eat more. Avoid touching mice, thorns and birds. The distance you cover affects your score too. Just have fun here!

Bloons Spring Fling

Play free game Bloons Spring Fling on

How Dare You

How Dare You is a skill game provided by Before each step, there are notes telling you what to do. You should act according to them and try to finish your tasks. Use the mouse to move and jump and click to fire objects. On your road, there are coins, monsters and some dangers. Collect coins and kill monsters to earn money. After you finish one level, you can go to the shop to upgrade your equipment and skills. Now, are you ready? Go!

Rocket Boots Inc

Play free game Rocket Boots Inc on

Mine It

There are fifteen levels in the game Mine It. You need to pass through one level after another. Do you want to challenge this fantastic game? Use arrow keys to select the game options and enter the game. Press A or D to rotate. Use arrow keys to control. Just come here with your friends now! Hurry up to join in this classic game. You will like it. This skill game Mine It is available at Have fun here!

Feed Us Pirates

Join the skill game Feed Us Pirates to kill pirates. Use the mouse to control the movement of the fish. Keep left click to bite until the fish eats the pirate into skeleton. Avoid entering the barrel labeling a dead fish, otherwise the fish will die. You earn scores for each bite. You can go to the shop to upgrade your equipment after each level. Enjoy more games on!

Base Jumper

Play free skill game Base Jumper on to have fun. You are supposed to control the jumper to float in the air. Left click to open the hero’s parachute. Parachutes only last for a while, so you should collect the parachutes in the sky to sustain your floating. Different colors represent different bonus skills. Left click to activate your new parachutes. Collect stars and coins along your way. Avoid touching the gray stars. It will destroy your parachutes.

Steel Jack

Steel Jack is a free skill game presented by You are going to run forward to save the king and the princess. Click at anywhere or press the space bar to start your game. Click to do an action when you are near an object. You lose if you clash 4 times. There are diamonds along your road pointing you the direction. Collect all of them to get full bonus! Now, start the game and have fun!

Go Go Goblin 2

Skill game Go Go Goblin2 is provided by Come to play it freely! There is a tube on the left of the screen. When it is full, it means the power is the biggest. Click to shoot the goblin when there is a strong power, so it can collect coins as many as possible. You can buy new equipment in the shop after each level. There are labels telling how to use them. Touching eagles will help you fly further.

Pacco 2

Play free game Pacco 2 on

Natural Selection 2

Natural Selection 2 is a free skill game brought to you by In the game, the hero is the gray spider. There are green mosquitoes. You must kill them all to enter the new levels. Click at the wall and the spider will spill a silk to move it. Kill the mosquitoes by touching them. You should arrange your route carefully. You have only 1000 seconds in each level. Now, move fast!

Evolvo Plus

Your goal in the game Evolvo Plus is to eat the smaller fish. But don’t let the bigger fish eat you. You can use arrow keys or WASD to move. Press P to pause. Click Q to choose quality and M to choose music. Press space bar for evolution’s power. Eat enough fish, you will evolve and gain new abilities. This skill game is provided by All games here are free! Wish you good luck!

Santa Run 2

Hurry up in the skill game Santa Run 2 to help Santa to catch his last bus. Use left and right arrows or AD to control the movement of Santa. Jump with the space bar. At the middle bottom of the screen is a circle which represents your time. You must finish your task before it turns into white. There are more games on All games here are free! Enjoy yourself here!

Fragile Fauna

In this skill game Fragile Fauna, there are a lot of marbles. You are expected to collect them all. But, they are guarded by many faunas. You are supposed to avoid touching them. Otherwise you die. Just move your mouse cursor to touch the marbles to collect them. There are several waves in each level. Try to finish them smoothly to earn all three stars. More games are on Enjoy yourself!

Feed Us 4 Xmas Xpansion

Feed Us 4 Xmas Xpansion is a free skill game provided by Your goal in this game is to attack people and feed the fish. Click at the white circles and move the mouse to move the fish to hit people. Every 10 hits earn 1 blood. Press the red button under the sea to launch more people. Try to avoid the submarine catching you. Keep an eye on the sand glass for your time! Come to to enjoy this game. Good luck!

Fly Raptor Rider

In the skill game Fly Raptor Rider, you are a dragon racer. Press the down arrow to duck, press the right key to smash and press the up key to jump. The left key is for shooting. You are supposed to cover a distance of 18000. There are enemies on your way. After each level, you can choose your dragon when you get required achievements. This free game is brought to you by Have fun here!

Neverending Chevalier

In this skill game Neverending Chevalier, your task is to help the Chevalier to climb up to the top of the tower. Use arrow keys to move, jump and dash. Alternatively, you can also use AS, LW, KS to move, jump, and dash. Slide along the wall by pushing against them. Collect coins for more points. Pick up useful items for bonus and extra life. Enjoy more games at

The Blockfather

The Blockfather is a skill game on in which you should try to survive in a circle and avoid the edge or obstacles. You will see a whole circle at the beginning of the game. It is the area that you are allowed to move around on. You can turn left/right by pressing the arrow keys. It is also possible to use the W, A, S and D keys. You can press the down arrow key to move slowly. The faster you go, the more points you will get. If you go slowly, you won’t get anything close to how many points you will get when in turbo mode. The up arrow key will help you enter the turbo mode. If you are not holding the turbo key, or the slow key, the speed will return to normal. If you are in slow mode, and you turn, you will turn much sharper. At this time you can’t move, though as soon as you fade away from the black color, you can control, any try to avoid the obstacles. Tails spawn every 5 seconds. Tails will use the exact same path as you took. You will see tails as clones of you in the past. If you hit a tail or the edge the game is over. Your points will be shown up in the left corner. The longer you stay alive, the more points you will get. And it is possible for you to get a top high score. Your points each frame are multiplied by the number of tails. Have a good time.

Pucca Pursuit

Welcome to Pucca Pursuit on Here you will lead little Pucca to the journey of points. As it is a skill game, you have to be very nimble, or you will lose life. You can choose different run style: slow down, go faster, slide or go with super speed. Different walk state suits different situation. Try to collect items such as shining energy ball, small red heart, big yellow heart and normal energy ball—they will add you points. Don’t forget to avoid bad strange passer-by, monsters, thorn bushes, and walls. Be careful not to fall into gaps. Good luck!

Injection Experience

Injection Experience is an arcade game on in which you try to get 100 point in 100 seconds. You play as a nurse to give your patient an injection to have your experience of inject. The first stage is ass of a man and the area that you should inject is rather the biggest in the game. You must inject in the right place to get your point and go to the next stage. The second is the arm of a woman while the third is the arm of a baby. The area you should inject become smaller and smaller and the difficulty becomes bigger. You should take care that if you didn’t inject in the right point, you patient will cry and bleed, that is really bad. To become a good nurse with good vision, to start the game.

Christmas Couples

Use your mouse to click the Christmas Symbols. You have to click on two ore more symbols of the same type to remove them. Time is running fast and adds a line at the bottom until it reaches the top. Then it's game over! You can score more points if you click on symbols inside the green "x2" bar. The game features highscores.

Cursor Chaos

Cursor Chaos is an action and Skill Game, available on This is a mix of many interesting games, which are controlled only by ARROW KEYS and SPACEBAR. The series of the games contains from shooting, board, action modes, just one thing should be worthy of your attention that you have to accomplish all the games within the certain time, which are representing at the bottom of the screen. Have fun!

Monster Bark

The skill game Monster Bark is very interesting. Join this free game on to relax yourself. To win this free game, you need to control the bark to collect all the stuff he needs in each level to rescue others. Move the doggie with the arrow keys. Keep it away from the patrol bulls. Only when you collect all the stuff in each level can you get to the next level! Good luck and have fun here!

Chili Time

In Mexico, people hold chili matches where the one who eats most chilies within the limited time wins the game. And the winner will be called “Spicyman” for honor. In Chili Time, a arcade game on, you can be the Spicyman too. In the game, you have an opponent who can wolf down tons of capsicums. The only way to win him is to stuff more pepper and eat faster. You click your mouse to eat, and the more frequently you press your mouse, the more chilies you will take. Just dance your index finger.


Dodgeball is a skill game on When the game starts, you will see a little kid and many balls on the screen. You can use the arrow keys to move the kid in every direction. The red balls and gray balls will fly back and forth, here and there. You must move the kid to avoid being hit by the balls. Once the kid is hit by a ball, you will have to start it over. There are totally five tough levels you need to finish. As levels are up, you have to face more and more balls appearing in the screen. Dodge the balls and win the game. It is very easy to play. Join now.

Baby Care Deluxe

In Baby Care Deluxe, you are on a mission to take care of the child. Manage child activity and increase child attributes and make sure the child grows healthy and happy. There are 7 rooms in the house, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, toilet room, sick room and study room. Use them properly. Don’t forget to use water fountain either. Watch out the child’s education, happiness, joy and health. We need an all-around developed child. The child can be thirsty, hungry, bored, need toileted, clean, and any of these attributes reach 0, you will lose your game. You can buy the kid clothes, paint and other things in the shop. You can find this classic game on Good luck!


Gazzoline is an awesome skill game on in which your objective is to make a big fortune by giving good service to your clients. In this game, you are the only employee of the Filling station. When the car comes, drag the car into the filling pump and then click on the pump to start filling. After that, drop the money into the cashier. Some clients want products from the store. Just click on the item and bring it to the car. As the level progresses, you will have more pumps to attend more clients. Go to explore copious stages and show your smart skills. Good luck and have fun!


Have you been holding the dream that one day you can find really handsome fortune? Now you have the chance. In the Tombscape, you can realize your dream by exploring the ancient temple which hides great treasure and great danger. In this adventure game you will meet several challenges such as a waving axe hanged in the middle of the pass way. Follow the hints appearing you’re your mouse covering some items. When necessary, use your tools such as spade, crowbar, lighter and pistol. Collect items such as coins and skulls. Every time you enter another room, you will get rewards. is the home of this game. Good luck!

Don't Touch

Japanese game, it tests your mouse control skill : you need to click on the "Start" button first, and move the cursor to the "Next" button. Your cursor must stay always in the path, if it goes out of the border you lose the game ! More difficult levels are waiting for you !

Disco Fish

Avoid other fish and eat worms to gain points and health.

Happy Pancake

Happy Pancake is an exciting skill game on In this game, you have to decorate the pancake on the left to resemble the one on the right. Click your left mouse to select the banana, jam, garlic and so on. Of course you have to put all kinds of fruits on the right position within limited time, after that, the computer will mark your achievement: good perfect excellent or bad. Anyway, if you want to be a great cook or cake division something like that. You have to practice a lot. A bit of trial and error is required, but you will soon be a real cook. Go ahead and explore copious levels. Try to score maximum points. Good luck and enjoy yourself...

Nicht Anfassen

Nicht Anfassen is an arcade game on in which you will feel very funny. This game is very easy to play, but it is hard to control. There are two squares on the screen. One of them marked with “start”. Click it, then, game begins. Use your mouse to move from the square which marked “start’ just a moment ago. Be careful, the arrow on the screen caused by the moving mouse can’t move out of the white passage. Move your mouse through the passage to another square which marked with “nochmal”. Click it. You can enter the next level. If your mouse move out of the passage for three times, it means game over.

Tunnel Maze

Tunnel Maze is a skill game on in which you use the arrow-keys to shun from the obstacles through the tunnel. There are continued red and gray lattice walls, thresholds appearing in the forward, use the arrow-keys to control the robot’s actions, press up-arrow key to jump, down-arrow key to crouch, left-arrow key to go left and right-arrow key to move right. You have 10 chances in this level; look out for the life counter in the top-left of the screen, when your lives run out, you lose the game. The stopwatch in the top-right shows the time you have persevered; try your best to play the game longer with the least life cost.

My Diamond

In this game, you play in the role of a small pink creature which will recover the diaments on the plate but you etes attacked by lazers which kill you if you touch them... To avoid them, you must pass by the edges of the play (if you d?pacez the edge top of the fenetre, you will find yourselves in bottom and if you go all on the left, you will find yourselves all on the right, which makes it possible to avoid these lazers). To move you, it is enough for you to use the keys. Diament 10 point gives you and thus, plus you have some, your score will be high! Good play and good luck! (Google Translation)

Run Run

Run, which is a skill game on Running is a means for an animal to move on foot. It is defined in sporting terms as a gait in which at some point all feet are off the ground at the same time. Running is executed as a sequence of strides, which alternate between the two legs. Each leg’s stride can be roughly divided into three phases: support, drive, and recovery. Support and drive occur when the foot is in contact with the ground. When you facing the barriers, you can press space for the big jump, the up arrow for the small jump, do not hit those barriers, it will lose your life.

Barbie Game

Barbie's full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts, and over the years she has been given many companions, the best known being her beau Ken (Ken Carson), who made his debut in 1961. Like Barbie, Ken shares his name with one of Ruth Handler's children. Barbie and Ken have a famous on-off relationship and they announced a split in 2004 which seems to have been only temporary. Other longstanding friends in Barbie's ethnically diverse social circle include Hispanic Teresa, African American Christie and Steven (Christie's boyfriend), and Kayla. For a full list of Barbie's companions, see the List of Barbie's friends and family. In this game you are playing to save Barbie !

Fruity Jumps

Here in Fruity Jumps, your mission is simple: deliver all the fruit from the left side to the right side. The character will use the umbrella to take the fruits such as oranges, apples, bean bottles, etc, so that all the goods will not fall into the water. There are some bonuses. For example, smaller umbrella, bigger umbrella, faster, slower. Don’t miss them for they are useful. In this skill game, you’d better be more nimble otherwise you can’t hold for long. You can find this game on Enjoy!

Castle Clout

Castle Clout is a skill game on Build your castle by clicking on an object you wish from the builder menu on the left, then click and drag it to the place you want it to be. Repeat them until you have your castle. After that, you can play this game and your mission is to launch the stone to hit your castle until you get the required points to step into the next level. Remember, just use the space bar to control the power when you want to throw the stone. Not too much or too less. You will get different score while hitting the wall and the guard. Go ahead and show off your smart skill. Good luck and have fun!

Bloony Wheel

Play free game Bloony Wheel on

Hop Til You Drop

In shop til you drop, you control a shopping cart at a grocery store. Your mission is to collect all the items on your shopping list, no more and no less. Shopping items will fall from the tops of the screen and you must catch them in the bvasket to collect theml Use the arrow keys to move the cart left and right. You will be awarded 10 points for each item you collect on the list and will lose 5 points for each extra item. Get more than five extra items in one shopping tip and the game is over. Look at your list to know which items you need and which you don’t (items you need will glow white when they are falling down the screen). Special thanks to for sponsoring this game! Left and Right arrow keys to move left and right, respectively. Only collect foods that are on your shopping list.

Bubble Bug Catcher

Autumn is on her way, so farmers are preparing for the harvest. But there is a problem—bugs are also their festival! So there comes the war between farmers and bugs. Bubble Bug Catch is a skill game on in which your mission is to catch bugs with bubbles. Press the mouse button to start inflating the bubble, release the mouse button to release the bubble and catch the bug. Have fun!

Shoot The Gems

Shoot The Gems is an arcade game on Your goal is to clear all the gems from the board. You shoot at them with more gems, and when three or more of the same color come together, they all explode. Point your mouse to where you want the next gem to go and click to fire the shoot. The more gems blow up at one shoot, the increasingly more points you gain. Besides, those gems that fell apart from the rest will explode too. If your shoot fails to detonate any gems, you get a foul, and when there are several fouls, a new line of gems appears at the top. The number of misfires allowed before gems will advance again, is shown by the number of silver gems in the bottom left corner. There is no draw in this game, either you clean all the gems off and your score doubles, or they move all the way down on you. Have fun!

Fishing Girl

You have been trapped on an unknown island, the only way to survive from the poor isolated isle is to catch some fish to kill the starvation. Luckily, fishing is your favorite skill, and don’t worry about the fishing things. Just press and hold the left mouse and toss the lure as far as possible with proper size of the hook, you will surely catch fish. Fishing Girl is an action and skill game, available on Good luck!

Santa Artois

Santa Artois is an arcade game on in which you are in control of Santa to bring gifts to children. It’s at Christmas Evening. Outside is heavily snowing. All kids in every family go to bed so early and put their stockings hanging on the head of the bed. They fall into sleep quickly and have a dream that Santa brings their favorite presents and put them into their stockings. After a while Santa drives in a sleigh to the roofs of each house with his elves. But all the roofs have frozen, which makes it very hard to walk on them. You should keep Santa on the straight and narrow by moving your mouse left and right as he drops presents down the chimneys. If Santa can not keep balance on the roofs, he will fall down to ground and be hurt. Thus the kids may become disappointed for no gifts in their stockings. So this is an important mission for you. You must keep Santa safe on the roofs so that he can send all presents out. Ready? Play now.

Johnny Crash Does Texas

Play free game Johnny Crash Does Texas on

Go Go Plant 2

Go Go Plant 2 is an arcade game on in which you will catch money and avoid dangers in a special trip. You can choose arcade mode or story mode. The story mode begins from an interesting narrative on a Mr. Twister who becomes a plant after waking up from watching TV in his chair. But he still can walk and have power, all the change is due to nuclear disasters. For returning to regular life, you shall help him reach the drug store and get his medication in a particular trip. There are beautiful flowers, trees, farms, birds, and blue sky in the way. You will meet some destructible objects like organ, punching ball, tractor, insect, egg, barrier, machine, hill and other indestructible obstacles like spikes and mines. You can punch or fly above or dig under the destructible stuff to move forward and avoid touching spikes and mines. But when encountering flying yellowing balls, green squares and money bags, you should catch them as more as possible for they will increase your money. When you finish one mode, it will unlock a new route. In the arcade mode, it has the same manner to play and you can write down your name for submitting your high scores after completing it. So let?s start this adventurous trip at once.

Four Second Fury

Four Second Fury is a skill game on in which you only have four seconds to complete each game. There are numerous small games in this game. You may help a cow to find the door of its cattle pen. You may help a boy to escape from danger. You may also try to catch a moving clock, dodge the tread of the elephant’s foot, eliminate several enemy planes, follow the instruction of the computer to click several keys on you keyboard, avoid being stung by bees, or save a little bug from big insects. In one word, there are so many little games that you have no time to react quickly. You just remember that you only have four seconds to finish each game. Win or lose, do it now.

Four Second Firestorm

Welcome to Firestorm! 56 Artists, 175 Microgames each in 4 seconds or less. Developers from over 20 different countries participated in this massive game collaboration, becoming one of the largest Flash games ever produced. It's like Wariowares, same style gaming and genre. Being the last of its kind, this final part of the Four Second series takes you beyond the keyboard, and includes over 60 minutes of game.

Aces High Solitaire

The bear’s adventures is an adventure game on in which you will act as a white bear that will have an adventure experience. The name of the game is the bear’s adventures. Once it starts, the bear will be located in a desert. There are cactus in the desert and ladders in the desert. Unfortunately, the lovely bear will encounter two monsters which will let the bear lose its life. You can use the arrow keys to help the bear avoid the monsters and go to the nest level. The bear has a very difficult task to defeat all of the strange monsters and come back to his Arctic. In the process of its adventures, you need to help it to collect the bonuses, the more the better. In one level, you just have 10 lives, so when you face to a monster, use your wisdom to defeat it.

Click Maze 2

The red ball will follow your cursor when you click. Get him home without smashing him into walls!

Dolphin Olympics 2

Dolphin Olympics 2 is a skill game on in which your mission is to score as many points as possible within the 2 minutes. Use the left and right arrow keys to flip your dolphin while airborne. If you land its nose first, you will get bonus for nice entry. To do a tailslide, you can press DOWN key while your fish approaching the water. Try to lead fish groups out of the water and swim through rings, thus will bring your benefits. You can also tail slide in space! Have fun!

Liquid Measure

Play free game Liquid Measure on

Ne Ferao

In Ne Ferao, you can test whether you are a skilled driver. The mission is easy. You need to drive to the appointed place where you can see a glass of cocktail. Every time you get the wine, you will get one point, and meanwhile, you will have several barriers which you’d better not come across. Don’t worry about the time—you have enough time to finish your task. See how many scores you can get. You can find this skill game on Have fun!

Bomb Hippos

Bomb Hippos is an arcade game on in which your task is to feed some hippos. Once it starts, you will find that there are four hippos that are all very hungry. Things seem to become desperate, but then, just as they were about to throw themselves in front of a motorboat. The military contacted them. You need to compete with the other hippos to diffuse as many bombs as possible before they explode. Your task is to help the hippo to catch as many bombs as you can in the hungry hippo’s mouth by lunging towards them. You need to time it just right so that your hippo’s mouth doesn’t close before you reach the bomb. Eat the suicide bombers for extra points. Use the key stated on the menu screen next to your hippo to make your hippo lunge towards the passing bombs. In this case, use the space bar to see how it works. The winner of the game is the player whose hippo has diffused the most bombs.

My Planet

My Planet, which is a kid game on One day Miepie took her ship to the outterspace and get lost, she miss her home and her mother who is baking a pie for her, she must back to her planet as soon as she can, otherwise she will never get back home. She has to survive through the space labyrinth and find the fatest way to miepie’s "My Planet". In this game, you have to use your keypad to moving Miepie’s position. Do not let her touch by the pink bar there, otherwise she will fall and can not arrive home to see Mama.

Falldown 2 2

When you are tired of a whole day’s boring work, why not play some easy but interesting flash games to get yourself some relief? Falldown is a skill game on in which your mission is to avoid the rising lines as you try to keep the ball from hitting the top. In theory, it’s a very simple game, but you still need to pay attention to the tiny ball, because those lines rising too fast. Good luck!

Bedrock Bobsleddin Blowout

Bedrock Bobsleddin Blowout is a skill game on in which you will move across different tracks in white snow background by driving your own sled. When you get through the track, you can use right and left arrow keys to move side to side and press up and down keys to move faster and slower. In the process, pay attention to collect points while finishing each track as fast as you can. There are altogether 3 tracks. Fred, Barney and Dino each race one track. In each track, you will encounter small trees and rocks. These obstacles will damage your sled. Too much damage will make you lose a try. And you totally have three tries. If all tries are lost, the game is over. Besides, when you move forward to finish the track, you can run over pebbles cereal icons to increase your score and boost pads for extra speed, and touch pebbles repair icons to reduce damage. As for the bonus, you can beat time on the track scoreboard to receive a score bonus or collect all the letters that spell “pebbles” on one track in order to receive a score bonus. If you reach every checkpoint within the definite time limitation, you win the game. Let’s do it now.

Dynamite Snake

Use arrow keys to reach out EXIT. Press ESC to exit to menu and R to restart the level. Use two keys at once to move in a zig-zag motion. Try to reach the exit before the bombs behind explode, or the snake will be killed and you will lose the game. This game tests your reaction capabilities to great extent. Dynamite Snake, a skill game on for free, will greatly surprise you. Are you ready? Let’s do it!

Bloc Rouge

Bloc Rouge is a skill game on in which you test your quickness. In this game, there are four blue parts and one red part; you control the red part to avoid crashing from other blue ones. Once the game starts, you will find that all five parts are limited in the square frame, and you can only move the red part in the limit of this square frame. You can use the mouse to control your part. There are two game modes-mode record and mode hazard. In mode record, the cycles of the game mode have been fixed, all of four blue parts will move regularly. In mode hazard, the cycles of game mode run out of regular. When you play good in mode record, you can choose mode hazard for challenge. Good luck.

Le Boulanger

Some people have excellent balance ability so that they can vertically hold a stick on their hands or noses for hours. Do you want to experience that? Le Boulanger is a skill game on in which your mission is to help the man hold the stick as long as possible. To achieve this, you need to move the man according to the falling tendency of the rod. If the stick will fall in the next second, you will lose your game. Likewise, if you touch the falling things such as dirty clothes, you also lose your game. Good luck!

Red Cross ERU

Play free game Red Cross ERU on


Play free game Icycle on

Smallfish Greatsea

You are a small goldfish lost in the deep ocean, life will not be easy for you! Use the arrow keys to move the goldfish, collect water bubbles for extra bonus points, and see how long can you survive in this hostile environment.

Japanese Jello

Wack the Jello to keep it on the tray, they are piled on the plate, the jello is keeping slipper from the little hill, keep pump them back to the position where they are suppose to be on the plate, it is just 10 seconds for you to hold on, it is likely easy at the first few stages, yet the farther you can go, the more juicy and slippery the jello is. Try to keep the plate stable, and not let them fall. Japanese Jello is a Skill game, available on Good luck!

Labyrinth 2

Labyrinth is a puzzle game on in which you will find a way in a labyrinth. In the game scene, there is a rectangular labyrinth. A lot of yellow walls divide the labyrinth into some anomalous region. And there are many black holes in the labyrinth. A green ball is at the top of the scene. If you press the START sign in side on the green ball, the game begin. The green ball can only walk between the yellow walls. You can move the green ball to different directions by pressing the LEFT, RIGHT, UP and DOWN arrow keys. But you must watch out for the black holes. The end of the way is at the right top of the scene. The goal of this game is to see how much time you will take to move the ball to the end.

Booty Juggler

Booty Juggler is a skill game on in which your mission is to help Patch the Pirate Octopus protect his ill-gained treasure. He has many hands holding regular items such as knife, flashlight, compass, etc, and when a bomb falling down, you need to help him empty his hands and catch the bombs and throw them away before they explode in his hands. If possible, try to miss less regular items and catch more fish for bonuses and more hearts for extra lives. Good luck!

Balloon Warp

In Balloon Warp, four items form the basic framework of balloon warpping the energy sphere. The energy warps the guard laser, and courses the balloon. An understanding of the interactions between these four basic components is necessary to play Balloon Warp,an action game on In addition to the basic components, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the effects of the other components There are energy warp. Each energy sphere has the same energy level as one of the warps on th playing field. To beat a level, you must knock each energy sphere into the corresponding warp. Good luck!


Plonzo is a shooting game on in which your objective is to kill the boss and get as many scores as you can. First, you should load your weapon. Fill your jetpack-mounted cannon by clicking power balls, until the meter is filled. Remember don’t over fill. If you have done the preparation work, the cannon will auto-aim and deliver a devastating blast against your enemy. Don’t fly too long without shooting, your jetpack will overheat. Try to fill your cannon with fewest power balls to get a bonus such as extra time, bonus points, up, etc. If you meet the super boss, use bombs, otherwise, you’d better save your energy. Have fun!

Hell O Ween

Hell O Ween is a shooting game on which will test your proficiency level on keyboard. In this game, you act as Coffin with two-hand game using letter from A to X or Epitaph with one-hand game using number 0 to 9. Kill enemies by typing the letter displayed above bad guys. You can only shoot the enemy next to you who is the first in line. Shoot them quickly to create a combo and to raise your multiplier shown at the lower right corner of the screen. A combo of 15 hits or higher starts the rock n roll mode. In the mode you will get a line of enemies with all the same letter. That’s an easy job! In difficult situations hit the spacebar to slow them down. You need to wait for the slow motion bar to replenish before you can use the feature again. Shoot as much enemies during slow motion as possible to rise the replenish speed rate and to collect candy!


Thingfection is an awesome skill game on in which your objective is to save as many cells as you can on each level. Thingfection is a new disease that can spread to all things. Cells start out pink. They may become randomly infected and turn bright red. Cells near the mouse are healed and turn yellow, move swiftly to heal red cell before the neighboring cells are infected. Infected cells that are left too long will turn black and die. Every time you save a cell, one cell from the top turns bright yellow. These can not be infected again. If you don’t save infected cells in time, they wither and die and can no longer be saved. You must save a certain amount of cells to advance to the next level. Go ahead and show your smart skill. Have fun!

Flash Empires 3

Flash Empires 3 is a challenging skill game on in which your mission is to defend your castle right down there. You are supplied with one free tower which you control down at the bottom. But of course there are bad guys you must kill. They will come down at the top of your screen to break down your wall. They will fight your troops and attack towers if they are in the way. To defend yourself you must build towers,troops and buy cool upgrades. This all cost money which is located on the top bar. When you roll over what you want to buy there will be a description telling you the cost. Just drag and drop what you want on the screen. On the bottom right shoes 3 boxes and a meter. When you have a certain amount of kills you can use a special to wipe out your enemies. Each requires a different amount of kills before use. You can purchase specials in the upgrade tab. Have fun!


A skill test game. You are a supporter of the team of Switzerland and you make the queu to get in the stadium. It is just enough to click at the good time, neither too early, nor too late to advance at the same time as crowd and not to make you hustle.

Youda Farmer

In Youda Farmer, you are a farmer and have a huge farm. At first you have only flour can be producted and then you can pack them into the crate and later bring them to the village to deliver them to the local stores. After you earn some money, you can upgrade your farm with for example pig stable to product pork and meat and dairy farm to produce milk everyday and of course the chicken coop to get egg. When the production is ready, drag it into the crate before the then order disappeared. Pick up 3 more same packs by dragging them into the crates when they are ready. Then finish the orders by clicking the order cards. And there are miscellaneous products in the farm that can provide. Flour, eggs, pork, milk, tomatoes, potatoes, fish, apples, woolen and wine. They can be upgrade by the farm in order to vary the farm. This action game is on Have fun!

Trail Blazer

Trail Blazer is a skill game on in which you are in control of a blue ball through a dangerous track. It is at the foot of Alps. There is a beautiful river in the afternoon light with crimson and golden hills in the background. A blue track is moving quickly and extends to the distance. This track is formed by many small squares, but there are many holes in this route. Here you start your play. A blue ball, trail blazer, will be thrown onto this track. You must move this ball quickly for avoiding falling into the holes. Just use your mouse to control the ball. Once the ball fall into holes, you will lose a chance. There are totally 3 chances for you. Try to go as far as possible for higher score. Are you ready? Have fun.

Birth Game

Birth Game, which is a skill game on Birth is the act or process of bearing or bringing forth offspring. The offspring is brought forth from the mother. Different forms of birth are oviparity, vivipary or ovovivipary. A mother borns a baby is a very magical thing, everyone love babies. And now, your duty is let those men catch the babies into the babycar, you can use your keypad to change the bed position to shoot the babies into the babycar. Better let the baby falls, it is pain!

SpongeBob SquarePants

SpongeBob SquarePants is a skill game on in which you will kick a robot anchovy away as farther as possible in three different roles, Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob and Squidward. You can select free-play mode or contest mode. The game happened in a beautiful sand beach with various odd trees and rocks and a lovely house. At its beginning, Plankton’s minions, a robot anchovy with big eyes and red clothes will move to approaching the host, what you shall do is to kick it into oblivion and throw plates, burgers or jellyfish to make the robot bounce farther. When the robot is flying in the air by the kick, there is a precision meter appearing with blue and red colors, at that time, you should hit spacebar as quickly as possible when the cursor reaches the center of the precision meter and then one of the above props will be thrown out. Attention that plates are only prepared for Squidward, burgers for Mr. Krabs, and jellyfish for SpongeBob. In contest mode, watch for the limited ammunition number and only a small additional amount is granted at each new level. In free-play mode, you can pick one player or two players. Let’s begin to kick the slave at once.

Star Fly

You are a star continuously falling to earth, touch other stars to not fall off the screen. Use the mouse to move horizontally, and click to jump up if you have enough energy.

Rudolphs Kick N Fly

Rudolphs Kick N Fly is a Christmas game in which your task is get scores by launching the Santa to hit items. You can choose the launch direction and power, and then Santa will fly over candies, umbrellas, stars, bells automatically. He can rebounce if he hits things such as mushrooms and trees, if not, he will fall down and stuck into the snow. The more objects he hits, the longer he stays in the air, the higher scores you get. Enjoy yourself in this online game on Good luck!


ZooClan is an awesome classic skill game on There are many kinds of animals who live in the same zoo. It’s hard for them to avoid fights. Doctor tortoise have been injured. Now it is your chance to show off your shooting skills. Select a clan between panda and penguin. All you have to do is to aim your opponent and click your left mouse to launch the stone. Remember, try to avoid your enemy’s assault. Keep away from the arrowhead because it is the direction that matters a lot. Press "A" or "D" to evade rocks. You have eight lives to complete your mission. Go ahead and show your shooting skills. Good luck and enjoy yourself!

Kinetikz 2

Kinetikz 2 is a shooting game on in which you try to push the puck to reach the target. When the game starts, fire the disc using the mouse, guide the puck to the target with the same color. You can rotate the board by using left and right arrow keys. (Or A and D keys) Be aware of the blue line; do keep your puck away from it. Watch out for the moving blocks, you will get bonus points for destroying the blocks and boxes by pushing them over the blue lines. And don’t fire the disc towards the walls, it will be rebounded. The fewer discs you fired to complete the game, the more points you get in the end. You have 5 lives in total. When you failed, one life will be cost to reset the level. You will get a new life for every 4000 points. Hope you like it.

Flight 666

Play free game Flight 666 on


Organ-ise is a skill game on in which you in which you need to transplant organs as a surgeon. First of all, you have a patient in the waiting area awaiting an urgent transplant. You can see how much time he/she has left from the beside icon next to him/her. This icon also illustrates which organ is needed. So in this case, he/she requires a heart. Pay attention, time is ticking. You need to click on the patient and drag them to a made bed. In the organ delivery area there are icons displaying all of your available choices. If a heart has arrived for your patient, click on the heart icon. You must be hurried, because it won’t stay useful for long. Remember some of your patients could be children, so make sure you use the right organ for the right patient. In the organ delivery room you can see the difference quite clearly. At last, keep an eye on your waiting room on the left. You don’t want that to get full and their time is ticking as well.

Animal Artist

Welcome to Animal Artist! You will discover your internal childlike passion in this arcade game on The objective is simple—you need to finish your own painting with animals’ help. There are many animal friends such as parrot, panda, bird, kitten, cow and snake. Different animals have different footprints which can be left to draw patterns. You choose what you need. The squirrel at the bottom of the screen can wipe away what you’ve painted. The dolphin can leave flower-like marks. If you want to create something colorful, you just need to change the hue. Have fun!

Santa Rockstar

Santa Claus is a rock star, in another word, a guitar hero. He likes playing guitar, don’t you know, jingle bells, silent night, holy nights playing with noisy guitar is awesome, and seems appears more freely. Santa Rockstar is an action game, available on KEY 12345 and SPACEBAR or ENTER is used in the game, of course, you can change the assignment of the keys. When the button come to you, you need to press and hold the key matched to the guitar, and strum the key with KEY ENTER. Thus you can play the music all by yourself. Have Fun!

Abba the Fox

Abba the Fox is a skill game on in which you take a plane to collect letters as a postman. Once the game starts, you will receive a letter from general post office. You are told to take the post office hang glider to collect the envelopes from people in the distant areas. You must use the left mouse button to control the hang glider. Be careful and avoid the bees and birds on your way. However, if you collect the shields, you will get temporary protection. You will start your journey from the top of a mountain. There are numerous envelopes hanging in the air. Try to collect as more as possible before you get to the destination. You may fly over forest or sea. Finally you return all you have collected back to the building of general post office. Have fun and get a high score!

Egg Mania

Egg Mania is a classic game on in which you will be employed by a farmer to do farm work for him. The farmer Henry is a tough old guy and he will not take any nonsense. But if you leave a good impression for him, you will soon be running your own farm. The game is designed in the form of days. In different day, you have different tasks. You will pick the hen up and seat it in one of decks. Then feed it with a sack of grain. Quickly this hen will lay an egg for the farmer. Pick the egg up and put it to a basket. Then clean the dirty deck with a broom. An egg will earn 5 gold for you. Sometimes you have to pick red hens up and put them to the deck. Feed then quickly, or they will leave the deck. You can also go to market to buy necessary tools and grain, like a hammer, board and decks. As the difficulties progress, you will have to earn more and more gold every time. Are you ready? Try it.

Home Run

Help this drunk guy to go home, move the mouse to keep him stand ...

Frozen Frenzy

Frozen Frenzy is a skill game on in which you open an ice cream shop. It is summertime and everyone in the community wants your delicious ice cream. You can save the neighborhood from the summer heat wave by delivering ice cream to all the kids. You can steer your truck by using the arrow keys and press the space bar to stop your truck. Keep an eye on your stock because you will need to visit the depot when you run out of ice cream. Deliver 100 cones in just two minutes to advance to the next level. There are 3 levels in all. You may encounter some road constructions on your way which blocks your move. You may also see several hungry kids in the pool which will cost some ice creams. Many groups of children are waiting for you in front of their houses. Be careful and don’t miss any one of them. Are you ready? Set out now.

Park It

In the real life, almost every one will be troubled by parking problems such as where to store the car and how to squeeze the vehicle into that little place. Now, in Park It. Here, your parking skill is practiced and challenged. In this skill game, the rule is very simple: park your car to the plot with as less time as possible. You can rotate the wheels to right and left, you can drive the car forward and backward—just park it safely and quickly, and then you will get your scores. You can find this skill game on the website of Good luck!

Magnet Towers 2

Magnet Tower 2 is an arcade game on in which you try to stack pills of the same color and gain points within the time limit. There are many pills in purple, yellow, red, blue, green and other colors appearing in the screen. And they are in disorder and apart with each other. You shall move your mouse to stack pills of the same color into a tower. Then click the mouse button to create a tower fusion. The more pills you stack at one time, the more points you will get from the tower fusion. Don’t let your tower run into pills of a different color, or your tower will get blown apart. When the time is run out, the game is over. Are you clear? Have fun!

Stinger Sniper

Some terrorists are breaking the bank at the street corner! As a qualified sniper, you are asked to kill all of them with your sharp gun. Are you ready to take this mission? Stinger Sniper is a shooting game on in which your mission is to follow the instructions outlined in the primary objectives window and information window on each of the mission’s menus. Wait until you see the arrow or hand item, and then you can shoot. Good luck!

PoPoint 2

PoPoint 2 is a skill game on in which you are asked to click the numbers in order from 1 to 15. The background is light blue. These numbers are in three colors yellow, green and white. And they are in disorder. Be careful to hit them in orders. If you press the wrong number, the screen will become red to remind you that you are wrong. Once the game is over, the screen will show the time that you have spent. And there is also a message to you. It’s an appraisal about you such as “Not so hot, keep trying” “Almost there, practice more” etc.

Mater Al Rescate

In Mater Al Rescate, your mission is to help the stuck car out of the jungle. You throw a hook to the back of the sport car so that you can pull her out of the trouble. To control your power and angle, you can press the button at the bottom of the screen, and the indicator will tell you how much strength you have put on. You have three chances to save the charming vehicle—good luck for that! This skill game is on

Shit Basketball

Shit Basketball is an arcade game on in which you will control a child butt to throw the excrement into water closet. In this game, you are in a toilet and there is a white mobile flush toilet. Your character just shows his butt with lovely underpants to you at the bottom of the screen. And you can move your mouse to let the butt move too. Then click on the butt to throw a feces while the white flush toilet moving close to you. At the right side of screen is a thermograph. While you have successful let excrement into the water closer, the red liquid stands for temperature will raise a little. After you throw all your feces into water closet, here is large yellow excrement been thrown on the flush toilet. You can wash out it to restart the game. In addition, this is a time limit game. Manage your time.

Sugar Treat Catch

Sugar Treat Catch is a skill game on in which you try to collect as many treats as possible at Halloween as a naughty boy. Every kid on the block knows that Ms. Hellms has the best candy in town, but she makes you earn it. Use your mouse to guide your Trick-Or-Treater back and forth to catch as many treats as you can before the timer runs out. Watch out, though! She likes to throw tricks too. Being hit by a trick will cost a life. You start with three lives, and get an extra life at 500 points. Click anywhere to choose your character. You may select Werewolf, Ghost or Sea Thing. In the game, treats will be candy, chocolate, and gifts. Tricks will be Television, matchbox and pumpkin face. Ms. Hellms has begun to throw down things. Are you ready? Collect now.

Atomik Kaos

In Atomik Kaos, you can have a chance to be recognized worldwide by discovering the chaotic atoms. To achieve this goal, you need to conduct experiments to solve several concerns. You conduct tests by clicking one of the normal atoms to create a chain reaction. Each level has a number of maximum trials and an objective. Use the chain reaction to achieve the level mission. You can enjoy this skill game on Have fun!

Elite Base Jump

In Elite Base Jump, rules are simple--don’t be the last base jumper to touch the ground. SPACEBAR to jump and to deploy your parachute. There are initially nine explosives lying in a row on the higher sky. It is rather a game that test your time of reaction than an action game, or a race game. Be the first one who set out is not victorious, for if you keep the first place but forget to open your parachute, you will land with great hurt that may even deprive your life. Thus you should in this game, both react at properly short time span, and be secure at proper landing speed by decelerating with your parachute. Elite Base Jump is an action game on Good luck!

Bashing Pumpkins

Bashing Pumpkins is a skill game on in which you try to bash pumpkins that is destroying our world. Hundreds of jumping, jack-o-lanterns are popping up at an alarming rate of speed at various landmarks all over the world. What on earth is happening? Is this the invasion we have been expecting or some freakish pumpkin awakening? The pumpkins may appear at Alps, Pyramid, Eiffel Tower, Amazon Forest, Ancient Statue, Dinner table of ordinary people, and all other places and buildings. You can bash the pumpkins by moving your mouse over each one as they appear. Bash as many as you can before time runs out – then run for the hills. You must be very skillful because the pumpkins move and disappear so quickly. Sometimes they may fall down from the sky with parachutes. Are you ready? Have fun!

Save The Cheeseburger

Save the cheeseburger is a skill game on in which you will protect a nice cheeseburger from being eaten up by flies. Use your mouse to move your cheeseburger. There are square pieces and oval-shaped pieces floating in the air. You should try to get square pieces by moving your cheeseburger. The more square biscuits you can get, the higher score you are awarded. As for oval-shaped pieces, they are like the eggs of flies, which means they will become flies in short time. You have to avoid your cheeseburger hitting flies and their eggs, or it will be eaten up and the game will be over. Fortunately, you can endeavor to pick up a red biscuit to kill all flies. The red biscuit piece does not appear frequently. So grip the chance to get it once it appears. Try to keep your cheeseburger as long as possible. Join now!

Ultimate Hoops 2

Ultimate Hoops 2 is a sport game on The object of the game is to shoot and score the basketball into the net as many times as you can while the basketball net moves left and right. The game will continue for 10 levels which will increase the game speed. Watch out for Granny! She will try to block your shots. The basket stands beside the wall. The wall is painted with a basketball, a heart with arrow, and the face of Granny. Granny wears a pair of glasses and rabbit shoes. Her hair is completely white. She wears a T-shirt No. 23 for basketball player. And she is good at blocking your shooting. To play the game, you can simply click on the ball to shoot it at the right time. You can try it now.

Trials Dynamite Tumble

Trials Dynamite Tumble is an arcade game on The goal of this game is to try to affect as much damage as you can for the driver. There are four modes you can choose, Leap of Dynamite, Explosive Pinball, Detonation Vault and Blast Ski Jump. A bike driver will move toward a wooden slope. He drops off the bike and falls down, and then is hurt. All bumps and hits increase the damage counter. Longer jumps with bike give more damage. You can also bail out in places where you want to crash. Dynamite automatically explodes when the driver is near. Try to explode all dynamites to get maximum damage. You have three runs, now go out to hurt the driver. You can accelerate, brake, and lean left and right. The more damage you create, the higher score you can get. It’s stimulating. Are you ready? Join!

Anna Glace

In Anna Glace, you can find how interesting it is to run a ice cream center. Your mission is to serve as many orders as possible. You need to read the recipe to learn how to make strawberry chocolate chips ice cream, cherry strawberry ice cream, etc. Then you start on the cone to start making a new cream. When you have chosen all the ingredients, mix them to get the final food, and dray them to the correct demand. If you make the wrong one, throw it to the garbage bin. You need to buy new ingredients to continue your game. Enjoy this arcade game on

Xonix 3D Level Pack

Xonix 3D Level Pack, a skill game on for free, will surprise you in its relaxing way. Use W, A, S, and D or arrows to move. Cut off parts of the field to finish the level. Don’t cross your trail and collide with the balls, or you will lose life. If the ball crosses your trail, you will also get killed. Try to pick up bonuses. There’re a total of 20 levels. Would you like to challenge yourself? Let’s begin!

Barber Shop

Hey man! In Barber shop, you are on a mission to serve your customers satisfied. To do so, you should cut or wash or serve both in order with no hesitation. In this skill game, you need to be careful not to use mouse to put them in wrong places, which will waste your time and score! Hope you be a happy barber A good beginning is half done!Welcome!

Monster Sandwich

Monster Sandwich is an arcade game on in which you help the dog, Scooby to keep the sandwich’s balance. Scooby and Shaggy decide to make a monster-sized sandwich snack and then Shaggy will throw ingredients from the fridge and your task is to direct Scooby, help it go left /right with your left/right arrow-keys to avert the elements falling down from the plate. Watch out for snack-eating monster head and use down arrow to avoid its attacks. You can also use the space key to blow on the sandwich to help keeping its equilibrium. In each level there are an essential number of ingredients, complete it within the least time and you will get a high score.

Metro Siberia

Metro Siberia is a skill game on in which you need to steer a special vehicle go through the underground dangers. When the game starts, you shall navigate your vehicle through the Siberia Underground. You need to watch out for the tricky gravity. You can press space bar to add thrust to your vehicle and release it before hitting the roof. That is all you need to do…Sounds easy? Remember to watch out for obstacles in the way. Are you looking for a good score? While trying to fly as straight as possible is a bit easier, it will not result in such a high score. Try to do some daring maneuvers to receive some extra distance. Good luck!


Ballero is a skill game on in which your objective is to shoot the balls in the ring and try to connect three or more balls of the same color by getting them close to each other. Move your mouse around the current ball to select its direction. Press the left mouse button and hold it down to define the ball power. Release the left mouse to shoot the ball. Let’s hope your shot is good enough to make three or more balls of the same color that are connected. For example, if three red balls are connected, they will be destroyed. More balls connected at once, you will get more points. Two thousand bonus for level completion. If the number of the balls in the ring is greater than a given maximum of the balls for the current level then the game is over. Good luck!

Hop to Top

Hop to Top is an arcade game on in which your task is to climb as high as you can in the selected amount of time and selected ball. Once it starts, you have to choose a time and a ball. Then you can begin your game. In the process of the game, you will encounter some little balls. Some of them are good for you, which can help you to climb higher. But some of them are not, they will bring you trouble. The good ones are spring, cannon, power ball and helicopter. The bad ones are freeze, bomb and minus sports. So please look clearly and choose the good ones. Climb as high as you can but then return down and touch the floor before time runs out if you are not on the ground when the clock hits 0 then it will be your score.

The Rise Of Atlantis

The Rise Of Atlantis is an arcade game on in which you will have an opportunity to look for the treasures which will be hidden in some legendary islands. Some old people said that there used to be island in the Atlantic, but you can’t see it in the map today. That is to say that they disappeared. Once it starts, you will find that there are two soldiers in the gate of the island. They are protecting their home. There will be some different pictures in a square. You can see the head of a soldier, gemstones, helmet on the picture. And you mission is to make the three same picture in a line by using your mouse to click on them. Then you will get score and help the disappeared island to rise.

The Junk Yard

The Hunk Yard is a skill game on in which your mission is to work as a crane operator and move trashed cars, trucks and buses to the compactor. The trick is stacking the cars so that they don’t fall over. During each level you are given a weight quota of vehicles to stack and a limited time to do it in. Try to aim carefully with the crane and stack cars neatly, you will get more points by doing that. Squash the vehicles into small cubes to score. Don’t forget to maximize the power setting. Good luck!

Virus Killer

A diligent doctor tries to dart all the viruses that are in rows with his vital weapon, his syrings. Your mission is to help the doc to aim and to eliminate enemies as much as possible. Virus Killer is an action game which you can find on Here come some of the hints. Use the mouse to aim your throw. Click and hold to choose the power of your launch. Try to pop as many viruses as possible using the syring given to you each level. Aim with mouse, hold left mouse to initiate firing and charging power. Kill at least minimum target viruses to advance to next level. Use power-ups to your advantage and avoid traps. Good luck!

Cheat Master

Cheat Master is a skill game on in which you are a master of cheating in exams. It’s time to the final examinations now. But you know nothing about all these subjects: math, physics, chemistry, biology, English and geography. Yeah! You want to cheat. There are altogether 25 students in the classroom. You can click on your classmates who have an exclamation point above their head during the exams, and beware of the teacher, don’t let you be caught! Your classmates may not allow you to copy their answers. They may ask you to pay for the cheating. Sometimes some of them will ask you whether you can let them copy on you next time. So it is not easy to get a high score by cheating. If you are caught in five exams or for 5 times, the game is over. Don’t do any action when you are within the sight of your teacher. Do you want to become a Cheat Master? Try it now.

Run Jerry Run

Run Jerry Run is a classic game on in which you will help Jerry survive. As we know, Tom is a stupid cat and Jerry is a clever mouse. This game is the story about them. Tom has caught Jerry stealing a block of cheese from the fridge. You must help Jerry reach his mouse hole before Tom catches up to him. So you can tap the space bar to jump over the obstacles that come into Jerry’s path, like flower bottles, desks, slippers, metal pails, dustpan, vacuum and so on. Remember that Tom will catch Jerry if he falls five times. Jerry can collect the pieces of cheese to win points and it’s a delightful snack for Jerry. But if Jerry is caught, he will be used as a sandwich seasoning. Save Jerry from the paws of Tom. This is your only goal. Ready? Run!

The Box 3

The Box 3 is an arcade game on in which you will control a black box to avoid swallowing by a red box. There is no border. You can use the arrow keys to let your box run anywhere. As you run, the red box will chase you and become bigger and bigger. But you can pick up the shrinking item to slow down its growth. Eat the speed boost can make you move faster. Every so often, you will gain speed, even if you don’t get a speed boost. Besides, you can pick up items to make your enemy out of the screen. But he will never stop chasing you. The game is no time limited. It’s a game about endurance, and staying alive for as long as you can.


Welcome to Boost. Here you are going to speed up your ship as possible as you can. Don’t make your plane stop or you will lose the game. Get the arrow items to support the flight, and if you can hit more yellow keys in a row, you will get more points. The red key means medium boost while the laser ball gives you 500 extra points. Try to avoid the grey ball which means low speed and the black ball wich makes you do nothing. You can find this skill game on Good luck!

Hans Vs Franz

Hans VS Franz is a skill game on in which Hans and Franz will drive two tractors separately in two different colors and avoid appearing collision. There will be a pretty girl named Resi as the judge. You can choose one player mode or two player mode. If you select one player mode, you will play the game with computer. And you will be assigned a yellow vehicle and the computer is a red one. The contest starts in a clearing with many squares and the two autos leave two streaks when they move up, down left and right. You can control the directions of your tractor by operating arrow keys in your keyboard. Please try to avoid impact. When your tractor hit the wall or another auto, you will lose this round. There are altogether six levels and each level has three rounds. If you failed in successive three times, you lose to complete this level. Then Resi will come to tell you the result. When you pick two players mode, you will run the game with your partner. Is it interesting? Go ahead to do it now.

Holiday Fling

Have you ever wondered how much strength you have? Now you can test yourself in Holiday Fling, a classic game in which your mission is to help the traveler throw his suitcase as far as possible. The more kilometers you have reached, the more points you can get. Before fling, you need to build up power until you think the character can make a good cast. You can enjoy yourself in this game on Good luck!

Color Blocks

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

Totem Destroyer 2

Welcome to Totem Destroyer 2! Many new artifacts were discovered since the last expedition. We now know that some totems are more hostile to explorers, but there is always a reward. You may be curious on what is the reward, which I guess that you will figure that out by the end of the expedition. Use your mouse to click and erase the bricks lower the treasure and be careful not to make the relics drop from the plate. This skill game is on Good luck!

Shop Drop

Shop Drop is a skill game on in which you help a shopping girl to buy goods as more as possible. There is a mall street in the game. Don’t miss out on the huge sale at the mall. You shall try to pick up as many things as you can before time runs out and shop, shop, shop till you drop. At first, you can help the shopping girl pick out the perfect look for her shopping spree. You can select hairstyle, outfit and skin color for her. Then once the game starts, you will walk to the end of as many mall levels as you can before your stack of stuff falls over 3 times. You can use your mouse to move left and right for keeping balance of your stack of stuff. Add stuff to your stack by walking into the gift boxes. Pick up more stuff, like shoes, tape recorder, cage, bags, clothes and so on. The taller your stack is, the more points you will earn. Once you have the Max Stack, pick up bonus gift cards for extra points. You should check out the Shop-O-Meer to see how close you are to the end of the level. Have fun.


Quickling is an adventure game on in which you will guide a fairy to enter human lands. There is a custom in the fairy realms that a fairy has official rights to enter human lands on a special day. But the portal to the human realms is a long way from there. It’s hidden rather well so the fairies don’t get to it, but if you follow some instructions you should make eventually. At the beginning, you will have a philometer and a red gem. You can push A button to release a fiery blast that will be good protection from the fairies. The other fairies are rather pesky. They like to change shape, so it is almost impossible to tell them apart from the peaceful wildlife, and if you touch them, they teleport away in a blast of damaging magic. It is best to avoid them or scare them off with your fire gem, but if you do accidentally run into one, those purple gems in your philometer will cancel out the magic so it doesn’t hurt you. If you run out of purple gems you will have to start over. The main thing you will need to look for are the other three gemstones for your philometer. There will be other sages along the way who will be able to make them for you, but no doubt they will test your wits first. One last thing, if you see any more rune stones like the first one, be sure to activate them and they will bring you back to life if your philometer runs out. Good luck, off your go!

Remie Bad Pinball

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

Brain Follow

Brain Follow is a skill game on in which your mission is to follow the exact path the brain creature takes to reach the level end. It will challenge your brain and memory skills to the max. If you start off the path, you will fall into the pit of despair where none map return. You move slower than the brain creature, so you have to focus on where it is has gone and what turns it has taken. There are demons and other obstacles in different shapes such as abyss, snares that make your life unpleasant and following the creature’s path more difficult. As the level processes, the situation will get harder. Remember you can’t leave the path the creature has taken, you can move backwards and forwards on that path, but you can’t move off at any point. Go ahead and try to explore multifarious stages...

Ball Revamped 2

Maybe everyday you need to work with your computer, but can you master the keyboard very well? Ball Revamped is a skill game on in which your mission is to find the wrap square on each level. You need to keep the ball suspended in the air. When you have successfully done this, you can use left and right arrow keys to move. You need to be very careful and patient otherwise you are easy to fail. Try to go through more levels. Good luck!

Kick Ups

Kick Ups is a skill game on in which you try to kick a football as more as you can. When the game starts, you will see a colorful football staying on the floor. It is inside a small room with four walls. You shall use your mouse to click on the football and make it jump to the air. You must ensure that the ball will not fall down to the floor. So you should click on the football when it is in the air and keep balance. Every time you click on the football, it will change into another color, like yellow, purple, blue, green, red and so on. Go to test how many times you can kick the ball at most. Once the ball falls down to the floor, you have to restart your record. Are you clear? Have fun!

Block Drop

Block Drop is a skill game on in which your mission is to control the gem to remove all the blocks leaving only the checkered block. Blocks are removed by jumping off of them. Use the arrow keys to jump one space to the next block. Hold the shift key down while pressing an arrow key to jump two spaces. Try to avoid falling into the sea. Each level has a unique code, which you can use to return to that level anytime. The top-down view helps you navigate where some blocks might be hidden by others. Go ahead and show your jumping skill. Good luck and have fun!

Blast Passage

Play free game Blast Passage on

Crazy Nut

I sincerely hope you are not afraid of heights! Sometimes when you look down from a giddy height it is really scary! (Especially if you have no idea where you are going to be squashed!) Our crazy nut is really crazy! His dream is to jump to the highest point before he falls into the bottomless nowhere! What can I say? Just help him satisfy his death wish! Use the left and right arrow keys to move (There is really not very much space to move) and the spacebar is for jumping. Jump to the glory or jump to the death! (it is really just a hair’s difference!) Enjoy this crazy flash game Crazy Nut in our many-people-are-out-of-love-crazy-for website! You only have one life to spare, think carefully before you make that crazy jump!

Socco Fobia 3

Socco Fobia 3 is a skill game on in which your mission is to keep away the balls as long as you can meanwhile pick up special boosts such as speed item, shield item, hunt item, and freeze item. When you are close to a football, it will wear red nimbus to warn you and you’d better not touch any of the balls or you will lose your game quickly. Try your best to hold on and get more points. Good luck!

Kill Zomies

Kill Zomies is an Adventure game on in which you try to kill devils around you. You walk in a dreadful forest in darkness. There are various evils in this world, like tauren, ghost, ogre and witch. You task is to kill all of these ogres. Drag the green circle to draw a line on screen. The player will follow the line to move. The ogre can find your footprint and follow you. Try to let the ogres follow you. If the number of same type following-ogre is three, the ogres will kill each other. You can kill all ogres like this and you will win. After killing all evils, you can move to the next level. There are totally five lives for you. If you can not kill the devils quickly around you, you will be killed by them and become an angel with wings. Try it now!

Castle Smasher

Castle Smasher is a skill game on in which your mission is to destroy the castle in front of you in pieces with your cannon. You can adjust the aim direction with your mouse, and then hold the mouse button to set power level. The more you hold the button before you release to shoot, the more power you can get and the further the cannon ball can be thrown. Every time you make some damage to the fortress, you get some points and sometimes bonuses such as more bullets. Try to be a cool smasher. Have fun!

Little Shepherd

Little Shepherd is a skill game on You are a little shepherd boy, taking part in the qualifying rounds for the annual sheep herding competitions. You must take all your sheep into the fence before the time expires. You steer the shepherd with your mouse. Look out for all those dangerous things over there. If any of your sheep would die you will need to replay the level. When the game starts, you will herd the sheep on grassland with several trees. There may be road and lakes on the map. If your sheep fall into water, you will lose them. If your sheep is killed by wolves, you will also need to start over. And there are trucks, cars, and buses in the road. Watch out! Do it now.


Jump, which is an action game on Jumping is the act of propelling oneself upwards, using one’s own power, into the air, and then returning back to the same surface. Tarzan can jump very high and far, because he was living in the jungle, but now he walks to the ocean, he is trying to jump to the other ships, so he needs your help. Would you like to help him?

Park Your Ride Vegas

In Park Your Ride Vegas, you are training to get a job in a well known Valet Parking company called ‘Drive’s Valet Parkin’ . The driver must pass the following parking/driving tests to earn their valet license. Good luck. You have to use arrows keys to move your car. Try to master your car skillfully, or you will waste time and get less points. Lead your car to the marked parking places. Park Your Ride Vegas is a skill game, which can be found on Have fun!

Island Fishing

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

Bat Out Of Hell

Bat Out of Hell is an arcade game on in which you will help a band give complete performance at a grass arena. The band is playing music and a white and black puppy is guitarist. The music is touching. But unfortunately black spiders and bats escaped from the hell. They move slowly toward the band and want to attack the players. Our band still doesn’t know anything about the danger and nobody has time to notify the band. So the situation is urgent. You have to drive away the spiders and bats and create a safe environment for the performance. You can drag the spiders to the lower left angle so that a spider king will eat those small escaping spiders up. Drag the bats to the upper right door so that they will be burnt out by hell fire. If you can ensure the safety of our band within a time limit, you win the game. If the band is attacked for four times, the game is over. Don’t hesitate! Do it now!

Super City Adventure

Super City Adventure is an adventure game on in which you help Chris get to his company as soon as you can. Chris is late to the studios! Get him there before he gets fired, and beware of the angry New Yorkers! You can use the space bar to get him jump over obstacles. Once the game starts, Chris will set out from a telephone booth. During his adventure, he may encounter cuttlefish, cars, trucks, archer, mouse, music band and so on. Avoid hitting them by jumping. Once Chris hits one of the obstacles, the game is over. So go to help him now.

Power Pool

Here in Power Pool, an arcade game on, you are going to score as many points as possible by shooting balls. The game looks like a mini billiards game, but it doesn’t have so many complicated rules as the real billiards game does. You just click and drag to set power and direction, and then release to shoot. You can play a shot at any time—you don’t have to wait until the balls stop. Don’t sink the cue ball, and you can activate many effects with it, such as split all the red balls into three small ones, turn into a pinball bumper and explodes. Good luck!

The Bar 1

The Bar is an arcade game on in which you will work at a pub and act as a bar tender and doing your best to meet your customer’s demands. Here you face a bar counter. And there are many kinds of drinks, such as the beer, whisky, cola etc. In the process, your customer will appear from the right side of screen. In the rectangle next to the customer will show this customer’s demand. According to his or her demands, you should offer the beer or brew the drink correctly as soon as possible. You can offer the blue or the green bottle of beer to your customer directly. Besides, you can also click the cup and put them under the machine. Press the button to fill up it. There is a time counter at the left side of the upper screen. Manage your time.

Bubble Cherry

Bubble Cherry is an arcade game on in which you try to catch as more flowers as you can within one minute. The goal of the game is to get a flower into a bubble. When the game starts, you will be holding a device to release bubbles in the forest. It is in spring and all the trees are blooming. Numerous small flowers fly in the air in the breeze. Try to catch the flowers into bubbles to make beautiful scenes. Once you can catch a flower by a bubble, you can get ten points. Unfortunately there are also many flies in the air. Once you catch one fly, your points will be deduced by 20. So you must avoid hitting the flies. You can use your mouse to move your device and click to release bubbles. Go ahead.

Boulder Basher

Monsters are here to destroy your village with their boulders. You have the magic powers of drawing the protection lines to bounce the boulders right back at the goblins. Best of luck in the boulder bashing deflecting the boulders back at the monsters who are trying to bash your village


In this game, you control a small encircled vessel of cube which kill you if you touch them! The goal is to avoid longest possible all these cubes to gain a maximum of points which one gains with the fur is with measurement of the advance of the play. The keys are simple: fl?ch?es keys gache and right-hand side to make turn the vessel and P to put the pause! Good play!

Refriger Raiders

Refriger Raider is a skill game on in which you can choose the character between Jerry and Tom. If you choose Jerry, just move him by using the arrow keys. Pick up and drop food like apple, cherry, cake or some other things to hungry Nibbles with the space bar. The higher the drop, the more points you’ll earn. Be careful, try to avoid Tom’s attack by throwing the balls at you, if he hits you three time, it’s game over. If you choose Tom, your mission is to throw water balloons at Jerry and Nibbles by pressing space bar. You can only miss five times. Go ahead and show your smart skill. Good luck and have fun!

Lucky Coins

Welcome to Lucky Coins, an arcade game on Here your mission is to make as many points as possible by guiding the small ball to hit as many items as possible. Once started, the ball will fall down to hit objects such as stars, hooks, plants which will award you different points. When the sphere is at the launching point, you’d better choose the direction that is best for it to bounce longer, and then shoot it to see how lucky you are. Good luck!


Play free game Torturomatic on

Helicopter Game

Helicopter Game is a skill game on in which you are in control of a mini helicopter to go through a long channel. When the game starts, you must click and hold left mouse button to go up and release to go down. The channel is a little narrow. You can not hit its ceiling and its floor, or the plane will crash. There are a number of green cubic rocks standing in the air of the channel. You shall steer the helicopter to avoid hitting these obstacles. Once your gunship crashes, the game is over. Try to fly as long as you can for your best score. You can practice it many times to gain some skills. Are you ready? Play it now.

Shot A Dolphin

The object of the game is to take your best shot as you can. You only have 60 seconds time limit to take a shot, after that you will see the result.

Wheelie Car

Wheelie Car is a sport game on You can select your favorite styles and colors of your racing car. Make use of your UP key to accelerate and press Down key to brake. You can use the left and right arrow keys to lean forwards and backwards. And you will start your car in a city road. Tall buildings stand high in your nearby area. But never lose attention for that. You must win the car race. Some special rules are set here. There are several black-and-white lines in this road. When you cross these lines, you must lean backwards and lift the head of your car up. Don’t let it down until you cross the second lines and finish it. If you don’t drive your racing car in this way, you will lose the game. So it’s a chance to challenge your skill. Is it interesting? Try it now!

Battle Of The Bands

Battle of The Bands is a skill game on in which you will play music by yourself. Have you dreamed to become a guitar player, a pianist, or a singer? Do you admire the music stars in stages? This is your chance. You can build your won band and have your own performance in this game. When the game starts, you can simply choose a bass guitarist for your band from the players list. Then choose a track from the music list. The harder the track the trickier it gets and the more points you win. Then it starts. You will see a number of musical notes rolling down from the track in order. You must use certain keys to hit the notes in time to the music. If you let the crowd atmosphere fall too low you will be booed off stage. The more notes you hit in a row the more points you will earn. Play it now.


Use your mouse to control the eater?s direction. Let the eater get the right food showed in the right corner of the screen while do not touch others.

Llama in your Face

An extremely funny skill game on, Llama in Your Face will bring you great joy. Now you are the bouncing Llama. Zoo visitors don’t respect your privacy. Defeat them by spitting on them. Use the mouse to aim. Click to spit. Wave the cursor to collect the money that visitors drop down. Use the money to upgrade your capabilities. What are waiting for? Let’s teach the visitors a lesson!

Don't Let Go

Don’t Let Go, which is a skill game on Usually we can heard this when someone is leaving somebody "don’t go", in this game, which is the same meaning as that. Seems easy, but actually not! You have to make your mouse following the small bean, and can not let your mouse leave it, otherwise you have to replay the game. So now, we can pretending the bean is your mouse’s lover, so they have to stick together, right? Be careful, do not let your lover run away and leave you...

Elite Forces Warfare

Play free game Elite Forces Warfare on


Abeillozor is an arcade game on in which your will become a bee who is very hard to work. Once it starts, you will be located in a flower. You can use the arrows keys to move. But unfortunately, you will encounter many enemies. They are spiders, dragonfly and Ladybug. When you touch them, your flies will become red and die. So you must do your best to avoid them. You can use the space key to fire at them. If you kill them, you will get score. The more score you get, the better you will be. When you come to level two, you will encounter mosquito which are very big. And also the hand of people will give you danger.

Inten Sub

Inten Sub is a shooting game on in which you control a submarine to shoot torpedoes in blue ocean. You can select four modes, easy, normal, hard and brutal. Click your left mouse button and hold it to shoot out bullets. A number of enemy ships are floating over your head. They frequently release bombs into the sea. So you have to move left and right for avoiding hitting those bombs. Once your submarine is shot by a bomb, your health will decrease. Try to eliminate enemy boats as more as possible. You may also collect items to become invincible or recover your health. Practice your skill in easy mode. And have a fierce challenge in brutal mode. Go to fight now!

Factory Balls 2

Factory Balls 2 is an interesting puzzle game. In this game, you become a ball designer; you should follow the requirement to make balls. You can see a big rolling box which full of white balls, that is the original ball for you to do some design. You should firstly use your mouse to drag a white ball in to the design zone, and then you will see a box with a picture under your ball, you should paint or design the ball just the same as the picture. You will see different paints or other items (like water, see, glass, belt and so on), they will help you to change the white ball into what they required. The most difficult point is that you have to complete it step by step, so if any step is wrong, or confuse, you should re-design that, if you can’t do anything with the wrong one, you can drag it into the garbage can (on the right side of your screen). And then re-drag a white ball to the design zone. After complete a ball, you will get a new kind of ball to complete. Remember, if all of the white balls in the box are used out, your game is over.

Secret Kisses

Secret Kisses is a funny skill game on in which your mission is to get the couple to kiss without being seen. Jenny is a beautiful girl in the town. She and her boyfriend have fallen in love with each other for a long time. They will finally have their first date. She has always dreamed of kissing him, but they would be embarrassed if anyone saw them. You are the right person who will help them. To do so, keep the mouse’s left button pressed down until the bar is full. There are five hearts on the top right corner of the screen. If they were seen once, there would be lost one heart. Avoid being seen by others. Good luck!


Sheriff is a skill game on in which you will have to shoot different objects that appear in the screen. As a sheriff, you must select food for the people. There are only four kinds of fruits that are wanted. They are watermelon, orange, pear and tomato. But there are a number of other food and fruits also appearing in the screen. You can shoot the wanted objects to get a high score. If you shoot the wrong objects, you score will decrease. The objects may be ice cream, bread, coffee, cake, typewriter, mushroom, milk, hamburger, and so on. You must shoot the four right ones. Try to get a high score within time limit. Click the left mouse button to shoot. Yes, it is easy to play. But you must be skillful for the objects fall down so quickly, or you score is probably a negative number. Don’t you believe it? You can try it now.

The Coffee Story

The Coffee Story is an arcade game on which is a real coffee-time game. When you take lap-top with you and grab a cup of coffee at Starbucks or any other places, this game would be your first choice to relax. At the background of warm colors, you lead the man to find out where the missing coffee cup is. Find out clickable areas and keep moving, there is only one way to get coffee cup, it’s clear that you can not miss it. A cup of coffee time is enough for you to play the game. Enjoy your real coffee and game coffee both!


Welcome to Squeez, a skill game which can be found on There is a fragile ball under your mouse control. It is you that are in charge of keeping it safe and sound. There comes the walls and between them, the gaps will lead your way. Follow the gap in order not to collide onto it. You can do this! Good luck! And have fun.

Where My Pants!

Don't let No-Pants Ned get caught with his pants down in this game--help him make it through town without being seen in his underwear.

Tennis Smash

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

Make Happy Umbrella Man

Welcome to Happy Umbrella Man! Here you will discover how useful umbrella will be!. To start the game, you draw a line on the blue sky by clicking and holding the mouse button, and the unbrella can have fun by hanging from lines you have drawn. Avoid hitting obstacles such as pyramid, Big Ben, Eiffel Tower, ships and the Statue of Liberty—they will make you fall and the umbrella man will not happy. Eat bonuses such as donuts, apples, milk to get more energy. This skill game can be found on Good luck!

Dwarves Escape

Dwarves Escape is a skill game in which you are on a mission to help the two dwarves escape the dragon on board with the amazing yellow flying object. Use the left click of the mouse or the bar of space to make steal the vessel and avoid the obstacles such as mountain, peaked rocks, and other dangerous objects. You can find this skill game on Good luck and have fun with the game!

Mower Move

Have fun in Mower Move, a skill game of address proposed by Help the boy to mow grass without breaking its superb vehicle on one of the many obstacles which encumber the pre one. You with the arrows left direct and right-hand side of the keyboard, use the arrow top to make a small jump and the bar of space for a great jump

Taekwondo Show

It is a Taekwondo Show game! Taekwondo is a sport needs strength and skill. A good taekwondo show is worthy of watching. In this sport game, there is no certain rule. You press the space bar at some time point to get start, the bigger time, the more power which means you will get more points. To upgrade level, you need to accomplish the task points which are sum points of the 6 rounds. You can play this game on Have fun!


Have you ever watched some clown show in circus? Those clowns are versatile—they can do almost all the crazy actions in the world! Now you have a chance to help them perform better, will you take it? Clowns is a skill game on in which your mission is to help those little guys get the balloons. The only instrument you have is a seesaw, so you need to make the two characters jump in turn to get the balloons hung in the air. You can move the seesaw to the proper place and change the clown’s jump angle in order to get some certain height. You can do this. Have fun!

Jellyfish Jive

Jellyfish Jive is an adventure game on in which you try to help a little fish go through the seabed full of jellyfish. The objective of the game is to swim to the end as quickly as possible while avoiding hitting the dangerous jellyfish. You can hold down the right arrow key to go forward and the up and down keys to move vertically. Collect as many perfumes and retain as much energy as possible for bonus points. Once the little fish is stung by jellyfish, its energy will decrease. If its energy is run out, it dies and the game is over. A crab will guide the little fish to move on. You must control the fish to reach the destination within the time limit. Good luck!

Hotel Parking

Play free game Hotel Parking on

Fly Sui

Fly Sui is a skill game on in which you use the chopsticks to catch some flies. Once the game starts, you can move your mouse from side to side to aim the fly around the bowl and press the left mouse button to catch it. Here is a time counter at the right upper corner. Each time you have catch a fly successfully, you will add one precious second to your time countdown. In addition, those flies are flying in a very faster speed. Even you have failed in the limit time; you can restart it once again. “Man who catches flies with chopsticks can accomplish anything!” Will you be the first one to pass the whole challenge?

Fairy Fishing

Fairy Fishing is a skill game on in which you are in control of the gnome to catch as more fairies as possible by fishing within the time limit. It is in a evening and the gnome sits in a cart on a bridge. Below the bridge is a clean river with numerous pretty fairies flying around it. You can use the mouse to guide the gnome along the bridge. Position yourself over the fairies and mouse click to drop the fishing hook. Try to collect the required amount of fairies to move to the next level. Watch out for the Queen fairy, she will do her best to save any fairy caught on your hook. You should choose wisely for a larger bonus. Some fairies are worth more than others. Yellow fairy has the least value, while a queen fairy has the most value. You should be very skillful. Good luck!

Love Letter

You decide to write a letter to the one you love so much. But hardly started, a cloud of cockroach starts to annoy you. You must kill a maximum by clicking above with the point of the pen.

Monkey Taxi

Monkey Taxi is a drive skill game. In this game your task is to guide Arthur around the city, and pick up five people along the way, and take them to their destination in the fastest possible time. But watch out for the police, if they catch you, you have to play again. You can press the Space Bar to drive the taxi, and press the Left arrow key to turn left, press the Right arrow key to turn right, press the Down arrow key to back your car. Be careful, you should avoid the police cars (they will arrest you) and pick up the passengers one by one. When you have all 5 passengers, you should dash to the finish line on the south bank. Ready? Good luck!!

Tower Defence The Canyon

Play free game Tower Defence The Canyon on

Sheep Reactions

How fast are your reactions ? Click the tranquilizer button whenever you see a sheep leaving the flock and running for freedom. There are five sheep to stop. But be warned, there's a 3 second penalty if you shoot a dart when no sheep are running. With this funny small game, you can make a test of your reactions.


Tobby, which is a skill game on You are a very nice friend, Tobby, and you have a good friend named Ronnie, but he borrowed too much money from the usury for buying luxury goods for his girlfriend and he could not pay them back. So the usury ordered a gangster to kill him. The way they treating him is tie him up with a rocket, when time is up, Ronnie will shooting out with the rocket. To being his good friend, you got the duty to save him, what you need to do is put out the fire for him, we will afford you the fire extinguishers, you just have to aim at the fire, then you can save his life. You can do it, hero Tobby!

Blobs 1

Blobs is an arcade game on in which you can feel funny and relax. You need to shoot the blobs in this game. There is a red blob at the top of the screen, click it and drag ball to fire. At first, a little blobs appear, try your best to hit all of them. The blobs you hit will disappear. But another blob will appear. And it will become more and more. Only the bottom blob can be hit. If you hit one blob, you can get 10 points. If the blobs reach the top of the screen, it means game over. As time goes on, the increase of the blobs will become faster. Try your best to get more points.

Towering Forever

Towering Forever is a fighting game on where your mission is to defend the Tree of Life from the invading robots by building defensive towers or bashing them to bits. In every level you need to kill certain number of enemies so that you can survive the stage. After that you can upgrade your tower defensive power and your own body strength. The tower can be upgraded three times. When attacking the enemies, you can do pounding or launching which are powerful tricks to defeat your foes. Good luck!

Top Bun

Wallace and Gromit are always the best partner, depending on the super smart dog, they have finish many tasks which seems impossible to achieve. This time, in Top Bun, Baker Bob has been murdered, but the daily bread supply cannot be cut, in this case, Wallace and Gromit bake the products that Baker Bob used to make so that people don’t go hungry. Keep baking the bread and cakes and then donuts, you can accomplish every stages by earning more points by which you can upgrade your kitchen your oven and making your bakes more delicious. This action game is on Good luck!

Magic Library

Magic Library, which is a skill game on Some people believe in magical but some people not, everyone have their words for magic. And you, a curious person, you do believe in magic. You heard from your grandfather that there is a magic library in the town, but the magic only shows in the midnight. You decided to take an adventure and take a look there. When you light up the library with your candles, suddenly there are some alphabets falling from the ceiling, your duty is type those alphabets by your keypad. Let’s see what happen...

Providence 2

Providence is a shooting game on Here your mission is to clear all the enemies in the stage. The robot will face many bombs coming in lines, try not to touch any of them or you will be hurt and lose health. If you use up the health, you die. There are also many bullets coming down from the sky, and you need to avoid them too. You can change your laser guns if necessary. Try to summit the score. Good luck!

Rope Jumping

In winter, one of the most popular sports for girls is rope jumping, which can build body. Have you ever played it on the computer? Rope Jumping is a skill game on in which your mission is to control your player to jump with the rope. Actually it is a very easy game, but not everyone can perform well, because your player is easy to be tripped down by the rope if he doesn’t follow the rhythm. So you need to make your player jump at the proper time, and too early or too late a jump will lead to failure. Good luck!


This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

Windows Cleaner

A nice Koreen game in which you must wash the windows without being touched by people who open these windows. Use the spacebar to wash and arrow keys to move.

Bubble Fairy

Bubble Fairy is an adventure game on in which you will be a fairy to rescue your friend. Your best friend has been fairy-napped by the devil. He has caught your little friend inside a magical bubble and left her in one of hells deepest caves. You have managed to track him down and have to now rescue her by getting her back to the land of fairies where the spell can be broken. As your friend can no longer use her wings, you have to use yours in order to get her out, but of course no rescue would be a rescue without a few challenges in the way… there are many spikes and sharp blades inside the cave. You have to push the bubble carefully inside which your friend is caught. Once the bubble hits spikes, her health will decrease. There are also some traps and tricks in the cave. Avoid touching them and go through the deep long cave correctly. Good luck!

Hedgehog Challenge

Hedgehog Challenge is a skill game on in which you try to help a hedgehog jump as high as possible. It is on the ground of the forest. Deer, rabbits, bears and other animals are all playing and searching for food. The clearing of the forest is fully covered with fallen leaves. There are numerous trees and they block off the sunshine. A little hedgehog wants to get to the high position of the trees and get food and see the sun. There many wooden floors floating in the air. You can use arrow keys to move the hedgehog and press the spacebar to make it jump onto the floor one by one. Try to keep the hedgehog spinning. You can create a chain of ascending combos to get even more score. Once the hedgehog falls down to the ground, the game is over.


Have fun in MonkeyMetric, a game of skill available on Help the monkey to save his family from a volcanic eruption across all levels. Point your character with the arrow keys or the keys "WASD" and press the spacebar to activate switches. Use Q to toggle quality. High in the treetops of this world, lives a family of monkeys. Their peace is threatened by a volcano eruption! The bravest of the monkeys sets out to try and stop it... What will he achieve? That is upon you. Have fun!

Shopping Cart Hero

Welcome to Shopping Cart Hero! You are taking the cart out of the supermarket, and somehow pull it to the edge of a slope. Fond of interesting tricks in x-sports you are going to have a cool dash right up from the top of it. You can press RIGHT ARROW KEY before you gain the acceleration and the speed by the slope, and then press UP ARROW KEY to jump into the shopping cart and jump by pressing the UP ARROW KEY again at the proper time, to leap. The score is given considering the distance you leap and tricks you doing on the cart in the air. This action game can be found on Good luck!

Bullet Bill 2

Bullet Bill 2 is a skill game on in which you are in control of a shot bullet and try to go as far as possible. Once the game starts, a bullet will be shot out by cannon. This bullet will fly forward in the air, but it may hit walls or some obstacles on its way and stop for that. Clouds are laughing at it. Your task is to move the bullet around and avoid hitting walls by using your mouse. You must be very careful for the bullet will fly in a high speed and there are many blocks and obstacles here and there. Once you lose your attention, the bullet will be stopped by something and fall down to ground. But it can penetrate through some thin bricks. You will control it to get to the flag at the end and finish the level. You many also need to finish some underwater and underground levels. Do you want to know more? Join it.


Alcazar is a skill game on in which you must good at jump and control the direction. In this game, you are a very thin athlete. Face a blue tall wall, your task is to reach as high floor as you can. Use the space bar to jump and land on platforms, to reach the top of each floor. When you complete 10 floors, you move on to the next stage. You gain 100 points at the first time you land on the platform, but the second you lose 10 points. The platform with different design has different effect, they may be normal 、disappearing、fragile and spring jump. And you can also get the colored buttons to land on the platform of that color. If you want to get a good score, you need practice again and again.


Orbular is a skill game on in which your mission is to hit down all the small spheres above and earn as many points as possible. There are different game modes, so you can choose how difficult the game will be according to your own ability. The rule is easy. You use your paddle to bounce the big ball, so that it will jump to hit the small balls above. You get points by bouncing those falling balls, and the more balls you bounce, the more points you get. Don’t let the bigger ball fall off the game area, thus results in losing lives, and the given lives reduce as you enter an advanced level. Good luck!

Wall Rider

Wall Rider is an exciting skill game on in which your objective is to race your crystal ball along the wall without falling it off. All you have to do is to accelerate with the left button. Steer left and right with the mouse. Try to collect a line of green pickups for a five second bonus. Finishing the lap will be awarded extra time. Watch out, sometimes the wall is very dangerous, especially at the blind bends. Of course, there are three modes for you to choose: easy, medium and hard. Get the highest score you can before your time runs out. Good luck and enjoy yourself!

Fishing Champion

Welcome to Fishing Champion. Here you will become a fishing master. There are six fishing holes and each has its cash catch goal which means how much money at least you need to earn to pass the level. There are many fishes such as salmon, catfish, big mouth bass and rainbow trout, try to fish as many as you can as better to fish the bonuses fish. You click the fishing rod to activate your power meter. The more the farther. Release your mouse to cast your tackle out and wait until some fish being hooked. You can find this game on Good luck!

ET Smash

ET Smash is a very wonderful action game. In this game, you become an evil alien bent on the destruction of humans, and you will drive a huge car with a big hammer. And your target is to use this hammer to smash all the human being, tanks, army, and fighters. So, kill, destroy and damage as much of a city as possible! Your primary objective is to see how far you can get through the city before your time runs out. For each level you have a limited time to travel a minimum distance, as levels progress the enemy gets tougher and the traveling distance increases!! You can press the arrow keys to move, and use your mouse to swing your weapon and attack the humans. Move weapon up and down over enemy and objects to destroy them!! You can click your left mouse button to grab things (for the claw weapon). Have fun, it is incredible powerful!!!

Tobby Balloon

Tobby Balloon, which is a skill game on Tobby is a very cute dog, he loves to traveling and look around by his balloon. The game will offer you a big fan to make to balloon up, and not let the balloon touch to the top and the sharp things. Tobby is a lovely dog, isn’t he? So we can not let him fall down and we need to keep his life and past it step by step. Best of luck!

Save The Goldfish

Your roommate is grabbing goldfishes from your fishbowl and tossing them into a hot skillet. You job is to save them before they become so hot that they are cooked to a crisp. You should click and hold the mouse to grab those goldfishes and then release the button to drop them back to the water.

Mouse Run

Mouse Run is a skill game on in which you help a white mouse to survive as long as possible under the chase of a yellow cat. When the game starts, you will see these two animals on a clean ground with only several wooden boards. The cat considers the little mouse as its nice dinner. You can use your mouse to move the mouse in the game around. The cat may release bombs to create a big explosion at the center. It may also shoot out laser to kill the mouse. So you must be very careful to dodge all the dangers and attacks from the enemy. The yellow cat is very skillful and cute. It may suddenly jump towards the white mouse so quickly that you have no time to react. It is up to you to protect the mouse. Are you ready? Join it.

Stylish Boy

Always, girls are the under the spotlight of fashion, have you ever imagined that boys can enjoy the same? Stylish Boy is a game of dress up clothing. Dress the young man with style by choosing hair style, pants, shoes and accessories. This game is played entirely with the mouse. You can make your ideal man after a few minutes’ efforts. At the end you can print your creation. Stylish Boy is a skill game, available on, have fun and enjoy!


Twiddlestix is an arcade game on in which you will control a wooden stick and let it move to another part of lake. Once the game starts, you are facing with a small lake. The lake is dividing into some parts. Your wooden stick is appearing from the dry well. Use the arrow keys to move the stick. And don’t let the stick touch the border of the lake or stuck at the middle lake. You have totally 3 lives. Try to pass the stage in a short time as possible. So you can get extra bonus.

Hide Needs Sake

Your objective is to collect 5 bottles of Japanese sake for hide. If you pick the wrong kind of drink, the game finished immediately and hide?d punch on your face. In contrast, he?s give you reward if you can finish your job.

Ball Trap

Ball Trap is an arcade game on in which you place the balls in their respective placeholders. There are five levels in this game, they are level 1 to level 5, choose the level you want to play, then the game start. There are two rectangular box on the screen, blue box on the left and red box on the right, many little blue balls and red balls are floating and balls can come into another box by going through a hole between the two boxes. Your mission is to place the balls in their respective placeholders, red ones in red placeholder and the blue ones in blue placeholder. You can adjust the slider to pass the balls. If all the balls go to the corresponding position, you will get into the next level.

The Lady Bug

The Lady Bug is a skill game on in which you try to help a poor ladybug on the grass to survive as long as possible. When the game starts, there is a poor ladybug walking on the grass land. You can use your mouse to move it around. Quickly there will be numerous other garden insects appearing on the grass. They move up and down, left and right. Once the lady bug hits one of the other insects, the game is over. So you must move the ladybug consecutively to avoid being hit. Other insects may be cockroach, cricket, locust, and so on. They all move at very high speed. So be careful and use your mouse to play. The longer you can stick, the more points you can get. Good luck!

Big Bobs Burger Joint

Do you know how things operated in the kitchen of a fast-food joint? Try Big Bobs Burger Joint, and begins your day as a chef. In this arcade game on, your mission is to prepare all the items on the order ticket. To begin your task, you need to pull down a tray, and remember the place drinks such as cola, Sprite on its right side, while fries go in the middle and burgers on the left. Don’t mistake the position, or you will have to throw away the snacks, and that’s awful. To make burgers, you need a big bun, ketchup, mustard, pickles, onions, a big burger and a slice of cheese. You need to follow several steps to cook burgers and fries. If you are stuck, take recipe book as reference. Don’t let your customers wait too long, or they will be unhappy and leave. The stars at the bottom show how happy your customers are, and the less stars the unhappier they are. The clock keeps track of your day. Have fun!

Receptionists Revenge

As a receptionist, you must have been scolded by your boss in the office hour. Now here comes your chance to take revenge. The boss is out with his secretary, so it’s your opportunity to slip into his office and spicing up his coffee. Click anywhere on the screen to add things in his cup and keep clicking so as to add nasty things in it. But be careful not to be noticed by your boss or you will be fired. You can find this skill game on Enjoy!

Digital Tunnel

Digital Tunnel, which is a skill game on We ever play the game is using an iron bar and through the electric space, if the iron bar touched to electric space, you will get an electric shock. In this game is using the same principle. But the mouse is insteading the iron bar, press start, then you can see the arrow head is between the space, use your mouse and through the space carefully, otherwise you will get an electric shock here. Best of luck!

Interface Escape

Interface Escape is an adventure game on The aim of the game is to get Top Secret Kid to the end of each level. Get him there by jumping from platform to platform, until you reach the final wormhole. Move mouse over Radar Unit to set angle and power. You can click to launch! Check your angle and power settings before launch. Your radar unit remembers the last two jumps you made for each platform. Use it to help you win the game. The mini TSK head shows you made that jump successfully before. The red dot shows you did not make that jump. Another symbol means you hit the airbrakes on the jump. The status bar tells you some of the most important things in the game. Study it at all times. You can double click to use your emergency airbrakes. Top secret kid will drop straight down. There are also many hazards, like laser basin, fire basin and laser shooting. You can collect Knuggs and flying Katras in the game for extra points. If you hit a flying Katra and successfully make your landing, you will get even more points. You can get bonus points based on how well you make each jump. Good luck!

Soda Man

Play free game Soda Man on

Bug in Trouble

Bug in Trouble is a skill game on in which you try to save ladybugs in dangers. You can play this game with your friend. Once the game starts, there will be a red bug and a yellow bug appearing in the screen. They all have seven lives respectively. Unfortunately, four metal balls roll across the board and move irregularly in the screen. They try to crush the bugs. Once you hit one of the balls, you will lose a life. You can control one bug and your friend controls another one. The one who runs out of all lives of a bug first will lose in the game. So try to keep the bugs alive. Are you ready? Have fun!

Burger Restaurant 2

Burger Restaurant 2 is a classic game on in which you will open you own burger restaurant. There is a desk in the front of your snack bar for the customers’ wait. You can click on the oven for bread. When the bread is ready, take it out of the oven. Then grill a burger by clicking on the stack of burgers and put the grilled meat on the bread. The last step is to get ketchup. After you do all these, a good hamburger is completed. Serve it to the customer. If you made a mistake, you can throw it away. The customer will pay for your food. Don’t let the customer wait for too long, or they will leave with anger. Different customers have different requirements on the hamburger, so you should pay attention to their specific demand. Offer right food to right customer. You restaurant will be decorated beautifully with wooden floor and clean tables. And you shall earn more and more money as time goes on. Do you want to try? Join it.

Khan Kluay Kids War

Can you imagine how do people fight against each other without pistols, guns, tanks, cannons, missiles or nuclear weapons? Well, they just send elephants to the enemy’s camp! What a creative idea! In the flash game Khan Kluay Kids War presented by our world famous website, you can just play with your friends or play against the computer to explore the destructive power of elephants! Your aim is to send as many elephants as you can to destroy your enemies. (You can also use the expression “tramp them down” if you like.) You can choose the mode of winning freely. (Reach the target score or have a higher score than your opponent when time is up.) Remember ivory, sword, ring and coconut can make your elephants more powerful!

Cursor Love Bunny

Cursor Love Bunny is an arcade game on in which you should pay more patience and more cautious to play the game. Once the game starts, you are face to beautiful scenery: the blue sky and an endless lea which can bring you to peaceful. Here is an outline of a rabbit at the center of the screen. At the end of the outline are some cute bunnies. If you love these hairy rabbits and want to get close to them, just start your way. Move your mouse follow the contour lines and avoid go out of the line. Here is a time counter at the center of the outline. When you have failed to finish the challenge the screen will become red and shown a message to you “You are not love the bunny!” Below the sentence are the time you have spent and the percentage that you have finished the contour line of the rabbit.

Jump Cat

Jump Cat is an Arcade game on in which a lovely little cat is running on green grass. This gray cat with stripes may hit rocks, trees, and other obstacles when it is running, so you shall try to let it jump over these barriers. Once the cat hit one obstacle, it will lose a life. And it has three lives in total. When you run out of its three lives, the game will end. You can select different ways to play it, like using arrow keys, keys combination or your mouse. When using mouse, you shall move the mouse left and right to guide Jump Cat. Hold down the left mouse button to power up a jump. Release the left mouse button to unleash the jump. Hold the left mouse button for longer will make jump-cat jump higher. Avoid everything by moving and jumping and last as long as you can. The longer distance this lovely cat runs for, the higher score you can get. Join in now.


Iskate is a sport game on in which you will go skating. In this game, your goal is to pick up as many presents as you can. It is very cold on the skating rink, so to keep warm, you must pick up mugs of hot chocolate as they appear. But be quick, because the mugs are so hot that they will soon melt through the ice and leave a hole behind. It is a good idea to avoid the holes, or you may fall in. If the COLD—O—METRE drops to zero, you will get too cold to skate and lose one turn. Don not worry, you have 5 turns before the game is over. If you hit a wall, you will fall down, but all that you lose is a little time. To skate, press the UP arrow. The longer you press up, the faster you will go. To turn right, press the RIGHT arrow key. Note that you will need to have some forward momentum in order to turn. To brake, press the DOWN key.

Insane Aquarium

Bigger size usually means better power. This principle is also applied to the fish world. In Insane Aquarium, a skill game in which you will find this truth well. As a clown fish, your mission is to eat smaller fishes to grow. When you have enough strength, you can eat bigger fish such as owl-like fish. The bar under the bottom of the screen shows you what fish type you can eat. Sometimes there are bonuses to increase your speed, to shield you so that you can eat any fish, and to give you extra life—don’t miss them. Pearls will appear randomly and can speed your growth, but be careful when it closes. This game is on Good luck!

Potato President

Now you can create your own president in Potato President. Here you can change his hair style, more hair or bald, or just some on the top of the skull, is up to you. You can also decide the hair color, the eye shape, the face expression, the ear shape, the nose shape, the lip shape and color, the objects in his hand and the shoes. There are a lot of choices for you and you can turn a ordinary potato into a handsome, humorous or whatever president. You can enjoy this arcade game on Have fun!

Football Fan

You are playing the role of a football fan who is seeking for a free seat before the beginning of the match and without encumber. You can choose between 9 countries which you want to support, the sex of our personage, and what it holds in his hands (sandwitch, drinks.....). All being played has the mouse by maintaining its equilibre by deplacant it towards the right-hand side and the left and while clicking to make a jump for eviter the obstacles, the feet and the various objects which are in the driving staircase has our place.

Hedgehog Launch

Hedgehog Launch is a shooting game on in which you will shoot out hedgehogs by a sling. The game is related to a letter from President of Minovia Cay. It tells you that your background in the physical sciences has more than qualified you to participate in Minovia’s space program. You are needed to send national mascot into space… more precisely the Minovia Hedgehog. In the game, you can pull back on launcher with mouse to toss hedgehog. Use left and right keys to steer. When the hedgehog is in the air, you must collect cash and hit platforms to earn upgrades. First few launches may be terrible. You can keep practicing to get better. At the first time, you will be given some money to buy rockets, radar, launcher, or parachute, as you wish. Afterwards you can buy what you want and like by paying the money you have earned in the game. Join to be a patriot right now!

Double Tetris

Double Tetris is a skill game on in which you try to play two Tetris at the same time. You can select different initial falling speed from 1 to 10. Once the game starts, you will see two groups of Tetris starting at the same time. But you only have one group of control keys to change the shape of the bricks and put them down in the best position. You can use arrow keys to play. You will have to take care of both sides. But sometimes you find a shape change or a positioning may be good for this Tetris group and bad for that Tetris group. So you have to adjust the contradiction and find out the best solution that is good to both sides. Once one of the falling Tetris bricks hit the roof of its playing field, the game is over. The more rows of Tetris you can remove, the more points you can obtain. Are you ready? Have fun.

Antarctic Racer

Welcome to Antarctic Racer! Here you can guide the penguin to ski. The rule of this skill game is very simple—control the penguin with your left and right arrows so that he can catch as many fishes as he can without hitting obstacles such as pine trees and boxes. Try to avoid everything expect fishes because hitting wastes your time. Different colored weevers give you different scores, so try not to miss any of them. You are racing against time, so try to speed up. Enjoy it on Have fun!

Boat Rush 3D

Boat Rush 3D is a sport game on in which you will steer your own motor boat to take part in boating race. Sunshine, green islands, blue water of a gulf and a speed-boat, all look like a dream. And this dream requires money. But you can always get some money by winning in water races of this game. You may like icy water, water in sunset, or park water. Choose the place where you want to compete and go ahead. The boat speeds up automatically and follows the mouse cursor. The farther the cursor is from the boat, the faster the boat moves. You can hold left mouse button to slow down. And you must avoid hitting obstacles like boat remains and ice blocks, for they will greatly affect your speed and make your boat lag behind. You should endeavor to win a good rank and get high score. Do it now!

FWG Defence

FWG Defence is a shooting game on in which your mission is to destroy as many enemies as you can and try your best to keep yourself alive. You can control three cannons. The left cannon is responsible for the left part of the game screen, the right one for the right part of the game screen, and the middle one for the middle part. There are laser bullets coming down to kill you, so you should shoot down enemy flying objects before you die. There is a cursor to guide your aiming, so that you can improve your accuracy. Good luck!

Square Escape

Square Escape, which is an adventure game on Why people leave from the place they supposed to be and escaping to a strange place? They might met some tought problems or pressure, as people who living in the town usually escape from city to the countryside for the fresh air. One day, there are some accidents made Square’s life totally different, and he needs to escape from the ennviroments, can you help him? It is easy, just move Square by your keypad and there are some hints appearing on the screen, you will know how to do. Good luck with it!

Air Battle 2

Air Battle is an adventure game where you are asked to control your hot-air balloon to overcome various difficulties in each level. The task in every stage is different, but the common part is to collect gold coins and reach the exit door without falling off the game area. You have to be careful about the jagged blade hanging in the air, and they will poke the balloon through. As a result, you will die. Find this interesting game on Good luck!

Baby Sitting

Baby Sitting is a classic game on in which your mission is to take care of the baby well and gain maximum scores. Click the mouse to take the baby from the cradle, lay the baby on bed and give them what they asked. There are many babies waiting for you, so care each one within seconds or you will lose life. You need to be very patient. Have fun!

Cannon Blaster 3

Cannon Blaster 3 is a skill game on Your mission is to transfer the baby to the appointed place. Use the arrow keys to rotate the cannon you are in or to make it rotate faster. Then press space bar to shoot. You can hit anywhere on a barrel to enter it. Collect every gem in a level to receive a gold medal. The amount of gold medals you have unlocked is displayed at the bottom left. To unlock a costume, you need to have the amount of gold shown next to the name of that costume. Whatever you are on a winning streak and have not died yet, the levels you played so far in the menu section will show a happy face symbol on them. Good luck and have fun!

After Glow

After Glow is an Arcade game on in which you will be a pilot to steer a fighter for catching certain objects. The levels are separated into five areas: easy, medium, hard, insane and all. In each level there will be a strangely shaped scene with the fighter placed in the middle. The match field might be triangle, stars or other forms and it sometimes may give off electric waves. What you shall do is to catch all the orbs in each level. Your score will be based on how long it takes you to get through each of the areas. The lower the better. Be careful not to hit the walls as you will get penalized depending on how hard the impact is. The more orbs you can collect in a row the more time will be removed from your time. You must collect all orbs in order to move onto the next level. Usually hitting the wall will increase your time. Sometimes there will be a round bomb appearing, touching this bomb is also deathful to you. Drive the fighter in slow speed because it is not easy to control it. Let’s play it at once.

Neon Discs

In Neon Discs, your mission is to bounce the ball in the air, and make it light up as many circles as possible. Those circles are fixed in the scene, and only by your ball can they be lighted up. Because your balls are limited in bounce and quantity, so think twice every time before you launch the ball. Neon Discs is an action and puzzle game which you can find on Have fun!

BoomBot 2

BoomBot 2 is a skill game on, and here, your mission is to take BoomBot to the exit with the bombs you are given. To make a bomb, you just need to click and hold the mouse, and then release to explode and move the player. There are some objects you need to know. TNT can be set off by explosions. Senso-gel will go bang if there are sudden movements or impact. Oil barrels can catch fire and then go bang too. Use them wisely. Good luck!

Naughty Classroom

Naughty Classroom is an awesome skill game on Remember those hot school teaches whom you had a crush on in high school? The subject of your adolescent dreams. The only teacher who could get your individual attention in class? Presenting our mouth watering version of the ultimate teacher goddess. Naughty Classroom will leave you begging for more homework. Click on objects around the classroom to make events happen. Some events can be triggered by clicking on two different objects one after the other because these events are called combos. Refer to the hint system in the game for details on the combos. Timing is very import if you want to hit a combo. Here’s your chance to fulfill your ultimate childhood fantasy. Have fun!

Tweet Force

Play free game Tweet Force on

Popup Killer

When your computer is infected with virus, there may appear many annoying pop-ups. Also, when you are looking at a website, pop-ups may suddenly appear on the screen, often containing an advertisement. Do you want to get rid of all of them? Popup is a skill game on in which you mission is to close as many pop-ups as possible within the given time. The game itself is very simple. But to get high time score is not that easy. You need to have strong instinct and excellent speed reaction. Try to dance your index finger.

Bom Beat Battle

Choose your combo attacks carefully by typing the correct sequence at the right time. Use th Z, X, and C keys and time your attacks.

Angel Run

It is a play where you must avoid the balls of fire as demons them during approximately a minute using the mouse giving the movements to the ange.A the end of ve level you have the privilege to reach has a level no-claims bonus or you must catch the maximum of ice floe in order to gain even more point.Le goal of this small play is to remain in life longest possible...

I Pumpkin

In I Pumpkin, your mission is to collect pumpkins for your collection. There are two modes, the story mode and the arcade mode. In the former, your treasures are stolen. To do so, you will have to cross all the pumpkins land, and you can’t jump or have special powers. So you can only use pumpkin juice to make your path. To play the game, you need to combine your running skills and your mind skills. You can draw platforms by clicking and dragging your mouse. Along your path, try to avoid the vector snakes and be ware of the hunting snakes by using snake walls—they will do harm to you. You can skill the skeleton and the sticky sentry. Have fun in this adventure game on

Sky Skater

Welcome to Sky Skater. Here you are on a mission to guide your character on the floating ice. Every time you land on an ice block, you get points. Try not to fall off the screen and not to be shocked by the electricity more than three times. There are different ice blocks, the red one, the green one, and other functional ones such as the one can froze you for a while. Figure out them by yourself. Enjoy yourself in this skill game on Good luck!

Presidential Toss Off

Presidential Toss Off is a shooting game on in which your mission is to choose one of the presidential nominees as your victim so that you can throw tomatoes, pigs, etc to him, as a way of venting your rage. Technically, this is a very easy simple game, and all you need to do is to aim and shoot. To get higher score, you need to improve your accuracy which can be gained after exercises. Try to enter the high score board. Good luck!

Cheese Doodle Defender

Cheese Doodle Defender is a funny shooting game. In this game, your only target it to save the cheese doodles. Don’t let any one of the cockroaches get your cheese doodles! You can move your mouse to aim at them, and click the left button to shoot. You can press the “M” key to toggle music on/off, press “S” key to toggle sound effect on/off, press “V” key to repeatedly may give you Carpal Tunnel. Remember, if you see a bunch of flowers, try to shoot it, it will help you to kill all of the cockroaches on the screen!! Do you hate cockroaches?? Try this game, shoot all of the cockroaches on the screen, it is so cool!!

Walking Beauty

Walking Beauty is an adventure game on in which you are in control of a walking beauty to go through evil conditions. There are many difficulties on your way. Try to walk as long as possible. You can try to collect the rabbit icon for bonus points. But you must avoid hitting skulls on the ground by jumping over them. Unfortunately, there are many gunships in the air shooting you. You can press the s key to shoot back at them. When you press s key, the walking beauty will shoot out laser from her fingers. Use the arrow keys to move up and down to avoid bullets from enemies. There are three lives for you. Once you hit a skull icon or are shot by a helicopter, you will lose a life. When you run out of all lives, the game is over. Ready? Good luck!

Lila Lilas

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

Reach For The Sky

There should have been a exam at the class, however somehow the exam is canceled. Happy as the students are, they jump with happiness, and jump from this platform to another, and then nearly up to reach the sky. There are no exams with all the nations so there will be no more teachers no more rules, just move your mouse to move your character left to right and get out of the exam hall. Press the mouse button to perform your first jump. Move the mouse to jump from book to book and try to get as high as you can. Reach For The Sky is an action game, available on Good luck!

Best Interior Design

It is not a good idea if I miss my St. Valentine’s Day date. So girls, I have a problem. I have just moved in my new house and I need to organize my room before tonight. My boyfriend is going to pick me up. If my room isn’t ready by then, my parents won’t let me go out with him! Let’s start working. Try your best to keep tidy and bring your imagination to decorate the room within the time limit. Best Interior Design is a Skill game on Good luck!

Hanna In A Choppa

Hanna In A Choppa is a skill game. It totally has 21 levels for your to challenge. In this game, you only need to control an orange plane fly to the destination. You can press the Up arrow key to fly upward, press Down arrow key to fly downward, press Left arrow key to fly leftward, and press the Right arrow key to fly rightward. And if you need to put weight on yourself, you can press the Space Bar to get a heavy to help you complete the challenge. Attention, your target is to complete each small task required in each level. So you should focus on the dialog box on the playing page. Wish you good luck!!

Rocket Lander

Rocket Lander is a skill game on in which you are in control of a rocket. Rocket is clear across town with very little fuel. You should help rocket get back to Vinnie by navigating through the city and refueling along the way. Watch out for the Duckies, they will do anything to stop rocket from reuniting with Vinnie. Don’t hit buildings or other stuffs, or the rocket will crash. You can earn bonus points for completing a level with fuel left over and for a smooth landing. You can use the left and right arrow keys to fire you left and right thrusters. Use the up arrow key to fire your main thruster. Once you run out of all three rockets, the game is over. And you shall be very careful in steering the rocket since it is so easily to be destroyed. Good luck!


Click on the UFO to get the game started. You are a kind of cosmic breakdown van and have to navigate the UFO through various dangerous and rotating worlds. A MUST PLAY!

Girly Nurse

Girly Nurse is a funny action game. In this game you become a cute nurse, and your target is to drop your syringes on the target people who walk under your hospital’s balcony. You totally have 100 syringes, and 100 second to challenge, so you should drop as fast as you can. If you drop on a policeman, you will lose 10 score points; if you drop on a charming woman with black hair, you will gain 5 score points; if you drop on a charming woman with gold hair, you will gain 10 score points; if you drop on a old nun, you will gain 8 score points, if you drop on a dog, you will lose 5 points. Clear now?? Let’s go!!!

Office Hoops

Who thought paper would be so much fun? In Office Hoops, you will see how boring paper work is. In this skill game, your mission is to throw the paper ball into the basket, and the points rise with your accuracy. Remember to take fan wind speed into account, or you are easy to miss your target. The direction arrow is behind the paper ball, you need to take it as reference. There are bonuses such as extra time, etc. Use them wisely. You can find this game on Good luck!

Pumpkin Shop

Here in Pumpkin Shop, your job is to collect the requisite money by selling pumpkins. Every custom has different requests so you need to make every pumpkin differently. There are many choices for you to dress up your pumpkins: hats, large or small; shape, big, tall or round; eyes, triangle or moon-like; color, yellow, deep yellow or brown, etc. You need to finish the task within the given time or you will lose your money. You can find this skill game on Good luck!

Jumb With Life

Jumb With Life is an arcade game on At the middle of a mud path, a boy wearing thick eyeglasses is playing with a rabbit. They are playing the game of rope skipping. But it is not a usual game for this rope is a 5000 volt cable. Flowers are blooming everywhere and green grass grows happily here and there. Clouds float in blue sky. All scenery is like a warm spring. But the game is dangerous and cruel. Do you want to save this lovely rabbit? You can press space button to let the rabbit jump and don’t touch the 5000 volt Cable because the rabbit will lose its body parts. If the rabbit fails to skip the rope, it will lose its ear at the first time, and lose its arm at the second time. Blood will spout over ground until this rabbit dies. Yes, it is cruel. So go to help rescue the lovely rabbit now. Go!

Jump For Oil

Oil problem is getting people’s attention and countries display different methods trying to get more oil. Now you have a chance to help Bush get more oil. Jump For Oil is a skill game on in which your mission is to collect all the oil barrels to complete the level. You have to jump to the island to get the oil barrels. The longer you hold the mouse button, the father you will jump. Try not to fall into the water. Good luck!

Bartender The Right Mix

Play free game Bartender The Right Mix on

Portal 3

Welcome to Portal, a shooting game on Here, you will find yourself in a special location when one day you wake up in the morning. Your task today is to find your way to the exist door, and go through it, alive. You may not complete the mission using your body only, but thanks to the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device (ASHPD)—the impossible is easy. Try shooting two holes, one reachable through your cell and one out of it. See what happens. Good luck!

Alien Killbillies

Welcome to Alien Killbillies! Your mission here is to collect as many aliens as possible. You use arrow keys to control your ship, as this is a skill game, you should be nimble enough otherwise you are easy to be hurt. You can activate blue beam to abduct humans which can give you extra points. You can activate red beam to destroy enemies. Switch to shield mode if you can’t escape the bullets. Return to the mother ship to recharge. This interesting game can be found on Good luck!

Bloons Xmas Edition

A cute monkey in Santa Claus’ dress tries to dart all the balloons up. It is Xmas coming soon, decorate your Christmas trees with all the ornaments except the balloons! Because all of them are being poped by the naughty monkey, your mission is to help the xmas monkey to aim and to eliminate as much as possible. Bloons Xmas Editon is a Christmas and action game available on Use the mouse to aim your throw. Click and hold to choose the power of your throw. Try to pop as many balloons as possible using the darts given to you each level. Darts do not carry over from level to level. Look out for the new special balloon type. Press r to reset the level, or click reset. You can play in ‘unlimited dart mode ’if you want. Enjoy all 50 levels.

Super Race

Welcome to Super Race, where you are going to navigate your plane through dangerous caves. Your mission is to explore the tunnel as long as you can without crashing your ship. There are bonuses such as power ups, which can help you survive longer. So, don’t miss them. But be careful not to touch the while castle-like obstacles—they will reduce your score. You can find this skill game on Good luck!

Bumper Boats

Move your boat using arrow keys or WASD. Fire a mine using mouse click. Knock out your opponents with mines or by plowing them into the fence! Beware of whirlpools, submarine mines, electric fence. Remember! Big hits means big points and cash! The more cash you get, the better boat upgrades you can afford! Bumper Boats is a skill game, available on Have fun and enjoy!

Iron Maiden Flight 666

Bring music to the world! (Or should I say speakers!) You have a cool plane Iron Maiden and you can use the arrow keys to control it. You think this is a piece of cake? Making the plane do acrobatics in the air is really fun, as long as it doesn’t crash into something. Your mission is to drop those speakers NEAR the local people by pressing key X. I say NEAR, guys! The first time I failed, I have been told “You squashed too many people!” So don’t turn a journey of music into a massacre. If you land those speakers NEAR them and not ON them, those local people will deeply thank you and turn into hard-core rockers! When you successfully turn enough people into rockers, you can proceed to the next level. (More rockers, more points! You can upgrade your plane by spending those points!) So let’s drop those music bombs and rock the world! (Music is powerful, even more powerful than atomic bombs!) This rocking cool flash game Iron Maiden Flight 666 is presented to you by our rocking cool (even cooler) website!

Decora Dress Up

Decora Dress Up is a classic game on in which you will try to dress a pretty girl up. You will see the girl standing on the floor and wear very little clothes. She has white skin and red eyes. She is waiting for you to help her dress up. There are a group of clothes and trousers in the right side of the screen. You can use your mouse to drag the objects you want to use onto the body of this girl. You can also select hairstyle, accessories, and hand bags for her. There are a lot of skirts, boots, shoes, socks, stockings, coats, and necklaces ready for the choice of this pretty girl. You can try it in many different matches and find the best match. This is your job.

Painter Madness

What's the most important in painting? Certainly, to pick right color and brushes is important, but the most important is to deliver the paint to the painter. If you think it's easy, you need to play Painter Madness game. You will have to control the movement of the paint basket with specific aerodynamic effects in the game! You will like the game for its bright, attractive graphics and funny sounds. Painter Madness - have fun playing the game!

The Five D's

The Five D’s is a skill game on in which you try to dodge objects thrown at you by your opponents. In this drill we are going to learn the five most fundamental moves in Dodgeball: Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge the five D’s. You can use the left and right arrows to dodge and dip and use the down arrow to duck and dive. Press the space bar to catch dodgeballs. Use the up arrow to taunt your opponent. When the game starts, your opponent will throw various objects at you but not just a ball. You have to avoid being struck by bottle, mouse, iron wrench, book and others. But you should catch the ball thrown at you. When you dodge successfully for 18 times, you win the game. You should practice it more times and become skillful. Win the game and laugh at your enemy. Play now.

Escape 3 2

Escape is a skill game on in which you need to get ot the escape area in as few clicks of mouse as possible without being caught up in a chase with the security guard. Click a square to the top, bottom, left, or right of your character to move. Plan on how you can lead the guard to a dead end where he can’t move and then head towards the escape area. Good luck!

Savior Tower

Play free game Savior Tower on

Baseball Typing

Doraemon is loved all over the world because he is cute, smart and kind, but the most important reason is that he has super power that can realize those seem impossible dreams. Now you can play with Doraemon on your computer. Baseball typing is a skill game on in which your mission is to type all the letters coming down. Doraemon has swallowed voice-freezing liquid medicine so he keeps spiting letters. You have to clear up all the letters before they hit the strange grandpa’s fence—he is easy to be mad! You get points and cash by typing the right letter, and when you get enough money, you can enter the shop to buy some items which will help you in the rest of the game. The letters will speed up when you enter another level. Have fun!

Saving the Ring

Saving the Ring, which is a skill game on In a very romantic place called “Ladisa”, people there are thankful, peaceful and thoughtful. There is a lovely beautiful girl Terresa living in Ladisa, everybody like her, even the animals. One day, the prince was hunting in the forest, he heard a voice from far away, when he listening more details, he was surely tell his butler that what he heard must the sound’s of nature. He falls in love with the voice and this beautiful girl, Terresa. He decides to marry her and prepared a ring. This news disseminated to his step mother, an evil queen, Natasha. She was angry and does not want the prince and Terresa get together and marry, she ordered some evil to look out the ring and not let the prince take it, if they discovering the prince, they will kill him.

Saving Niimo

Help Niimo to escape from the dangerous sea zone, click the left button of your mouse to make Niimo swim up, and release the button to make him down. There are several obstacles on your way, and there are different potions in water that can make Niimo bigger and smaller, the most useful of them is the one who gives Niimo a shield to avoid all ennemies. There are two panda head bonus, which can give you 200 or 500 bonus points, don't miss them ! You have three lifes in the whole game, try to go as far as you can with these three lifes. Finally don't forget to submit your score at the end of game !

One Man Siege

One man Siege is a skill game on in which your mission is to knock down the general who stands on the top of the tower. With a sword in his hand, he will throw cannonballs at you. So try to bring down enemy tower by catching cannon balls and throw them back. You can only catch and hold one cannon ball at a time so avoid being hit while holding a ball. The tower are built of two types of blocks: stone and metal. Stone blocks can be destroyed with 5 hits while metal blocks can be pushed with the cannon balls to set the tower off balance. Use "A" and "D" to move left and right. Click your left mouse to shoot. The longer you hold down, the stronger the throw will be. The cannon ball will fly in the direction of the mouse cursor. Go ahead and show off your shooting skill. Good luck!

Yellow Snow

Ho, Ho, Ho! Yellow Snow! is a game of skill and precision. Your job is to help Santa use his amazing writing implement and magical yellow ink to join up the dots in the snow and reveal a surprising festive message. You can even pass messages on to your nearest and dearest (or maybe not! You will see what we mean when you play it!)

Dinko Flink

Dinko Flink is an arcade game on which you try to slingshot your alien pet as far as possible. In this game, you act as a strong and powerful monster and you are playing with your lovely alien pet. When you start the game, choose your shooting angle by left click and then choose your force to shoot. The angle bar is on the right and the power bar is on the left. And in the last step, you just see how funny your alien pet flies. The right angle and maxim power are the keys to achieve highest dink meters in the game, anyway do not hurt your pet too much.

Catch A Smoochie

Catch A Smoochie is an exciting skill game on in which your mission is to catch as many kisses as you can. The Saint Valentine’s Day is coming. You will play as a frog who is willing to receive kiss from his girlfriend. But his sweetheart has gone abroad. Now it is you who can help him to catch her kisses in the sky. All you have to do is to use your arrow keys to move left and right. Remember, you just have three minutes, and try to avoid the falling broken hearts. Each kiss give you one hundred points, but the broken heart would reduce you one hundred points. Go ahead and score maximum points. Good luck and have fun!


Veterinary is a classic game. In this game you become a cute girl worked in a pet clinic. Your target is to take good care of the pets, and satisfied its requirements. If they want to eat some thing, you can use your mouse click on the food, secondly click on the bowl, and third click on the pets to feed them, after they complete they meal, you should drag the used bowl in the garbage can. If they want to take a bath, you can use your mouse click on the bathtub, and then click on the pets to serve them. If the pets defecate, you can click on the besom, and then click on the excrement to clean them, don’t forget at last click on the garbage can. If the pet is ill, and need some medical treatment, you should click on the injection, and then click on the pet to rescue it. Attention, you must do all the things as soon as you can, there is a green bar on the head of each pet, if it decrease to zero, the pet will go, and you will lose the level, so try to be high efficiency!! Ready? They are coming now!!

Stack Da Police

Stack Da Police is an arcade game on in which your mission is to stack some policemen within the tractor beam as quick as you can. Before you start this game, you will see that two policemen who are taking the shields are ready for fighting. And then the game begins. One aircraft is flying in the sky. Some boxes will be dropped down from the aircraft. You can guess that the policemen are in these boxes. Yes, you are right. The policemen are falling down within the boxes. Then your task begins. You should use your mouse to stack the boxes in one line vertically as soon as possible. Of course, the policemen who are standing within these boxes will do something naughty. They will jump and move their buttocks and so on. Good luck.

Sift X Mess

Christmas is coming, as well those terrorists. As an excellent soldier, you have to kill all the bad guys appearing in the snow field. Are you ready to show yourself in Sift X Mess, a shooting game on In this game, you can’t move around, but the lucky point is that you can use laser to aim accurately—head is best. Try to shoot your enemies before they kill you. When you are out of bullets, reload your gun as quickly as you can. And when you unlock higher levels, you can use rifle gun to improve your performance. Good luck!

Tankopter 2

Tankopter is a classic game on in which you will drive a plane named chopper as a pilot. Stars are twinkling on the sky, but your flying space is limited. The roof is anomalous and there are obstacles on the ground, you must be care of them. To control the chopper, you can hold the left mouse to go up, and let go of left mouse button to go down. You can also shoot during flying. For shooting, first you should use the chopper to get bullet by going over the symbol which likes a box full of colorful balls. Then, you can hit the space bar to fire bullet and destroy an obstacle. If you hit an obstacle, you also receive 50 points. The objective of this game is to see how long time you can stay in the air without hitting the roof, or an obstacle. Wish you good luck!

Bowja 3

Bowja 3 is an awesome skill game on in which your mission is to reclaim the Omamori and return it to the Caves of Kami. YOKAI and his evil helpers have stolen an Omamori(amulet) from the caves of Kami and therefore disrupted the balance of the Ninja Spirit. To achieve the goal, all you have to do is to use your mouse to click on objects or locations on the screen to progress through the game. When you mouse turns into a red circle, wait for a moment, you can’t click at this time. When it turns into the cursor, you are free to click anything you wish. The hand-shaped device means the object or location is able to click. Go ahead and show them how smart you are. Good luck and have fun!

Perfect Balance

Perfect Balance, which is available on, is an awesome skill game that your mission is to set up a steady structure so that all the bricks can stay still. Move all the shapes from above the dotted line to down below into perfect balance. To achieve the goal, just use your mouse to move the shapes and rotate them by pressing arrow keys. Go ahead and explore various challenging levels. Good luck and have fun!

London City Jumper

London City Jumper, which is a skill game on In London, there are many public phones on the street, they are useful for those normal citizen, but exactly not for the London city jumper, and those phones are his barriers, so he has to jump over them. Use your keypad, the right arrow is jump, the up arrow is like super jump, it could make him jumping higher than usual, but only use it when you get the keys. Let’s see how many levels you can make him through! Can’t wait to see!

Pirates Blast

Pirates Blast is a shooting game on in which you will be a pirate to defend your own pirate ship. There are cannon in the ship. Red missiles, blue missiles, green missiles and yellow missiles are approaching your ship and destroy it. You must use the mouse to aim and keyboard to shoot. Press Z to shoot out red bullet for intercepting red missiles, X for blue missiles, C for green and V for yellow. The bullets can only intercept missiles in the same color. There is a gauge at the right bottom of the screen. Only when this gauge is full, you can shoot bullets. Try to collect medicine box in the air, it can recover your health. You will endeavor to survive for many days, and in different day you have different missions. But definitely, it will become harder and harder. Are you ready?

Salad Day

Salad Day is a Kitchen technique Arcade games on in which to improve your kitchen skill , first you should choice one level of three size of salad, then you will get some vegetables on the block, you should use mouse as a knife to slice your vegetable by marked lines as accurate as possible in a limited time. you can attempts 3 time ,you will get scores and reputation when you do well and continue to start your test more and more. generally the fresh feeling will make you anxious to practice on a real block of your kitchen. so who not to try it !


Play free game Fireworkin on

Crazy Tracker

Crazy Tracker, which is available on, is a challenging skill game that your objective is to travel through the machine and avoid hitting machinery parts during your crazy journey. Things start nice and slow, but quickly accelerate to insane speeds. Look out for power-ups, which will help you survive a little bit longer. How far can you get before you become a permanent fixture in the machine? Now this is your chance to show how smart you are...

Alice Jump

Alice Jump, a skill game on, has never let the player down. Your aim in the game is to jump higher. Click the girl to jump. Drag your mouse to move left and right. You can get help from the playing cards, spring and cookie. The higher Alice jump, the more scores she get. Restart the game if you have a better method to finish the level. Challenge it right now! Have more fun here!

Undress a Girl

Undress a Girl is a skill game on in which you try to undress one girl by catching beers. You can first select your favorite girl from three candidates. Then when the game starts, numerous bottles of beers will be falling down in the screen. You must use your mouse to move a beer box and ensure that all the bottles fall inside the box. The sexy girl you have selected will stand beside you and watch your performance. Every time you catch twenty bottles of beer, the girl will take off one of her clothes. But once you miss three bottles of beer in total, the game is over. Are you ready? Join in now.

Last Egg Standing

Last Egg Standing is a skill game on in which you will be a fox to collect eggs of hens by baskets in a henhouse. There are four hens in separate decks in this chicken house. You are holding a basket to wait the hens to lay eggs. You can use arrow keys to change position of the fox. Catch as many eggs as you can. You can also collect bonus eggs for special features, red egg will give you an extra life, blue egg increases another basket for you, yellow egg award you high score. Watch out for the rotten green egg, for it takes one life from you. As levels get higher, the speed that hens lay eggs will become quicker and quicker. So you shall practice more times for playing longer. Our lovely hens are waiting for you. Are you ready? Go now!

Totally Calum Best

Totally Calum Best is a skill game on in which you are tested whether you will fall for the charm of a pretty. You act as a handsome boy with black sunglasses and little beard and say that the best is yet to come at the introduction part. There are four levels in total each level has a very beautiful and charming girl in fashionable wears and shoulder-length hair. These girls would say some lovely words to you to disturb you. There are many small white balls in clean order in the scene. When you begin to play, two or three pink snakes move quickly in uncertain directions that stand for the alluring behavior of that girl. What you shall do is to keep a yellow dot away from these pink snakes that represent you are in clear mind to keep away from the girl. There will be a power volume in the game. Every time the pink snake bites the yellow dot, it will reduce the value of this power volume. When the power runs out, you will lose the game that means you have fallen for the charms of the girl. So do it now to measure your self-control ability.

Crazy Ambulance

Crazy ambulance is an arcade game on in which a frenzied ambulance will make a special performance to jump above small cars. Drive as fast as possible. Press the left and right arrow keys to steer and use the up and down keys to control the speed, and the spacebar to jump. You will drive the ambulance in a green road with two divided lanes. And several umbrella-like trees grow in the two sides of this road. In level one, you have thirty seconds to complete a five thousand meters distance. The time limitation will become fewer when you play higher level. In the way to finish the distance, many cars will prevent your moving as obstacles. Hit these cars will decrease your speed. You can jump over these autos by using spacebar. But the higher the level is, the more the cars become. You should try to avoid hitting them. Steer this ambulance carefully and pay attention to the distance between the moving cars. You can try it now.

Fish Eat Fish

Fish Eat Fish is an arcade game on The goal of the game is to remove all the fishes from the screen by combining more than two fishes into one bigger fish. When the game starts, you can see many yellow fishes and red fishes swimming in the pool. You can use your mouse to create a ring around as many fish as you can that are of the same color. When a valid ring is made the bigger fish will gobble up the smaller ones, growing even bigger. You will advance to the next level only when there is one large fish left of each color. Please note that each level is timed. When you run out of all the time, the game is over and you will have to start over. Good luck.


This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

Obnoxius 2

A puzzle game with the "obnoxius" twist.Instructions: Drag and drop squares with your mouse.

Boom Bot

Welcome to Boom Bot, an arcade game on, in which you will find how helpful bombs will be. You mission is to send Boombot to the level entrance—a blue door. You achieve this by exploding the given bombs—the impact will help your character move to his destination. You may see TNT, senso-gel and oil whose impact can be a helper to complete your goal, so just use the right way to blast them. See how many levels you can survive. Good luck!

Parking Lot 2

Before I write down the description, I have to say this game is a very good and ideal tutorial for your parking. It is said that if you can play the game skillfully, your parking will be perfect. What’s more, it is a nice training for your mind which will guide you to park your car right in the proper place. Parking Lot 2 is an action game on There are some obstacles either lying on the ground like other vehicles or moving and even patrolling around like dogs and the police. Don’t crash your car for you have only three times before the car wasted. Good luck!

Run Ninja Run 2

An awesome skill game on, Run Ninja Run 2 will greatly fascinate you. This intense game of skill and reflexes is brought back again. Press Up to jump and collect gold when running. Hold Down to slide. Double press Up to double jump. Hit Space to attack. Upgrade your stuff with your collected gold. Prepare yourself for an action ride and try to beat all levels. Come on! Let’s run and fight!

Super Crazy Guitar 2

You must enjoy the world of music created by Super Crazy Guitar 2, an arcade game on Here, your mission is to get as many points as possible. To start the game, you choose a guitar, a song and the difficulty. Commands will move across the screen, the aim is to press the corresponding key when the command reaches the time bar. If you do it right, you get 10 points, or you lost 10 points. Letting a direct pass will end your combo and drop your multiplier. There are also hold orders that will give you more points the longer you hold the key. Good luck!

Bullet time witch

Welcome to Bullet Time Witch. Here in this skill game, you, a cute witch, will control your flying broom through pumpkins and bombs, collecting the former, and avoiding the latter. Every time you get a pumpkin, you get more time, and on the contrary, every time you are hurt by dynamite, you will lose your time. In theory, it is a very simple game, but still be careful—dangers are everywhere. You can find this game on Have fun!

Kookin' Kidz

Kookin’ Kidz is an arcade game on in which you will control a vicious witch to catch those lovely kids as many as possible. Press arrow keys to go left, right, speed up or slow down. And you can press the space bar to pause. Catch a child by using the ctrl key. When you have caught a child successfully, move the witch to the boiling pot and press the ctrl key again to let the child fall into the pot. Don’t let the witch close to land and hit those kids at the same or the game will be lost. Here is an experimental bottle at the right upper screen, it stands for time. When the green liquids disappear, the game is over. At the left upper screen is a child head portrait, it add one point after you have let a kid drop to the pot successfully. Manage your time. Click the Start button now!

Merry ShitMess 09

Play free game Merry ShitMess 09 on

Loco Roco 2

Welcome to Loco Roco 2. In this adventure game which is on, you will take Loco Roco a wonderful journey. Move her with arrow keys, and eat strawberry to get more points. Jump to higher place or lower valley to explore other game areas. If you like, she can touch music machine to create songs, enter tree holes to change color, etc, so just try your best to make her funny and cute. She is more than you think. Have fun!


The ocean where used to be the home of millions of wonderful creatures now is a real hell since the dark power settled down. Fortunately, jellyfish knows the way to make everything right. TentaDrill is a skill game where your mission is to help the medusan navigate through dangerous underwater caves and eventually discover the exit. Control the sea animal with arrow keys and collect sea shells to gain experience. Dodge jagged rock and avoid nasty fishes or you will lose one of your three lives. You can level up when you get enough experiences. This game is on Have fun!

Flight 3D Aerobatics Training

Flight 3D Aerobatics Training, a free skill game, is provided to you by Join this game to be a flight hero. Your task is to get through all the rings as quickly as you can. You are supposed to control the plane with the arrow keys. Press C to toggle the view. Pay attention to your fuel level. Do not crash your plane. You have only three lives to start the game! Good luck!

Smokin Barrels

Your goal is to win all the duels. Move the crosshair into the safe area to start the countdown. After the signal, quickly move on the target and shoot faster than your opponent!


You are about to embark on a journey, a journey spanning the entire globe, a journey of adventure. If you are ready for PingBall, then it is time for you to know more about it. The objective of each level is to score as many points as you can by getting the ball in the highest scoring buckets at the bottom. Aim the ball with the mouse, and click to drop. Watch out for pegs. There are more interesting trinkets that may be useful and of course some of them are trying to prevent you from your success. Pingball is a skill game on Good luck, and wish you have more scores.

Park Wayz

Park Wayz is a very good and ideal tutorial for your parking which is said that if you can play the game skillfully, and your parking will be perfect. What’s more, it is a nice training for your mind that will guide you to park your car right in the proper place. In this skill game, there are some obstacles either lying on the ground like the other vehicles or moving and even patrolling around like dogs and police. Don’t crash your car for you have only three times before the car wasted. You can find this game on Good luck!

Supermarket 2

Supermarket is an arcade game on in which you try to escape among other customers in the supermarket. When the game starts, you are holding a shopping cart on the passageway of the supermarket. You can use the up arrow key to speed up, use the left and right arrow key to turn left or right. There are so many people in the supermarket, and most of them are young ladies and old women. Some of them are choosing merchandises, some of them are walking. All of them do not notice your crazy running, so you must take care to avoid them and don’t hurt them. If you knock down several people, your shopping cart will be over-thrown and game is over.

Taxi Driver

Looking to continue the family legacy, you have traveled to the taxi center of the world…New York! But the path to greatness is rough road and your journey begins with a grueling test of faith and perseverance. For before you can get your first fare, you must defeat Taxi Corp’s legendary entrance exam…Taxi Diver is a skill game on in which your mission is to pass the exam by completing all the 14 maneuvers within the set time limit, while staying on the set path without crashing. Follow the guides which will lead you to the maneuver correctly. Don’t kill innocent people. Good luck!

Scram Ball

Scram Ball is a skill game on in which you will experience delicate stimulus by controlling a sensitive ball. This game is scored. Your score is based on your time taken to complete all twenty levels and your score from completing levels minus your faults. Your score is submitted at the end of the game. This game contains four challenging worlds. Each contains five levels. So there are twenty levels in total. In world I, basic keys and locks are contained. Fall down holes and you will die as they don’t lead to anywhere. In world II, less friction exists as it is ice. So your ball will slide more. There are obstacles like spikes. Hitting them will kill you. In world III, there are clouds which are extremely bouncy. Hitting red clouds however will kill you. The last world is mud/desert terrain. Therefore friction is normal. Hitting obstacles will kill you. Going through those tunnels will take you out at holes. Think wisely. The ball is always so sensitive, so you have to operate it delicately by using arrow keys. Try to complete them as soon as possible and get your rank at last. Good luck!

Popcorn Flicks

When you are watch movies at a cinema, eating popcorn, have you ever thought of tricks to fool others? Popcorn Flicks gives you a chance to be naughty. The rule of this skill game is simple: throw your popcorn to other people and every time your target is shot, you get corresponding points. To improve your accuracy, you need to arrange your power. The longer you hold your mouse before releasing, the more power you get. Too hard or too soft a shot will both cause failures. This interesting game is on Good luck!

King of Air Guitar

King Of Air Guitar is a skill game in which your job is to hit the key in time to the music. You can see colored notes that appear at the bottom of the screen and move towards your guitarist. Each of the arrow keys is related to a note—strike the left, right and down key when you see green, red and blue notes. When you see a flaming icon, catch it for bonuses. Remember that accuracy matters so hit the note as central to the target as you can. Enjoy this game on Have fun!

Through The Machine

Through The Machine is an adventure game on in which you help a bee go through the machine. You can use arrow keys to control this little bee. Don’t think it’s an easy mission. The machine is very complicated and sophisticated. Is has many gears, sharp knives, springs, hammers, and cursors. Once the bee encounters a sign marked Danger and a skull, it will have to move forward and can not move backward. It may be killed, crushed, or struck. It’s your duty to control its move for avoiding being killed. You can collect the “smiling faces” to gain bonus points. There are totally nine lives for this little bee. If you make it lose all these lives, the game is over. Do you want to join this adventure? Do it!


Who never dreamed of incarner a t?tard? Not? Good, ok... The fact remains perhaps that this excellent play will make you change opinion so much its taken into hand is simple and intuitive: I click right to go up and I relache to go down. The play in itself is another pair of handles since it will be necessary for you to thread between many obstacles, the sanction being immediate in the event of contact. Do not forget to collect the bubbles which will protect you and remain calm..... Who knows? Perhaps you will finish out of frog! (Translated by Google)

Bat in Nightmare

Bat in Nightmare, which is an adventure game on The bats of 52.5 million years ago flew differently than the bats of today, and had a vastly different appearance. Onychonycteris had claws on all five of its fingers, whereas modern bats have - at most - claws for only two digits on each hand. It also had longer hind legs, and shorter forearms, similar to those of climbing mammals that hang under branches. This palm-sized animal had broad, short wings, which suggests that it could not fly as fast or as far as later bat species. Instead of flapping its wings continuously while flying, Onychonycteris would likely have alternated flapping and gliding while airborne.


Droplet is a skill game on in which you will guide a droplet to get into water. There are many levels in this game. Each level has a specific zigzag track for the droplet to move towards. At the end of each track is some water. The droplet must get into the water to finish the level. As levels up, there will be spikes and traps appearing in the track. You can navigate the droplet to move forward with your mouse. But don’t hit the walls of each track, or you must start from the beginning. Some tracks are very narrow, so you must be very careful and skillful. Are you ready? Go now.

Air Hostess

Air Hostess is a skill game on On the plane, once the flight takes off, passengers will order, and it’s your job to serve them right items such as coffee, food, clothes, etc. You will get points for maching those requests. Items got by air hostess would show on the right item column, once you want to cancel it, just click the image. After the passenger ordered, time clock animation would show on the side: the red line in the clock which means patience of the guest who did not be served the right item. The red line will drop off and turn into white line which indicates the passenger would be angry. As a result, the score of the player would be deducted. Remember this and good luck!


This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

Guide Lines

Discover luminous Guide Lines, a play of address available on the gate free flash Guide the ball until the source of light. Trace lines with the cursor of your mouse to create a course to him while making him avoid the black forms. Press the bar of space to pass in slowed down mode. Have fun and enjoy the game.

Heart In Glass

Once upon a time, the greatest, fiercest and most dangerous dragon was slain by a young warrior in order to prove his worth to the king. He carefully placed the heart inside celestial glass and rode back to the castle. The king was pleased with the gift and kept it with him all the time. He used the heart’s magical abilities to destroy his enemies and increase his power over the land. The young warrior couldn’t bare to see this power used for evil purpose, so one night he stole the heart from the king and escaped from the castle. He rode and rode until he came to your engineer’s hut. Please, help him defeat the king’s armies, with the heart’s powers and your building skills. You will have a chance. Heart in Glass is a skill game on Have fun!

Fat Sumo

Control the Sumo Wrestler and eat as much food as you can. But avoid the poisonous blowfish or it could result in certain death.

Turbo Christmas

Turbo Christmas is an arcade game on This Christmas all the children have been good boys and girls and asked for a lot of gifts,reindeer and the camels of the three kings are very old and don’t have the strength this year to visit all the children in one night. Santa and the three kings decided to look for a solution to be able to deliver all these gifts and changed their trusty friends for the brand new Turbo Jet Pack 3000; a flying back Pack running on Stardust. With the help of Turbo Jet Pack 3000. They can reach all houses and deliver the gifts from above through the chimney. But the mission will not be easy. They will not only need a steady aim with the gifts but also keep on eye on the scare stardust to keep their Turbo Jet Pack 3000 charged. Use arrow keys to balance yourself. Choose your favorite philanthropist below and use Z to throw gifts.

Airport Mania

The airport is really having a busy day! With all those planes from all over the world hovering around up the airport waiting for landing, you must be quick doing your job! By clicking the plane, the runway, and the gate in order, you can help the passengers get to their destination on time! Remember the fuel can’t last very long, and the plane can’t hover around forever! You know the serious consequences, right? Airport Mania is presented with great pleasure by our world famous website for flash games!

Franky Fish 2

Franky Fish 2 is a skill game on Franky is on a new underwater feeding trip. You must guide it to eat all fish that are smaller than you and avoid the bigger fish, or they will kill you. When the game starts, Franky is at the bottom of the sea. Numerous fishes move by it in its opposite direction. There are jellyfish, seahorse, shark, Piranha, gold fish and other creatures in the blue ocean. You can press the spacebar to go up and release it to go down. You can’t hit the rocks in the sea, or you will lose a life. There are totally three lives for Franky. Once you run out of it, the game is over. The more smaller fishes you help Franky eat, the more points you can get. Play it now.

Mushroom Guide

Mushroom Guide is a challenging skill game on in which your objective is to arrange obstacles to guide the mushroom to the basket. You can move planks and yellow bricks by left clicking on them and dragging. Be careful when you click on them because they start to behave according to the laws of physics. When you release the mouse button, they became static again, even in midair. To launch the mushroom from the tube press the space bar on your keyboard. If you’re sure in failing the level, press the space key and try it again. If you succeed in guiding the mushroom to the basket you will advance to the next level. Go ahead and explore various exciting levels...Have fun!

Remote Control

Remote Control is an Arcade game on in which you and your parents have different hobbies in watching television programs. Your father likes sport games and your mother like cosmetology program. But you like watching girl shows. So you really want to watch your favorite television show, but unfortunately it’s at the same time as your parents’ favorite show. While your parents are distracted with cooking dinner or talking on the phone, quickly swap to the channel that you want to watch. But don’t get forget to swap back to your parents’ show before they look up, or else you will be grounded for a week. In the game, you are lying on the sofa and your father or mother sits on another sofa. A glass desk with a bottle of flower on it is placed in the middle place of the room. Every time you watch your own favorite channel before your parents look up, you can get a score. Is it like in the real world? Have a try.

Spider X

In Spider X, you will play as a hungry spider that is waiting for your lunch—flies. The rule of this skill game is quite simple—throwing a spider’s web and pulling a fly toward you. You have several shots, and if you use out your shots without eating all the bugs, you lose your game. To get better points and save time, you can make several shots at the same time. Try to save your shots for extra insects, thus you can get better scores. You can enjoy this skill game on Have fun!

Glamour Parking

Welcome to Glamour Parking. Here you are going to park all the cars coming to the hotel in the parking lot. Your colleges are all sick so you are on your own. In theory, this skill game is simple: control the vehicles with arrow keys and drive them to the appointed position. Be careful not to crash the limousines by hitting buildings or other objects, and that will not be nice. You can find this game on Good luck!


BricksBreaking2 is an arcade game on in which you try to get all bricks removed from the playing field. When the game starts, you will see several rows of colorful bricks in the playing field. They may be green, yellow, or red. You can destroy the bricks by clicking same colored groups with at least three bricks. If you destroy a group with at least 15 bricks, then you get a bomb. A bomb can explode all bricks around it. As time goes on, there will be more and more rows of bricks added to the playing field. You must try to destroy as more bricks as possible. Once the rows of bricks hit the roof the playing field, the game is over. The more bricks you can destroy, the more points you can get. Have fun!

Maxims Day Out

Maxims Day Out is an Arcade game on in which a lovely dog named Maxim will help you catch Frisbees. The game is played in a beautiful field with blue sky and sun. Green Mountain stands in the far distance. Small flowers are blooming everywhere in the grass. Your lovely dog, Maxim, sits in a skateboard in the green meadow of the hill. All you should do is to move the arrow keys in your keyboard so that Maxim can catch as more flying disks as possible within 120 seconds. The Frisbee is not easy to be caught because they are thrown up from the far place and flying in the air. You should make sure that every time Maxim jumps in the air and just can catch the flying disk in a delicate position. So it’s not easy and you should practice it many times. When the time runs out, you can enter your name to submit your score and get your rank. Do your like this lovely dog? Play with it.

Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag is a skill game on in which you get the flag to your base avoiding the arrows. Each level have three red enemies, you must keep far away from the arrows. Grab the red flag on the other side and head back to your base as quickly as possible. Use the arrow keys to move the blue hero. Dodge the enemies—red ones and their arrows. The enemies will move towards to you, so you couldn’t stand still. In addition, you should avoid staying in the corner, or you can’t escape while the enemies close to you. You have three lives every level. Each level the enemies and their arrows move faster. Have fun!

Click Em Up

Click all the creatures in a room, and you will earn a key to unlock another room. Try to kill those creatures as many as possible within one minute. The more creatures you kill, the higher score you achieve. Click Em Up, a wonderful skill game available on for free will delight you very much and test your reaction ability at the same time. Are you the best clicker? Come on! Let’s begin.


Promnesia is another word for Déjà vu, the feeling of having seen or done something before. This is what the game is about, every 3 seconds a copy of yourself appears on the screen and starts mimicking your past actions. Promnesiac is mouse-based, no keyboard input is required. The objective is to avoid hitting past generation of yourself. You earn points by moving further and more wildly across the screen. Not though that every copy also earns points. Scoring a lot of points early on is a good idea as every time a new iteration starts you will get these points again. that is all there is to it. Go ahead, give it a try! This skill game is on Good luck!


Ef is a skill game on in which your mission is to eat, follow and discover new worlds and creatures. Follow the white arrows to find new locations and swallow those tadpole-like creatures to enlarge your size. You get points by eating your targets and other efs. The more you eat, the longer your body will be. There are many worlds and each one has a certain amount of worms--you’d better eat them up before you enter a new world if you want to summit your score. Watch out not to be eaten by other efs. Good luck!

My Pie

My Pie, which is a kid game on Miepie is a pink small girl who loves to eat pies and cakes. One day she was happily playing in the park, the crocodile wants to eat her, so Mr. Crocodile was attracted her by a pie. The innocent Miepie saw the delicious cake, she did not think that much to chasing the cakes. Now, let’s help Miepie to get her cake and not let Mr. Crocodile to eat her into his big stomache. Miepie will moving by your arrow key, so you have to let her avoid the crocodile, eat as much cakes as you can, then you can get more scores. Have fun!

Funny Cheerleaders

Funny Cheerleader is an awesome skill game on It’s the football match of the season. It’s make or break time for your team. So, get ready to mess around with the competition and have some fun with their cheerleader. Always remember to use the magic equation. Cheerleaders - Clothes = Win Win Situation. Try it out on the funny cheerleaders now! Just use your mouse to click on objects around the game to make events happen. Some events can be triggered by clicking two or more different objects. Some objects will get stored in the inventory panel, click on these objects to use them later. Refer to the hints in the game. Good luck and enjoy yourself!

Stunt Pilot

Stunt pilot is a skill game on in which pilots will steer a plane to perform wonderful flying. In the far distance is immensurable deserts and there are several green trees growing in the ground. Several circles are hanging in the blue sky. A stunt pilot will drive a plane to get through these circles but the aeroplane can not hit the circle, or it will crash and the pilot will bail out which means you lose the game. Press arrow keys to control the direction of this aircraft. But this flying machine is not easy to operate. There are many levels in this game. When you pass through all the circles without colliding with them, you pass the level. The circles will be placed in different shapes and orders in different levels. The higher the level you are playing, the more difficult the mission is. Try it!


StickBrix is an exciting skill game on in which your objective is to make all of the stick men fall off their platform without loosing all your lives. Knock them out with your ball, destroy the platform on which they stand or shoot them with your fireworks, no matter how, you just need to achieve your goal. As the stick figures are falling you may also hit them with you pod. Start each level by clicking on the screen to release the ball. Use your mouse to control the pod at the bottom of the screen. Each time the ball hits the ground, you loose a life, you have fifteen lives. Click to use your fireworks power up. Now go ahead and show your quick response. Good luck and enjoy yourself!

Rockstar Diva Dressup

Rockstar Diva Dressup is a Skill Game. Having a numerous selection in the closet, covering from dresses, trousers, pants, shoes, bags, ornaments, completely making a real life from nothing to something is almost everyone’s dream. And now, you can achieve your dream in your newly uploaded game, Avatar Dress Up. Makeup your pretty blank man (or girl) in decades of dresses, there must be some suit fit your imagination and taste. After your collaborated selection of clothes, your man will be more attractive and fascinating. Find this game on Have fun!


In this game, you are a girl and you run on bridges above a town. These bridges are a maze and your goal is to get out. The sacks in this maze are done by holes in the bridges. I you do not stop on time, you fall down. In that case, you are sent back to the starting point. To begin playing, press the space bar and move the girl by using the arrow keys. You can stop her by pressing the space bar. Take care! She moves fast and you must be prompt to stop her when she arrives at a hole... It is quite confusing and you will need to train a bit. Small hint: Take a paper and a pen to write down the route as you find it. Good luck...


Balldodge is an arcade game on in which you move your ball quickly in order to shun from the falling balls. You can use the left and right arrow-keys to go left or right, look out for the balls especially the green one which is close to the grounding color falling from upward side. You have three chances through the whole game, when you reach one hundred fractions in one level. You turn to the next level automatically. If you hit the other balls, your life amount decrease one, then you can press the space key to resume. There will be more and more balling falling as your level ascending. When you lose all of your lives, the game is over. Are you ready? Have fun.


Aquafield is a skill game on in which you help mother fish feed her children in the blue ocean. Once the game starts, mother fish drags her two children at the bottom of the sea. She uses two pieces of elastic to haul the two little fish. You shall help the mother fish feed her young son and daughter by steering her with your mouse in a way that will lead the little fish to the tasty worms. The mother fish is immune to little rocks and little pirana fish, but unfortunately her young fish are not. So try to protect them from any of these dangers. Pay attention to the bounce of the elastics. Once the little fish hit rocks, the game is over. Good luck!


Remember the helicopter game where you try to get as far as possible down the tunnel. Well this is just like that - on acid! Use the space bar to go up and down, collect the coloured orbs to speed up. Hitting the walls or collecting the grey orbs will slow you down. Instructions: Space bar to go up, release to go down. Collect the coloured balls to speed up, avoid the grey ones and the walls as they will slow you down. How far can you get in 60 seconds?


Ellips is a skill game on in which you try to protect a grey circle in the middle of the screen. Once the game starts, there will be a circle appearing in the center of the playing field. Then many yellow squares and green squares move fast to hit this circle. Once the grey circle is hit by any squares, its life value will decrease. And its total life is 100. When the life becomes zero, game is over. Your task is to click on any of the squares using your mouse so that they can disappear or explode, and stop them hitting the circle in this way. But sometimes the yellow square or green square may become into more bigger blue squares after you click on them. Then the situation becomes worse because those blue squares move faster than others. So you must eliminate them quickly. Sometimes the circle at the center may send forth three legs with each leg attaching a square. These legs can hit and break other squares, but they can also hurt the circle if they hit the circle. Do you want to know more? Join now.

Christmas Gifts

Santa Claus is busy delivering gifts with his deer, and what the surprise is that all the gifts packed in the bag have somehow scattered all around, leading the way behind Santa’s open sleigh. In this case, you are skating behind just in case to pick up the scatted gifts all by yourself. Be aware of the trucks and holes and rocks, the obstacles stuck you will costs you one life. Christmas Gifts is an action game, available on, for totally free.

Fat Cat Cash Back

Play free game Fat Cat Cash Back on

Caravan Parking

Caravan Parking is a skill game on in which you try to park your car under different conditions. If you are good at driving, then park the caravan at the reserved park area and try to park in within the allotted time in all levels or else you will lose points. Once the game starts, you can use the arrow keys to control the car and the caravan. Bonus points will be awarded for the earliest parking. Pay attention to the walls, the garden, the zebra crossing, and other obstacles in each map. You should learn when to turn left and right. This is a good chance to improve your driving skills. Play now.

Bouncy Draw

Hey, are you interested in watching the raccoon bouncing show? Here, in Bouncy Draw, you will participate the dangerous but exciting life-risk show. Click on your raccoon to start bouncing and draw lines for him to jump on and to get higher. You must make your way up the canyon or risk getting spiked on the dragon below. The longer you make the poor animal alive, the more scores you will get. You don’t have many lives to waste, so be careful. This skill game is on Good luck!

Cheating Lover

Ok, this is a little bit embarrassing. You must act as a cheating lover in this unique flash game presented by our unique website! What does a cheating lover fear most? Get caught by others, of course! So be extremely careful when you are cheating. (Honestly, I think the best policy is never cheating at all.)Record the naughty area and when the bar in the left on the screen is full you can proceed to the next level of cheating. So you understand your accuracy is very important, right? If you are spotted, the game is over. (This also holds true in reality.)

Boff The Hoff

Sometimes you may come home frustrated, but you can’t vent your rage on your families. What will you do then? Maybe you can play some flash games such as Boff The Hoff, a skill game on, in which you click on the Hoff’s face to slap him and release your anger before the timer reaches zero. Aim to hit Hoff when your rage levels are at their highest in order to give him a real whack. This will release more frustration. Have fun!

Ball Boy Challenge

Ball Boy Challenge is an arcade game on in which you will be very happy, because you will welcome to a challenge which is from a strong girl. At the first of the game, the girl will ask you a question. She said she could get all the balls bouncing at the same time. And ask how about you. Don’t afraid, just do your best. Once it starts, you will be located in a tennis card. There are several tennis balls which are lying on the ground. Your task is let all the tennis balls bouncing at the same time by using your mouse. If you can’t do it, the girl will call you a loser. It is very pity. Don’t give up, do better next time.

Helyx Commando

Helyx Commando is an arcade game on in which you will drive a helicopter. You could click and hold mouse to raise release to lower. Once it starts, you will find a helicopter which is ready to fly. You can use your mouse to fly higher and lower. Press your mouse in order to let the helicopter fly to the blue sky. There will have some aircrafts in the sky. What’s more, there are also obstacles between the sky, if you reach the obstacles, you will also lose the game. So when you fly, you have to notice the other aircrafts. If you do not fly very well, you will crash to the other aircrafts. Many people have the dream to become an air force, and this game can give you an opportunity to make your dream come true.

Space Trip

Space Trip, which is available on, is an awesome skill game that your objective is to help the green ball to be transported to the top of each level. Use the arrow keys to move it and collect the green balls because it is three-cornered to gain bonus. Press space bar to turbo. Try to avoid the rotating gear wheels and black balls may cost your life. The life meter is shown at the bottom left of the screen. Go ahead and explore various levels. Good luck!

Dynamite Fishing

Welcome to the Dynamite Fishing where your cat will have a fantastic dinner. In this skill game, the computer will throw firecrackers into the water automatically, and as a result, fishes jump out for survive—this is a best chance for your cat to hunt food! There are many kinds of different fishes, such as tropical fish, fleshwater fish, swordfish, crucian and rudd. Different fishes will give you different scores, and since you can’t collect all the fishes, just get those which are worth more. Navigate the little motor boat right and left to receive the fish rain, and store them in the dock on the right. You can enjoy this game on Have fun!


Balls is a very easy skill game—the rule is simple, and you just need to control the white ball and keep it stay on top of the blue box. However, it is not easy for you to get a high score—those annoying grey balls will knock the white globe about. So sometimes you need to avoid their trying to drive the white sphere out, while sometimes you need to utilize their knock so that you can stay on the box. So you must love this “simple” game. You can find this game on Good luck!

Magic Smash Hammer

There is no doubt that Magic Smash Hammer is one of the most awesome skill games on Wave the mouse to move the hammer. Click to launch mini-hammers. Touch coins that dead enemies drop with your mouse to collect them. Earn coins to upgrade new weapons. Hit the corresponding number keys to switch them. There’re 20 waves in total. Notice your castle’s health value bar. Have fun!

Jumping J

Jumping J is a skill game on Here, you play a daring explorer J who jumps up through the holes. You should avoid large monsters by nimble movements. Every enemy kicks J and J can fall down through the holes eventually losing a life. Your character has no power to fight against foes so you need to guide him carefully, and get as many points as possible. Don’t fall down the gaps. Good luck!

Carotino Chaos

Carotino Chaos is a skill game on in which you are going to collect as many bottles of Carotino Oil as you can. When you rush between shelves, the goods will appear randomly at different positions in the shop, and you’d better get them before the shop closed. When you finish the level requirement, you can enter the next stage. Your scores are related to how many bottles you have get, so try to summit the score board. Good luck!

Dog Dash

Dog Dash, it is a skill game on The dog is a domesticated subspecies of the gray wolf, a mammal of the Canidae family of the order Carnivora. The term encompasses both feral and pet varieties and is also sometimes used to describe wild canids of other subspecies or species. The domestic dog has been one of the most widely kept working and companion animals in human history, as well as being a food source in some cultures. There are estimated to be 400 million dogs in the world. People always say: “dogs are people’s best friends”. They usually follow you wherever you go, shake their tails when they see you back from work. Dogs are lovely and cute. You are training your dog, you hope it could races with other strong dogs, so you set some barriers for him and not forget give him some bones for rewards. Let’s see how your dog goes.

Jumpo Frogger

Frogs are born jumper. Now there is a jumping competition for frogs. Jumpo Frogger is a skill game on in which your mission is to lead the frog across the coin field. Different coins mean different points. You score points by jump over coins. Some coins will disappear if stepped by the frog while some will not. Don’t let your frog fall into gaps between coins, thus will make you lose one of your three lives. Have fun!

Falldown 1

Falldown is a skill game on The objective of the game is to keep the ball from going off the top of the screen. The level increases every five seconds, getting faster and faster until you lose. You shall use the left and right arrow keys to move the ball left and right. Once the ball hits the top of the screen, the game is over. You will have to go through a small gap to let the ball down since other areas are all blocked. Are you clear? Move the ball now.

Hoops Mania

Hoops Mania is a sport game on in which you will play basketball. There are three players for you to control. And the hoop will in floating status. Whenever the hoop moves to a position suitable to shoot the basketball, you can click on the corresponding player to shoot hoops, or use 1, 2, 3 keys to shoot. The more accurate you throw, the more bonus points you get. You can get 4 in a row and set the hoop on fire, then sink baskets for extra points. The game starts in a street corner with a shabby wall. One player is a girl. The other one has a ring on his nose and two rings on his ear. The third player has a sun tattoo on his arm. They are playing the ball and waiting for you. You can come and join now!

Stunt Hamster

Lemmings are no longer going to suicide themselves any more. They build a huge catapult to launch them into the sky and then find another place for them to live. At first,choose at the right angle to launch, and then the speed that the lemming will go off with the bomb. All of the above are manipulated by the SPACEBAR, press it at the right proper time and then it will give a long way glide, during which you can heat the glide with fire then the pilot lemming will flap higher and farther. Stunt Hamster is a skill game on Good luck!

Mars Buggy

Play free game Mars Buggy on

X Training 1

X Training 1 is a skill game called X-TRAINING I on in which you try to survive as longer as you can to get the highest point. It is really a simple but also a difficult game to test your vision and your speed of reaction. You just use the direction key on your keyboard to move the small cubic in the middle of the interface to evadable numbers of small balls with different colors surrounding the cubic. The small balls have different speed and you never know how many the balls will appear to catch you. What you can do is to observe the environment carefully and to look for the directions you can go in order to survive as longer as you can. Well, the purple ball can increase your speed and the gray ball can give you a good direction while in fact you never have the chance to distinguish the color of the balls.

My Leaves

My Leaves, which is a kid game on In the fall season leaves are falling, you are a little bug which loves the falling leaves. You were begging for the leaves from the big magical tree. One day, your dream come true, the fall season falls on, you got a chance to collect those pretty yellow and red leaves, but you have to be carefully that falling down from the magical tree are not just leaves, you will see some apples, but you must avoid those apples, because they will attack you, then you have to restart the game. Do you understand now? Control your keypad to catch those pretty leaves and avoid those attacking apples. Best of luck!

Totem Destroyer

So at last you are here to explore new adventures, I see. Totem Destroyer is a puzzle game on in which your mission is to bring down all the 25 Totems located in the world. Don’t just go pulling the trigger everywhere, and you need to rescue a golden idol which must not fall on the ground. If it falls from a height, it will break too, and that’s not what you want to happen. Good luck!

Evolution Squared

You have to eat the squared food to evolve and avoid the enemies so that you are not going to die. You move with the ARROW KEYS or KEY WASD. Press or hold the SPACEBAR to bite as long as auto bite is off. X to make it higher and C to make it 0. If the game is too hard then try it with an easier setting and visa versa for when its too easy(obviously). As a skill game, Evolution Squared can be found on Have fun and good luck!

Falldown 2 1

There are plenty ways of playing with a ball. Falldown 2 is a skill game on in which your mission is to keep the ball from going off the top of the screen. To achieve this goal, you have to make your ball jump from gaps and meanwhile hit the up-moving floors to score points. You’d better make your sphere roll as quickly as it can otherwise it will touch the top of the screen which means your game’s over. Hold as long as you can. Good luck!

Air Drop

Your are in a mission to scout the nearby air where there is an UFO with your parachute. Jump down from the airplane, the height of the sky appears more than we can imagine and predict. There is a castle like thing up in the sky, around which coins are scattered everywhere. You have to collect as much coins as possible while trying to avoid the moving structures hitting you. Air Drop is an action game on Good luck, have less bruise.

Bush Shoe Defense

Angry journalists are throwing shoes at you. Try to avoid them so long as you can and earn points, according to the size of the shoe. Move your mouse pointer and click to dodge inbound projectiles. There is no more politics in games, just enjoy aiming and hitting the targets. Bush Shoe Defense is an action and shooting game on, for totally free. Bush is so welcomed in the game for his standard impression, try to aim ASAP, and react quickly, for he is more expertise in dodging for his well known reputation. Enjoy! And remember to submit your high score.

Parachute Retrospect

Parachute Retrospect is a skill game on in which you try to land one hundred soldiers safely from a helicopter. Once the game starts, there is a helicopter carrying 100 persons over the mountains in the air. Numerous trucks, cars, and vehicles carrying cottons move along the path at the foot of this mountain. You shall drop one soldier when a truck is at the location of underneath the helicopter. If the soldier falls down on the cotton, that means he lands alive. If the soldier falls down on the ground, he will break to pieces and die. Try to catch as more soldiers as you can. As time goes on, cannon will be built in the hill to intercept the falling soldiers. You must avoid being shot by missiles in the air. Unfortunately, afterwards there is an electricity tower also appearing in the mountain to release high tension electricity. Once the falling soldiers hit the electricity, they will be burnt into ashes. So this must be a great challenge for you. Try to save all the soldiers and not drop them upon the trucks carrying rocks. Good luck!

Way Of The Tangram

Way Of The Tangram, which is available on, is an awesome skill game that your objective is to form a specific shape with seven pieces. The shape has to contain all the pieces, which may not overlap. Tangram is a very old game invented in China, which consists of seven pieces, called tans, which fit together to form a shape of some sort. Left click and hold to move the pieces around, and release the left button to put the piece on the game area. Left click shortly on pieces to rotate. Left click on the small button of the parallelogram to flip it horizontally. You can choose among 3 types of hints: Grid, shape and show. As you advance in the game, different design will be available. You also can choose with or without ornament. By solving different puzzles, you will earn all sort of awards: trophies, famous citations and wallpapers. Try to collect them all. Have fun!

Metal Ball

Use arrow keys to move the metal ball. Guide the metal ball through each level as quickly and safely as you can.

Bola Noid

Bola Noid is a skill game on in which your mission is to bounce as many balls at the same time as possible. In this interesting game, colored spheres will fall down, and you need to get them with your board. If you get them, they will bounce and dance in the air, but if you miss, they will fall off the game area. If you play well, the game will offer you more balls, vise versa. Try to be more nimble, otherwise you can hardly survive. Good luck!

The Gardener Deluxe

Welcome to The Gardener Deluxe, a skill game on Here, you are going to live a wonderful gardener life! To be qualified, you need to plant fruits, vegetables, flowers in the garden and water them. There are many species: tomato, patato, carrot, eggplant, green pepper, lettuce, corn, lily, daisy, tulip, carnation, banana, apple, cherry, mango … Click what you want to plant and drag it to the farming field, and use pesticides to kill bugs. You are racing against time. Good luck!

Cave Diving

Cave Diving is a skill game on in which you are an explorer who wants to explore a cave at the bottom of the ocean. You have equipped yourself fully with swimming or diving clothes and oxygen bottle. Everything is under control. So you jump into water and swim to the deep position of the sea. After a while, you find the hole of the cave. It is a long and endless cave. You move towards the entrance. It is easy to play. You can just click the left mouse button to move up and release the button to lower down. There are numerous rocks floating in the middle of the cave. You must avoid hitting the rocks or any other obstacles. Once you hit one of them, the game is over. Try to swim as far as possible. The farther you can go, the more points you can get.

Pepe Pillz

It is time for Mr. Hebert to have his pills, however the drugs are somehow too bitter for him to swallow. In this case, he have to run with his wheelchair, in order to escape from the nurse. Help Mr. Hebert evade the nurse by clicking the mouse, and try to avoid the obstacles and barricade along the way. You have to dodge or make tricks to jump over by one click on the mouse, twice to double jump, and spacebar to slide. Pepe Pillz is an action game on Wish Hebert get rid of the evil nurse! Good luck!

Barb Jump

A very bloody jumping game, you need to jump at the good moment, if you don't jump on the right time, you will loose your arms or your legs, and even this you have to finish the game, very bloody game.


We all remember Frogger. Now see if you can lead the lost Pubber to his favorite pubs.

Albert The Dog

The young cyberdog Albert dreams to become a cosmonaut. For this purpose it is necessary for him to pass uneasy test on a gravitational stage. Albert have trained a lot, but he is still worried, so you need to help him in Albert The Dog. In this skill game, you need to guide him run up to the wall of the stage and jump to touch the stars in the middle of the air. Every time he collects all the golden and red stars, he can enter the next level. You can find this game on, a wonderful online flash game site. Good luck!

Exit 2

Exit 2, which is a skill game on One day, a Onion head boy rushed in a place that he has no idea where he is. But the place is very weird, he has past many tough things to get the key and open the door for escaping this strange place. The green boards are safe, but when you stepping on the yellow boards, they will disappear, and those red boards as what you see, they will hurting the Onion head boy. So, would you like to halp him to escape from this weird, cold and strange place? Be careful!

A Crow In Hell

A crow is killed, and it falls down to the hell, what will happen to it? Here, in A Crow In Hell, you will control the dead crow to find out the key to the new life. The key is at end of the cave so you need to navigate the crow through the cave safely. There are many dead branches, skeleton pieces and rocks that can hurt your bird, so try to avoid them as possible as you can. The way in the hell is not as good as on the earth, so you’d better be careful. Enjoy yourself in this skill game on Good luck!

Save The Porters

Recently, some plumbers’getting together and running into and out of the local underground really catches the attention of the landlady of the pub. After having known the plot of them is to explode the local pub, the landlady is ready to go against the odds to save it. In Save The Porters, please use the mouse to move the nice landlady to stop the demolition crew from destroying our heaven of beer. However, protecting the pub is not the only duty of the landlady, for that would be a tragedy and we love beer!! This skill game can be found on Good luck!

Thin Squares

Thin Squares is an arcade game on in which you move your mouse to collect as many squares as the color of the player square, while trying to get bonuses and to avoid the baddies. Before the game, you’d better check out the help section, especially the power-ups in that section. Only with these power-ups and others will you get a high score. Once the game started, you can see the pass-score in the left upper corner. Be careful of the squares with different color and always try to get a high score. You can also turn off the mouse button, it’s dark when turned off, and the game will be more exciting.

Gorillaz Groove Session

Gorillaz Groove Session is a skill game on in which you will compete dancing with a gorilla. You are in a shiny stage and will be accompanied at the drum by a band. The gorilla will perform a series of four moves to the first four drum beats. When the light shines on you, you must repeat the computer’s moves to the next four drum beats. The colors of the lights on the panel indicate the quality of your performance. Green light means a perfect move. Yellow means an early move. Orange means a late move, and red means a miss or incorrect move. You can select from different characters, a cool guy, a proud guy, and a wild guy. The gorilla will have an excellent dancing. He is laughing at you. Yes, you can not lose, guy. Winning this stupid gorilla is an easy thing. You should prove this point. Go.


Don’t think it is merely a ball-bounce game, for break bricks or just turn some unbreakable bricks into green. It is a puzzle game rather than an action one. Some time you should calculate the exact time and spot, when and where to take off the brick or to the next place. Your objective throughout this course is to turn every power platform on. Power platforms remain red before it is turned on to become a green one. Try to turn all these platforms on to complete the level. Bounce is an action game available on, for totally free. Use the LEFT ARROW KEY and RIGHT ARROW KEY to move yourself around the level. During the course there are objects to help you, and there are object to hinder you progress. Make sure the next spot where you plan to land is not the platform with sharp spikes, nor to pass the space with black hole, which will suck you in forever. Bouncy platforms give you a boost when you bounce on them. You can rest on walls. Good luck, and have fun.

Gung Ho

Gung Ho is a skill game on You are a boss of a factory in the game. You have employed many workers to create productivity for you. But some workers are very lazy and often sleep during work. It is very dangerous and will greatly affect the production of the factory. So you have a good idea and set a signal alarm beside each worker. Once you see which worker is sleep or is napping, you can click on the control panel to wake them up to maintain productivity. The production line is so long, so you must watch the entire production. As levels up, there will be more and more workers sleeping in the work. Once the production level decreases to 60%, the game is over. To be the boss now.

Tribal Olympics 2

Tribal Olympics is an arcade game on in which your mission is to throw the skull as far as you can. First you choose your athlete. You click to get ready to hit. You click again to swing at the right time to launch the skull into the air. If the skull hits any of the eggs, a little dragon will give you a boost. Watch out! Your opponent will sneak up and hit the skull back to you. Once in a while, a flying bird may also grab your skull and bring it back to you causing you to lose a turn. If that happens, don’t get mad or sad, just try again. Have fun!

Under Cover

Under Cover is a challenging skill game on in which your mission is to take the pictures of sexy girls , which means that you should take the exposure of their underwear or bra. You have just clinched a job at the world famous UCM Magazine. Your first assignment is to go around the city and shoot candid shots of women exposing their lingerie. To publish your article you need to click at least twelve revealing snapshots across four levels. So get going, the World of UCM is waiting for it’s new star Photographer. Move the mouse to adjust the camera lens. Left click to take the shot. The naughtiest pictures will take you to the next level. Good luck!

Christmas Attack

Christmas Attack is a skill game on Christmas Eve is approaching… and Santa discovers a prank by some dude after a present exploded. You should help Santa re-open each present and sort out the good and bad toys before it is too late. Otherwise Santa can not deliver his presents to the children around the world. Once the game starts, you will shoot open presents and collect toys on your way. Stay alive to complete for highest score. The presents boxes may release various items. Cherries change your weapon type. Blue gives you a spread gun, red gives a fire laser and green gives you magic star flakes. Bells upgrade your weapon level. While the bombs and dynamites are bad items that can destroy you in collision, good items such as teddies and candies give you bonus. Collect 50 of them, you get an extra reindeer. Reindeers help open every present on the screen and lure toys to you. All is up to you. Good luck!

Chick Party

Chick Party is a skill game on in which you will join a chick party and remove the chicks from the playing field. There are a number of chicks on the grass. Beautiful flowers bloom here and there. The chicks may be in red, pink, yellow and black. They line up and form an orderly queue. There are more and more new chicks joining the party. The new coming chicks must walk along the bottom of the screen and then join the queue from the back of the team. But you can do something useful. Try to click the chick at the bottom as they move to guide them upwards. Once you connect at least three chicks of the same color, they will be lifted up and removed from the screen. Thus you gain points from it and may enter the next level. Sometimes there may be a black chick appearing. It can remove all chicks on the same column. Once the playing field is full of chicks, the game is over.

Air Traffic Mania

Air Traffic Mania is a skill game. In this game you become a pilot, and your target is to guide your plane to the required zone within time limited. You can press the “A” key or Left arrow key to fly leftward, press “D” key or Right arrow key to fly rightward, press “W” key or Up arrow key to fly fast, press “S” key or Down arrow key to fly slow. You can press the “N” key or “Z” key to fly backward, and press the “M” key or “X” key to fly forward. The planes which have skeleton mark on its body will chase you, so your defenses will try to kill them. Remember, you must land before they runway’s halfway point, you must land in the green zone, not the red zone. Land in the direction of the arrows, and slow down, match the angle of runway. Ready? Let’s go!

Pizza Passion

Pizza Passion a exciting shooting game! Don’t you want a hot kiss or a tasty pizza?! So concentrate all your attention to hit the mouse. People say the best pizza are made in heaven.The higher the pizza fly,the more benefits you will get.How to make the pizza full of toppings? The only way is to prevent it from falling down.Are you ready? For the kiss, do your best to be a great cook on Have fun!

Spider Skipping

Spider Skipping, which is a skill game on You fallen in love with spiders after watching the movie Spider Man, one day you bought a spider and sign up a skipping competition for it. You have to training it before the competition. Finally you found a place for practicing your spider skipping skill. What you have to do is let your spider skip over the red flag, it is the goal. In beginning, you have only three red threads for sticking on the wall to keep your spider on top and not falling down even die, which means you have only three chances. Good luck, hope your spider could be the champion!

Oh My Cake

You made a super cake, damage which the cockroaches want also to eat it! The goal of the play is very simple finds and to kill the cockroaches, there are 5 per level of them. The cockroaches merge very well with the d?cord and time is rather short certain times... fortunately you have access to zooms (magnifying glasses with more and less). The keys are simple: click of mouse to use the zooms and to find the cockroaches! Good play and amuse well! (Google Translation)

Spider Web 1

Spiders are born enemies to bees. Araneids build webs to catch honeybees and other insects. In the skill game Spider Web, you can experience the hunting joy that ever belongs to spiders only. This game is on, and your mission is quite simple—moving the arachnid and catching bees. If you touch the edge of your game screen, you will lose one of your three lives. Try to collect all your trophies. Good luck!

Duck Stazy

In Duck Stazy, you are going to get as many points as possible by guiding the duck to touch pills. But not all the pills are good for you because there are some dangerous items which will kill your lives, such as poison, so avoid them as much as you can. Try to hit bonuses such as smiling faces which can speed you up or jump higher. The game area will change to be more difficult if you play well, but don’t worry about it, you can perform well. This skill game is on Good luck!

Apple Eater

Apple Eater is a skill game on in which you are in control of a green apple to eat other red apples. You will control the green apple to move in different routes and maps in different maps. There are many blocks, traps, tricks, and obstacles in each map. Use your mouse to move the green apple and hit all the red apples to eat them and finally eat the golden apple to complete each stage. Don’t hit the walls or obstacles, or you will lose a green apple. As levels progress, there are some machine traps appearing in the map and it becomes hard to complete the mission. Eat a red apple for ten points, a golden apple for 80 points. And if you lose a life or a green apple, your score will decrease 50. If you complete the game the number of lives left will be multiplied by the score and that will be minus by the time you had taken to finish the game. Good luck!

Snack Encounter

Snack Encounter, which is a skill free game on A snack food (commonly called a snack) is seen in Western culture as a type of food not meant to be eaten as a main meal of the day – breakfast, lunch, or dinner – but one rather that is intended to assuage a person’s hunger between these meals, providing a brief supply of energy for the body. The term may also refer to a food item consumed between meals purely for the enjoyment of its taste. Traditionally snacks were prepared from ingredients commonly available in the home, often leftovers, sandwiches made from cold cuts, nuts, fruit, and the like. The Dagwood sandwich was originally the humorous result of a cartoon character’s desire for large snacks.

Dodo Panic

Use your arrow keys to dodge the comets and escape becoming extinct!


A game with the paces of shoot'em up, without the interstellar explosions, and with a mongolfiere by way of vessel. You will have with the orders of this boat to reconstitute mysterious words, by avoiding flying geese...


Robomaro is an arcade game on in which a green robot holding a spade will feed and protect its lovely egg-shaped pet. You can move your mouse to control this robot. In different level, you will have different tasks to increase the weight of the pet to some degree. In the far is a blue planet. Chicken, sandwich, banana, apple, ice cream, litchi, watermelon and other food will fall down from the sky. Move the pet to pick up these stuffs in order to increase its weight and pass level. Also cupboard, car, bottles, pot, television, guitar and gramophone will fall down from the air, you shall use mouse to move the robot for breaking these things with its shovel. The pet totally has three lives. If it is hit by the objects except food, the pet will lose a life. You will lose the game if the lives all sacrifice. When you finish the specified weight for pet, you can move to the next level. Go now!

Bag of Chips

Two old people make the race to catch in first the package of chips!! You are the lady of left, to advance click right in front of the escabot of your character. If you click too far, it will fall and you will waste time. Good luck.

Dragon Journey

Dragon Journey is a skill game on The journey begins in a magical Kingdom, far, far away… in a dragon’s lair. An evil eagle snatched the eggs of this dragon and flew away. So the dragon had to chase the eagle for getting its eggs back. Their fight began in a forest. You must help the dragon collect at least ten eggs. Don’t hit rocks, trees, and other obstacles for it will reduce the dragon’s health. You can use the mouse to control the dragon through different worlds. Watch out for your enemies and dodge them or use bombs to blast them. Pay attention to different items on your journey. Shrink Ray will shrink you. Invincibility Shield will make no obstacle or enemy can damage you. Pick up a dragon icon to gain an extra life. You may collect bombs and left-click to blast everything in your path. A heart icon can boost your lost energy. And the tortoise icon will slow your speed down. Run as fast as possible. Go to help our dragon find back its eggs now!

Poom 2

Poom, which is a skill game on There is a big hole on the street, everyone knows that we must cross it and not to fall into the hole. But in this game, they will offer you a board which made by some different bricks. What you have to do is use your mouse to direct the board position to not let the ball falling into the hole. The board will change the shape once you catch a ball, so the board is changeable, you just need to catch the ball and not let it falling into the big hole. Let’s try it! Best of luck!

Gold Miner Vegas

Gold Miner Vegas is an arcade game on in which you will help a gold miner to mine enough treasures for his trip. Gold Miner wants to go to Vegas to strike it rich. Before he can leave Australia, he needs to mine up some gambling money. You must assist him. Sitting inside a cart, you can click below the track to drop your claw. Click on the track area to make the cart move. Grab an object and click on the dynamite to blow it up. You can use your claw and reel to mine gold and other treasures out of the earth. Your claw will swing back and forth. Click the mouse button to lower it. Once the claw has grabbed something, it will begin to reel it up. Heavy objects like rocks and large pieces of gold will be harder to reel up. Sometimes you may grab shrewmouse or money bag to earn little money. You must collect the target amount of money by the end of the level to go on. Between levels you can buy items that can help you. Are you ready? Join it now!

Warfare Transporter

Warfare Transporter is a shooting game on in which you will steer a transporter to finish risky tasks. The game happened in war period. As the war rages on, the supply business turned out to be most profitable. However, only the best ships can survive in the ocean that is full of enemies attacking from beyond and above. There are five missions for your selection, Pass the fjord, safe quarter, N-NE headland, island route and frontline pass. There may be many submarines or aircrafts attacking your ship. So you shall try to shoot out torpedoes and missiles to kill enemies and protect yourself to reach destination safely. If your ship is shot, its life value will decrease, until to sink. Then you will be told that bottom of the ocean is your home now. Do you want to experience this adventure? Join it here!

Wall Street Pong

The econimic crisis has a strong effect on Wall Street. Now you are going to help maintain Dow Jones index as long as you can. Wall Street Pong is a skill game in which your objective is to move Bush as quickly as possible so that he can save the Dow Jones. The red line will drop randomly so you need to have quik response and nimble movement. You can find this on-line game on Good luck!

Blob Star

Blob Star wants to find riches for his queen, so he starts his journey to treasure. Your mission is to help him collect gold and silver coins and pearls on his travel to sunken ship. As he moves round, treasures and shells become stuck to his body. He can carry only a little number of shells before he can no longer collect things. So help him shake the shells off the body. Look for tasty fish as they will help your hero grow in size and strength. Once he reaches a certain size, he can split into smaller parts, which may make collecting easier. Look out for nasty fish, crab and other dangerous for they will kill blob star. You can find this adventure game on Good luck!

Flight Simulator 2

Flight Simulator, which is a skill game on You have to use your keypad to controling the flight. There are different approaches to flight. If an object has a lower density than air, then it is buoyant and is able to float in the air without using energy. A heavier than air craft, known as an aerodyne, includes flighted animals and insects, fixed-wing aircraft and rotorcraft. Because the craft is heavier than air, it must use the force of lift to overcome its weight. The wind resistance caused by the craft moving through the air is called drag and is overcome by propulsive thrust except in the case of gliding. Do not let it falls, best of luck!

Magnesium Gardens

Your master has died. The illness was sudden. As you sifting sadly through his papers and notes and ponder your future, you come across sheaves with cryptic scribblings and incoherent secrets, as well as a smudged map detailedly plans for a fraught journey north. A lonely outpost is mentioned obsessively in the ravings. In Magnesium Gardens, a skill game on, please press DOWN ARROW KEY near the orb before point to destination and release the button to roll orb in that direction. When orbs roll through fire, they ignite. Incinerate all plants as fast as possible.

Techno Maze

Play free game Techno Maze on

Crazy Kitchen

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

The Worker

The Worker, which is a skill game on Worker is One of the construction trades, traditionally considered unskilled manual labor (as opposed to skilled labor). In the division of labor, laborers have all blasting, hand tools, power tools, air tools, and small heavy equipment, and act as assistants to other trades [1] , e.g. operators or cement masons. The first century BC engineer Vitruvius writes in detail about laborer practices at that time. In his experience a good crew of laborers is just as valuable as any other aspect of construction. Other than the addition of pneumatics, laborer practices have changed little. With the advent of advanced technology and its introduction into the construction field, the laborers have been quick to include much of this technology as being laborers work.


Bingohtrail is a puzzle game on in which you direct the ball and make the journey longer at your best. There are three modes with different degree of difficulty you can choose. If you are a novice, you may choose the first level, the blue frame with one star. But if you are a veteran, you can choose the second or third level. They are much faster than the first one. Once the game started, you will see a distance meter in the upper-right corner of the screen; it shows the distance you have gone and how long do you left. Use up-arrow key to go forward, press space-key and up-arrow key in the same time to jump over a precipice. Use left/right-arrow keys to get left /right, in order to avoid falling into the precipices. Make your eyes precede the ball and keep your actions up with your view. The road forward is changing all the time and you may get failed easily. Be careful.

D Tunnel

D tunnel, which is a skill game on A lovely holiday, you driving car take your family out for camping, you are going to the "Freedom Village", that is a place you always want to go, finally you have a few days holiday to visit there with your family, but there is an accident on your way to the "Freedom Village" is that you drive into the D tunnel, there is dark, and you can not see what is infront of you, there is even has no light inside the tunnel. Now you have to use your feeling to drive, I hope you guys could be safe there. Best of luck!

Love Quest

The objective of the game is to form lines of three identical items. Click on two items that are next to each other to switch their positions. Remove the boxes by placing 3 or more pops of the same color next or each other. There are dozens of items hiding in the board each of which has a different effect. Some of them will bonus you extra health, while some will take away your health. Love Quest is a skill game on Good luck!

The Classroom

The Classroom is an arcade game on in which you will help Alex to pass the final exam. It is also a classic and skill game. Alex can’t study. So in the next 10 exams, you will help him to cheat from the geek at any possible and avoid their teacher’s fields of vision. You can click on the left mouse button to cheat and use the arrow keys to move Alex close to the geek. At the right side of the screen is a “cheat bar”. You will pass one exam by fulfill the “cheat bar”. The safe signal is on the right upper corner, pay attention to it and it can remind you whenever you are in a safe area. After you have passed 3 stages, there are more interesting challenges wait for you. Are you ready? It’s time to go for it!


Chaos is an arcade game on in which you work by the computer. Choose your role in the game, two girl characters (one with red hair and another with yellow long hair), and eight boy characters (one has yellow hair and glasses; another has a red hat on his head…). There will be a white arrow shown on your role. Take seat before your computer and click on the pages popping from the computer to solve your tasks. If not, the computer will easily explode. Your colleagues may come to plunder your computer when theirs break down. Fight against them to keep it, and you can pillage from them when yours don’t work, too. Try your best to finish your work before the ring of getting off work resound.


Graveyard is a skill game on in which you help a pumpkin go through a terrible graveyard at Halloween Day. It is a dark night without moon. A poor pumpkin want to get to the other side of the graveyard. There are many ghosts around this burying ground. The pumpkin bounces on ghosts, but smashes on graves. You only have one chance to shoot the pumpkin. You can use left and right keys to adjust the pumpkin’s speed and press up and down keys to move the pumpkin. Use the mouse to aim and click to fire. You totally have six pumpkins. So be careful, once all pumpkins hit graves, the game is over. Try to find a route that ensures your pumpkin get to the other side of this graveyard safely. Good luck!

High Vaultage

High Vaultage, an interesting skill game on, will bring you a great joy. A fan won a place in High Vaultage! Unlock and play as Neon Lane, with new music and effects! Fart your way to the stars! Use birds, rainbow power and so on to fly higher and farther. Unlock new stadiums and poles while building up your team and win all the awards! Use arrow keys to move, and hit Spacebar to jump. Have fun!

Anti Shanti

Anti Shanti, which is a skill game on Shanti is an indian girl who has a skill is catching three balls in the same time. Now, let’ss use your keypad to control her hands and catch the balls. Use your right and left arrow keys to move her hands and catch those balls. Better not lose any ball from Shanti’s hands, otherwise she will cry if you crash any ball. So let’s do her a favor, ok? Best of luck!

Forest Cooking

Do you want to be a great forest cook? Now you can realize your dream. Forest Cooking is a classic game on, where you have to use the right ingredients to make the most delicious food. You are against time, which means you have to make as many right dessert as you can within the given time. There are many materials for you: sugar, flour, honey, chocolate, milk, and pudding, and bake your cakes by adding the right material with right dose. Mousse, cheese and other delicious food are waiting for you! Have fun!

Fish Shoot

Fishes are born swimmer, and in the river or ocean, they can swim with fantastic speed. Do you know how fast they can achieve in a barrel? Fish Shoot is a shooting game on in which your mission is to shoot the fishes in the barrel. In theory, it is a very simple game. But the challenge is that the fishes will swim faster and faster as you going on new levels. So you’d better rest your eyes on them steadily and shoot them the moment you find out some opportunities. Have fun!

Lt Fly VS Spiders From Above

Play free game Lt Fly VS Spiders From Above on

Princess Bonnie

Princess Bonnie, which is available on, is an awesome skill game. When clicking on tabs menu, different options will open. Each option opens a window in which you will be able to choose the clothes and its color. There will be many kinds and styles like royal crown, bow-tie, chapeau,high-heel shoe, boot. Whenever you want you can zoom in to see the details. In the end you will be able to print and show her to your friends. Have fun!

Maxim's Seaside Advenure

Maxim’s Seaside Adventure is an adventure game on in which you are in control of a lovely dog to search for food at seaside. The sun shines bright and warm and few clouds float in blue sky. Here Maxim starts his adventure. You can use arrow keys to move this lovely dog. And you should help him try to collect as many bones as you can. Maxim can jump high to collect bones and then fall back upon his skateboard. Pick up brown bone for 1 point, white bone for 2 points and yellow bone for 3 points. But be careful. There are obstacles and dangers on this adventure. You must avoid hitting the logs, or you will lose a life. Wild big dogs may be waiting for you, and you shall try to jump over them. Sometimes don’t hit a jumping-about ball. Try to go as long as possible. There are totally 5 lives for you. Are you ready? Good luck!

Kairis Ice Cream Shoppe

You need to purchase stock before you start your day. Add items to your order with the UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS then click next to stock your ice cream case. Here is where you stock your ice cream. Right now you have 3 slots, choose a flavor for the first slot by moving through the tubs and click on the one you want. Once all of your slots are full you can begin your day. Then you have filled your ice cream case with lots of yummy ice cream! Make sure you have what you want before you start! Kairis Ice Cream Shoppe is an arcade game on, for your spare time relaxing and entertainment. Wish you can make delicious ice creams!

Burgers n Bombs

Burgers n Bombs is an arcade game on in which you use the arrow keys and the spacebar to help Taz catch all the delicious food such as the hot dog, potato chips, hamburgers, pizzas ,turkeys ,drumsticks and antacids. There are also things you shouldn’t eat like the bombs, and dynamites falling from the sky. Don’t let any food fall to the ground, there’s a food meter in the right side of the screen to measure food your dropped, when it fills up, the game is over. You can take the antacid tablet which has an A on the pink table surface and the next explosive becomes a bonus treat and will lower your food meter and extend your life time.

Breakout 360

Ever player the old school game breakout? This is the next generation. Move your pad 360 degrees around the brick area. There are no top, left and right borders. Prepare for moving bricks and rotating bouncers.

Ragdoll Cannon Remake

Ragdoll Cannon Remake is an interesting game, and your objective is to shoot the ragdoll guy with the cannon and hit the target ball to go to the next level. Try to make as little shoots as possible like we do in golf. There are totally 25 levels, go through them with your wise and attention, in this case the appearing difficult games will be much easier than you could ever imagine. It is a shooting game which you can find on Good luck! It is worthy of playing much more times. Just enjoy it!

El Emigrante

Many people from poverty-stricken areas will try various ways to stow away. Those illegal immigrations are afraid of the police because they will meet great trouble if caught by officers. Do you want to experience that? El Emigrante is a skill game on in which your mission is to avoid the police as long as you possibly can. The police will come from all directions so you need to be more alert and nimble. Have fun!


It is the game that aiming to build the highest tower in the world with all the blocks, without any loss of brick, the tower height is measured by the bricks. Be sure to make the firm base and the stable construction. If you do not hold with your mouse, the game engine utilize the physical box. Drop bricks from swinging hooks, you should keep an eye on the tower that on every step you toss the blocks after they stop trembling. Brickz is a skill game, available on, for your spare time entertainment and relaxing. Good luck!

Jasmine And Her Dog

Jasmine And Her Dog is a skill game on in which you are going to help Jasmine feed and cheer up her pet by preparing cuisine for it. Every time you are asked to make one kind of food, such as sushi, rice, soup, and you have to finish within the time limit or your dog will not happy. Each time you successfully make the dish, you get some points, which is also related to your speed. Have fun!

Pig Race

There are horse races, dog races, have you ever heard of pig races? Pig Race is a skill game where you need to help the pig deal with all the obstacles and win the prize. Control your to swine jump over fences, to run fast, to collect bonuses such as mushroom, carrot and apple. Don’t miss hearts, which will give you extra lives. Try not to fall down or you will lose chances. Enjoy yourself on Good luck!

Avatar Dress Up

Having a numerous selection in the closet, covering from dresses, trousers, pants, shoes, bags, ornaments, and completely making a real life from nothing to something is almost everyone’s dream. And now, you can achieve your dream in your newly uploaded game, Avatar Dress Up. Makeup your pretty blank man (or girl) in decades of dresses, there must be some suit fit your imagination and taste. After your collaborated selection of clothes, your man will be more attractive and fascinating. Avatar Dress Up is a misc puzzle and skill game, available on, have fun and enjoy.

Wacko Willy

Welcome to Wacko Willy! In this skill game you will find naughty moles that are popping out of their holes—this really disturbs you! So in order to teach them a lesson, you need to hammer all the rabbit-like moles the moment they come out. In each round, you are requested to achieve certain hits, and you’d better do better than that if you want to continue the game. The website is home to this game.

Catch Me

Find the green field for the next level! But watch out! You have 5 seconds for each level!

Pizza Dude

Pizza Dude, it is a skill free game on Leonardo Saffioti opened a small pizza hut, it is a tiny place that you could not sitting there enjoy your pizza, the customers are lots though, so Leonardo needs your help to send out the pizza for him.Do you ever have a part time job as a pizza dude? If you do, then you are the one who Leonardo has been looking for. But I must tell you, Leonardo is a very strict boss, you must a very nimble person for doing this job, because when customers can not get their pizza on time, they will get mad and your boss will blames you, too.Do you think you can handle it and take this job? If you are ready for the challenge, then click “start”! Best of luck…

Red Carpet 1

Red Carpet is a skill game on in which your mission is to catch the green bad tomatoes who try to enter the performance hall illegally in the crowd of good red tomatoes. Every time you catch one bad guy, you get one point, and if you miss-catch a good guy, you will lose the same point. You’d better be as accurate as you can in order to seize as many foes as possible within the given time.

Dont Drop The Ball

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

Cafe Waitress

Café Waitress is a skill game on There are totally 5 tables in this snack bar. You will be a café waitress to serve the customers well and earn maximum score. Click with your mouse to take an order, clean the table, place an order, get food as well as dispose the wastes. You can click the back door to call the worker to clean the dishes, refill coffee cups, refill drinks and to empty the recycle bin. You can only take an order after cleaning the table. Do not make the customers wait too long or they will walk out and make you lose a life. In this restaurant, Hot dog, pizza, hamburger, fish, coffee and other drinks are offered. You shall tell the cooker which kind of food is being needed. Do not serve the food to a wrong table. Are you ready? Try it now!

Pub Master Darts

Besides drinking beer or other wines, what can clubers do in a pub? Maybe you can try darts if you are really boring. Pub Master Darts is a skill game on in which your mission is to throw the darts and perform as well as you can. Every time you have three chances. Aim the target with your mouse and try to hit the center red dot of the target. The closer your dart is to the red dot, the higher points you will get. Try to summit your scores. Good luck.

Shine Bounce

Shine Bounce is a skill game on in which your objective of each level is to illuminate all of these round lights using your shine balls. You only get three shine balls per level, so use them carefully. To illuminate the light, you need to aim your cannon so that the shine ball hits a surface, not the light itself. By hitting a surface, the shine ball will emit a light ray that travels perpendicular to the surface. A shine sphere can emit up to 5 rays before its energy is expended. Have fun!

Hang Over

Hang Over is an arcade game on in which you try to catch yellow bubbles in your stomach. When the game starts, you are sitting on the steps before your house and drinking continuously. Click “hang over”, there will be an x-ray to scan your stomach. A submarine is floating in your stomach and you can maneuver it with your mouse, some yellow bubbles run out from time to time, you should use the submarine to catch them so that your stomach acid can not make you vomit. If the acid bubbles explode, there will be less time from the moment you vomit. And if you can not resist and throw up, game will be over.

Santa Dance

Xmas version of 'Be a Copycat'. Enjoy and have a Merry Season ahead.

Saute Mountons

Saute Mountons is an adventure game on in which you help a sheep to go through many difficulties and try to survive. It is a fine day and several pieces of clouds are floating in the blue sky. You, a sheep, go out for searching for food. You will encounter many traps and dangers. There are many barriers on your way. Don’t hit them, or you will lose a life. Also avoiding hitting the electric fence or you will be electrocuted. Sometimes an eagle flies over your head, under this condition, you shall not jump high to hit it or you will also lose a life. The most dangerous thing is that there are many wolves on your way hiding in some dark places and not easy to find. You must avoid being devoured by them. You can jump high to collect some grass for bonus points. Try to pick up a red heart for a bonus life. Go as far as possible. Are you ready? Good luck!


How did you feel when watching some acrobats walking along the tightrope? Did you hold your breath? How about walking a tightrope on your computer? Zeitenwende is a skill game on in which your mission is to keep your acrobat walking on the hire wire as long as you can. Actually the game is quite easy, but to finish the long tough and dangerous walking, you need to be attentive every second. Keep your player balanced. That’s all. Good luck!


Zomber is a skill game. The goal of this game is to blow up all the zombies in certain world region. There are totally 6 different kinds of zombies. You can use your mouse to complete all movements. In order to blast a zombie, you can place the clock working bombs of 5 types by click your left mouse button. Each bomb blasts automatically after the determined period of time and has its own damage range. Be careful, all the bombs except the Photon Bomb can damage Zomber. You have to move Zomber away from the blast site where you have placed the bomb. Sometimes after you have blown up a zombie automatic detector can detect a new virus strain. Laboratories will pay generously for the new strain. You can spend them in the rewards shop to buy the upgrades for Zomber. Just move Zomber over the green icon of the strain and Zomber will automatically collect one. It will give you more bonus points Ready?? Go!!

Tornado Mania

Here in Tornado Mania, you are going to know how it feels as being a devil. Excited? Let’s start. The deadly hurricane will move in clockwise direction automatically so you need to change their route by pressing spacebar, so that you can destroy as many building as possible within the time limit. Your score is related to the breaking you have done, so use your cyclone well. You can enjoy this typhoon-related skill game on Have fun!

Deep Core Exp

Atom is exploring the deep core of our planet ! You need to use the left and right arrow keys to help him moving on the steps. There are different type of steps, you have to choose the save ones to put Atom on. You have only three lives, so three chances to see how far can you go down into the core of the earth. Don't forget to submit your final score and compare it with the players from all the world. Good luck Atom !

Bullet Time

Bullet Time is a skill game on in which you try to dodge the bullet shot out from a pistol. Once the game starts, you will see an Eagle pistol appearing in the screen. It is ready to shoot out a bullet. A finger has been put on its trigger. You are standing near a window and waiting for the bullet shot at you. The situation is very urgent. You want to challenge yourself for this deadly game. When the bullet flies out from the gun, you shall press left mouse button to dodge the bullet. Dodges made only after the trigger has been pulled will count. If you fail, you will lose your life. If you succeed, you can move to the next level and the distance between you and the shooter will become shorter than before. It is more difficult. Are you ready for that? Bullets kill! Do not attempt to dodge them in real life…because you won’t.

Cursor Game

A small guy will do his best to catch your mouse cursor, with a lot of movements and weapons, some of them are very original and fun. Be care, you will be hooked by this game soon !

Magical Eye

Magical Eye is a skill game on in which you try to remain hidden by avoiding Mad-Eye Moody’s gaze and his Dark detectors. You are locked inside a horrible room. There is no bright light and just several firebrands. Mad-Eye Moody is looking for you and tries to revenge on you. He has a magical eye in his head which can penetrate walls and buildings. He can also release some poisonous spiders. Once you hit one spider, he will find you. You will also need to avoid other creatures he controls using the Imperius curse. The longer you remain undetected, the more points you earn. You will gain extra points for picking up Bible and diamonds in his classroom. Try to hide in the corner and keep a distance from your opponent. Do you want to have a try? Join and good luck for you.

Thrust 3

Hover above men to beam aboard and collect all men on the level to open the extraction pad. Manipulating UFO is not an easy task, because it will be more difficult without gravity. Noticing that the fuel is limited, so you need to focus on the bar at the top of the game. To overcome the gravity, you must make sure that you craft will not hit on the rocks and other territory that may scratch or crash onto them, or you will lose one of your lives. Thrust 3 is an action game, available on Picking up the astronauts and bring them back to the space station. Good luck!

Panda Star

Panda Star is an awesome skill game on in which your objective is to light up stars that required in different levels. The energy is not endless. Guide your panda with your left and right arrow keys, and boost with space bar if you really get stuck because you just have three times of boosts energy. If you go off the side of the screen, you will come back in the other side, which can help you light up tricky sets of stars. When you will fall to the ground and if you hit a star on the way down, you will start flying again. Go ahead and try to explore various challenging stages. Good luck and have fun!

Airplane Road

Hit Up to accelerate, Down to brake or reverse, Left to turn Left and Right to turn right. Press Esc or Enter to pause and return to menu. Try to chase your targets within limited laps. Pass through green circles to accelerate your airplane plane, and avoid hitting the black cloud. As a classic skill game, Airplane Road, available on for free, will delight you to a great deal. Let’s enjoy the game!

Shackle Man Dark Side

Do you know how it feels when you are shackled with chains? Will you be as powerful as before? You can find answers in Shackle Man Dark Side, a skill game on in which your mission is to control the shackle man to go through all the levels. As we know, it must be difficult for the shackle man to walk, not mention to jump on higher floors. So you have to help him grasp some objects with which he can sling himself across gaps. Try to be nimble. Good luck!

Mob Sport

Welcome to Mob Sport! Here, in this sport game, the goal is to get 13 points and 2 points more than your opponent. You get a point when the ball touches the ground in the enemy’s side. If the sphere falls in the middle, no point will be given. Remember not to hit the ball too strong, or it will bounce on the ball and go back in your side. You can give a effect to the ball by pushing left or right after you gave hit. Watch the ball’s life bar, and if it dies in your side, you lose the score. You must like this sport game on Good luck!

Panic Pro

You have got the chatters that some bad guy will throw bombs to your yard in order to kill you and all your family. So what could you do? Wait for death or do something to get out of the mess? Panic Pro is a skill game on in which your mission is to collect all the falling bombs but avoid those with an X printed on. Try your best not to miss any bombshell or it will explode and hurt you, and stay away from those you shouldn’t take, they are more dangerous and can kill you at once. Good luck!

Build The Tower

Welcome to Build The Tower! Here you can construct your own skyscraper. In this skill game, you will see blocks hung by a rope, and what you need to do is to release the block when it flies over the position you want it to land. You’d better build your building as tall as possible within 3 minutes so that you can get higher scores. If you miss too many blocks, you will lose your game. You can find this game on Have fun!

War Machines

In the near future, cities are built on clouds and each city is guarded by a war machine. Of all the cities, the one you lived ranks last, so your people have to pay tribute to others every year. Here, in War Machines, in order to free your people from poverty, you are on a mission to defeat all the other 15 hegemonies. You have to prepare yourself enough energy, hurricane movement, fierce attack, etc, and when all pre-war settings are done, the two machines will fight automatically. In this case, you just need to do as asked by the computer. You can find this war game on Good luck!

Hunted Forever

Hunted Forever is a skill game on in which your mission is to retrieve all the machine parts as well as find your way to headquarter. The cave is not safe. There are many rocks falling down so you need to speed up and attempt not to die. Bring all the machine parts you can collect to the save house so that they can upgrade. Falling will not hurt you, do don’t be afraid. Points will be affected by how many parts you collect, the death number and your speed. Have fun!

Whack a crab

Help jack stop the crabs who are on the attack!

Cannon Man

Cannon Man is an arcade game on in which you are in control of cannon to shoot out the Cannon Man as far as possible. When the game starts, there will be cannon appearing in the screen. It does not work well since its mouth moves up and down consecutively. You can click it to fix the position of the cannon’s mouth. Then there will be a meter in the screen to determine its shooting power or strength. The cannon are located on grassland with many trees growing around. When the cannon man is shooting out, he may fly towards the sky. You will see satellites, stars, helicopter, and clouds in the space. But if the man flies too far, he can not get back to the Earth because he is not an astronaut. Then the cannon man may fly to the city. You can see streets, buildings, and cars there. After that, the cannon man flies towards a snow world. You can see all is covered with snow and many snowmen there. The cannon man can bounce on the ground and go on flying. The farther the cannon man can fly, the more points you can get.

The Stoneager

The Stoneager is a skill game on where your mission is to lead the barbarian pass the stone-filled path. He can go forward, backward and jump over rocks. He has a wood mallet as his only weapon with which he can attack others. To get points, you need to guide him to collect orbs. Try to be more nimble so that you can escape the falling rock rain easier. If you are hurt to much, you will die and of course you will lose your game. Good luck!

Cruise Holidays

Cruise Holidays, which is available on, is an awesome skill game that all you have to do is to click on objects and then pick the objects up. For example, red rose, red ball and so on. Events are triggered by clicking on two or more different objects. Some objects will get stored in the inventory panel, click on these objects to use them. Refer to the hints in the game. Are you ready to set sail and tickle your funny bone. Set off on a funny journey on the cruise. After each mission you will gain a kiss from the sexy lady. At last try to complete your mission before time has expired. Have fun!

Swamp Escape

Swamp Escape is an adventure game on in which your main task is to get to the other side of the swamp. Be very careful about where you can jump with your feet dry and predict where another refuge in the form of a water lily or other plants will appear. To make it more difficult, starting with the second level, there is going to be a TOAD after you with a single mission to eat you. Not enough? You also have to be aware of CROCODILES and their mouths that will eat everything that comes in their way. If you see their teeth you should retreat otherwise they will serve as place of rest. In higher levels you can look forward to bigger places where you can take the advantage of little islands where you can stand as long as you like. To improve your score or get new lives you should pick up bonuses that appear from time to time, like a diamond or a heart. If you hit a COAL, your score will decrease. If you pick up a BANSHEE, it will take one life off. Question mark is a random bonus, and you can try your luck. There are altogether 25 uneasy levels. Good luck!

Headless Havoc

Headless Havoc is a skill game on in which your mission is to make massacre. Your killer is a horseman who will follow the cursor as you move the mouse. If you see a village, move the cursor next to him and click to decapitate him. Remember the decapitation will fill the havoc bar while spared villages will cause the bar to empty more quickly. But it is just a online game, and in the real world, massacre and any kind of slaughter is antihuman. Have fun!

Gift Giver

Play free game Gift Giver on

Death Walker

Death Walker is an adventure game on in which you will walk along the tightrope in different occasions. Your life is boring. Being an astronaut just isn’t exciting enough for you, so you decide to become a daredevil. Your objective is to become the greatest tight-rope walker ever. To show the world just how good you are, you decide to use a specially constructed razor sharp rope. Watch out for things that come at you or are thrown at you, as they cost you points and can knock you off the rope, like bricks and helicopter. Also, look for bonus items, such as flowers and chocolates that fly your way, as they will give you more points. Speed is important – the longer you take to complete a level, the less points you receive. Negative points are possible if you hit too many times or take too long. There are lots of nasty things along the way, so keep your eyes and ears open, as you need to respond quickly to what may happen. Being a daredevil is not easy and you may very well die in the most gruesome of ways; but if you have the skills, you will succeed. You may select Fat Bob or Freaky Clown to play. They have different balance ability, speed and strength. There are five levels in all. The player will show death walk at Room, Backyard, Circus, Building Roof and Valley respectively. Good luck daredevil!

Silly Bob

Silly Bob is an arcade game on in which you will help silly Bob catch the bus. In a Monday morning, it’s time for Silly Bob to get to his office job. Suddenly, the phone rings. Silly Bob can’t resist, he must answer the phone. At that moment, the bus stops and then runs away. Silly Bob thus misses the bus. So he has to catch up with the bus, or he will be late for work. You mission is to help him. There are many shops, snack bar, and Coffee shops in the street. But don’t lose your attention, you have to jump over dustbins and other obstacles on your way, or you will be tripped up by them. Watch out for banana peel. You can press the UP arrow key when the speed accelerator is in the green region. Make use of the space bar to jump. Hold Spacebar longer to increase jumping power. You must help Silly Bob catch up with the bus before it reaches the destination. Or you will lose the game. Start now!

Playing With Fire 2

Playing With Fire2 is a arcade game on www.flash-games in which you have to fight by yourself. You have lost your mates; you’re on your own. The local neighborhood gangs are hunting you down. Blast your way to them before they kill you. You only have 3 minutes to go this so don’t hang around. All players now have 3 lives so you have to kill everyone 3 times to win the heat. You can play a two player game with your friends or just play against the computer opponents. You can choose 1, 2, or 3 opponents. You will score more if you take on more opponents. You will play three games against selected opponents. If you win a game you will score the number of seconds remaining multiplied by 250 times the number of opponents in this game. If you lose a game then you will lose the same amount of points. Your score must be higher than zero to be submitted. Use the warp squares to transport your player. Remember you will only be transported between squares that are the same color. There are many other props like bomb, golden trainers, fast hands and lightning. Do you want to join the race? Come on.


Ultranium2 is a breakout game that features full 32-bit color, stereo sound, and even a multiplayer mode. The game now features spectacular gameplay never before seen in any other arkanoid type clone. Grab the different bonuses and watch as this classic game takes on a whole new dimension.

Operation Shutdown

Operation Shutdown is a skill game on in which you will become a private detective. You have been hired by Willie Everlearn to surveillance his fiancé, Jacqjeline. And you have been given a picture. Jacqjeline has red hair and brown eyes. And she is 28 years old. Willie suspects that Jacqjeline is cheating on him with multiple people while he is at work. Monitor her closely and get picture proof of what is really going on. In level one, you got a suspect, cable guy. Willie found a work order receipt from the cable company that had the words “call me anytime you need help unscrambling your cables again” at the bottom, along with a cell phone number. He suspects something is going on with Jacqjeline and the cable guy. You will try to catch her in the act. Snap a photograph as evidence before you run out of the electricity of your camera. Then you can move the level 2. And a police officer will be another suspect because Willie found a handcuff under the bed. Do you want to offer some help? Join it now!


Plankton is an Arcade game on in which you are a small starfish in the blue sea full of dangers. There are many bubbles around you. You can use the arrow keys to move the starfish around. Your goal is to eat the sea creatures that are smaller than you, while avoiding the ones that are larger than you. The more fish you eat, the bigger you become. Every 3000 points, your size will be reset. And the sea creatures will move faster. You will also regain some of your health. If you have a full health meter, you will get bonus points instead. At the beginning, most of sea creatures are larger than you, like snakes, sharks, whale, Piranha, jellyfish, and octopus. So you shall try to protect yourself from being hurt by them. Kill and eat them when you are bigger. It’s interesting. Try it now!

Crystal Craft

In this game, your mission is to save the planet by collecting those rain crystals while avoiding those enemy forces. Use your mouse to control the directions. And you totally have three lives.

Duck And Dodge

Duck And Dodge is an awesome skill game on in which your objective is to reach the target without hitting the edges or obstacles before the time is up. Click the mouse and the ducks will move toward the cursor. The baby ducks will constantly circle the big duck. So make sure all of them will go through the path smoothly. Remember, try to avoid the rotational stick. Good luck and have fun!


It’s a action game on line.Little pay and hard work drive the garcon crazy!How can you rescue him?The only way is to make him walk as if on wings!In Waiter, Bar,the waiter never put the thirsty people down!Arrow keys to walk,and space bar to serve.Make good use of them,you can earn lots of money!Are you sensitive and active enough?Try you skills in now! Good luck!

Gold Miner

You are a gold digger. At the bottom of a mine to use the "low" arrow of your keyboard to go up gold or other treasures while avoiding the obstacles. Attention, plus the treasure is heavy, more it takes a long time to go up... Attention also in extreme cases of time for each level. Between each level, you can buy items which will help you in the higher levels, but you can also keep your money in order to more easily achieve the goals of the following level. Items: - Dynamite: when you go up an undesirable object of the bottom of the mine, use the arrow "high", usable once. - Four-leaf clover: increase your chance to find items interesting at the bottom of the bags surprised, valid for a level. - diamond Polisher: increase the value of diamonds compared to gold, valid on a level. - "Rock'n'roll collector books": the rocks as invaluable as gold 3 times make, valid on a level. - Drink of force: increase your force for the next level: it is easier to go up the objects of the bottom of the mine, valid for a level. On each level, you must reach a certain amount of money to reach the following level. If you did not reach the amount requested, the part is lost. (Google Translation)

Smack Down

Smack Down is a skill game on in which you try to smack down as more boxers as you can. In the first three rounds, you can just simply hit the key on your keypad that corresponds to a position where a boxer is located to punch that boxer. Each round consists of fifty boxers and you must knock out 60% or more of them to move on to the next round. In the final round, you shall press the key on your keypad that corresponds to one of the targets that is lighting up. Green targets let you hit the champ, and red targets let you block punches the champ is about to throw. You have one minute to knock him out. Do you want to have a try? Do it now.

St Valentines Day

St Valentines is a skill game on ,which can teach you how to take order from customers and through the Internet. You will have to create your client’s floral arrangements. You can find all you need in three boxes below. In the first box you will find your various flowers such as rose, tree paeony, tulip, morning glory and so on. In the second are your baskets and in the third accessories. To build your arrangement click once on the appropriate box then select an item and drag it onto your work station at the bottom left-hand corner of your screen. To add another item repeat the same procedure, until your arrangement meets the desire order. Once your arrangement is complete click and drag it from your work station to the customer or computer screen where the order came from. You can become one of our best sellers. Have a look at the sellers stats in the billboard to compare. Have fun!


Bubblin is an Arcade game on The object of this game is to protect a blue host bubble. There are three colors of other bubbles, red, green and indigo. You can use arrow keys to move your blue bubble. Try to get indigo bubbles for higher score. As you get more indigo bubbles, the blue bubble will grow bigger and bigger. You must avoid picking up red bubbles, they will end the game. You can hit green bubbles to bomb red bubbles. Sometimes there will be a dark stripe appearing in the middle. If your blue bubble is covered by this dark shadow, it will darken your screen for some time. There are many groups of indigo bubbles for you to get. Move your host bubble to get or hit them. It will become more difficult for you as your blue host bubble grows bigger. Every time you hit indigo bubble, your score will increase. But the score keeps reducing in the process of playing. So pick up the next indigo bubble quickly, or your score will decrease to zero. Try it now.


Umbross is an adventure game on in which you try to help the heroine to come through her adventurous journey. Do you still remember Moses in the religious story? The heroine in this game is Moss’s cousin, Umbrita. All you have to do is help her pass through her tricky land and reach the finish line to get your score. Three keys are needed in this game: use up arrow key to jump; use left and right arrow key to turn left or right. If you come across the wall, press up arrow key and left or right arrow key which against the wall while in the air, then you can be hang on the wall temporally. When the game starts, time will be counted down. Collect the time orbs to roll the clock back. Avoid the pitfalls and hazards along the way. Are you ready to go? Move now.

Little Farm

Play free game Little Farm on

Shop Lifter

There are so many lovely items in the shop! But you don’t take enough money! And if you buy them next time, they may be bought by other customers! So you decide to steal it. Shop Lifter is a skill game on in which your mission is to steal the given item without being caught. There is a searchlight guarding the goods, so you need to avoid it when you are stealing things. That’s to say, you need to move very quickly. Good luck!

Beach Cafe

Beach Café is a skill game on in which you are a waitress in the beach to serve the customers well and earn maximum score. There are five tables on the beach and in the distance is blue sea with few ships floating on the water. Several tall coconut palms grow beside the café. There is a small wooden kitchen preparing food and drinks for customers. You can click with your mouse to take an order, clean the table, place an order, get food as well as dispose the wastes. You can call the worker to clean the dishes and clean the glasses. You can only take an order after cleaning the table. Don’t make the customers wait too long or they will walk out making you lose a life. There are ice cream, apple pie, cake and milk shake as food and lemonade, coke, tea and cappuccino as drinks in your café. Move now.

President Punch

President Punch is a skill game on where you can have fun with five American presidents. You choose one as your target from Obama, McCain, Bush, Clinton, Musharraf, and hit your guy’s head with the mouse clicking. Try to keep his head up which means keep his head away from the ground. Before touching the ground, the head’s every bounce in the air made by your fist gives him one vote, so don’t hesitate to beat. We don’t have any grudge on any leader, this game is just for fun. Good luck!

Trip Space

Warp the space your space shuttle is infiltrating into the distorted space. Head up to the tunnel, no any sign of the finish line, nothing you can do except to go deeper and closer to the core. Trip Space is an action game on Use the mouse to guide the shuttle either to get bonus points through the Hexagram or through the mere gap of the gates to survive. Points are awarded for rings collected combos and time survived.

Undead Hunter

Undead Hunter is an action game on in which soldier STALKER’s mission is to penetrate into the secret weapon and hi-tech experiment lab, to eliminate all the zombies, the undead and other living dead. They are infected in a failure of an experiment, all the docs and soldiers were infected and turned into undead. It is a confine space down underneath the basement, and what’s worse there is the only exit locates on every stage, which means there is only one way to solve the problem: kill them all and get whatever you can get to equip yourself. Wish you luck, soldier.

Carvavan Toss

Carvavan Toss is an arcade game on in which you will toss a car as far as possible. The tossing is played in a plain. A white car is ready for your tossing. You can use the arrow keys to adjust the angle and press space bar to fire the caravan. There is a power gauge at the bottom of the screen. Try to toss the caravan out when this power gauge is full. You must practice more times to master how to toss in exact time and exact angle. When the caravan is thrown out and fell down to ground, it will bounce up and fly farther. But if the caravan hits rocks, it will crash. If the car hits gasoline can, it will be damaged by the explosion. The farther you can toss the car, the higher score you can get. Happy tossing!

Ninja Roll 2

Ninja Roll 2 is a creative game, with a new idea that you are not just playing the game, you will be a part in the game creating. An ninja is trapped in the water bubble, yet he is going to collect all the stars in the air. Provided in the ball, he cannot move freely, added that the ball is flexible, but no platform etc to make it roll along. So there is the trouble waiting for you to help to solve. There are also some tools in hand for you to create together, an eraser, to modify the path you drew right now yet not satisfied you now. The drawing pencil help to create the pass, by which you can direct the ninja in the ball to catch the stars. After you have already finished the line and ready to let the ball down, just press SPACEBAR to release. It is a skill game on Hope you will enjoy the game, have a nice play.

Pizza King

Pizza King, which is a skill game on Have you ever been a waiter or waitress before? Or that is what you are doing as a job? Everybody knows it, costumers are the most important people in a shop, waiter and waitress should be very polite and patient to costumers, and being a costumers also need to respect everybody who works in the shop or the restaurant. Pizza King is a new open restaurant, they are looking for waiters and waitress, do you think you can handle it? Don’t worry, there are some hints on the screen, people will teach you how to do! Best of luck!

Par Kiss

Kiss your girl is not an easy task, because you have to put an eye on her granny who is going out with her together and can ruin your date. Par Kiss is a skill game available on After a long way out in a sunny day, all of you are exhausted and tend to have a rest on the long bench in the park. If Granny come across when you are kissing her beloved and cute granddaughter, she must have been driven to mad, and gone nuts! Then behave yourself in front of the old lady, and take chances to kiss your girl in some certain limited period. Have fun!

Cat Death Auto

Cat Death Auto is a skill game on in which you try to kill all the cats. When the game starts, you are driving a brown car in the center of your houses. The scenery around your house is beautiful, and the transportation is convenient. There are large tracts of grassland and spacious roads around there. But unfortunately many wild cats often appear around your houses and disturb your life, so you decide to kill them. You are driving your car to hit them dead. You can use the up arrow key to accelerate, use the left and right arrows to turn and use the space button to horn. Time is limited. If you kill one cat, you can get 1 additional score. When time is run out, game is over and your scores are recorded.

Cursor Run

Cursor Run is a skill game on The objective of the game is to move your mouse over the target circle before the other cursor does. When the game starts, you will see another cursor appearing in the screen. Then quickly a target circle also comes into your eyes. You must move your mouse very faster to hit the circle than the computer cursor does. Then this target circle will disappear and another circle will appear in other positions of the screen. You will do the same things as what you did last time. As time goes on, the computer cursor will move quicker and quicker. So it will become hard for you to get to the target faster than the computer cursor. You must react very quickly. Once you fail three times, the game is over. Try it now.

Parking Lot

Parking Lot is a skill game on You try to learn how to park the car in the designated location without hitting any obstacles before the time runs out. You can use the left and right arrow key to steer your car. Press the up arrow key to accelerate and the down key to stop. You may steer your car around a small square or a pool. Don’t hit walls and other cars. Fortunately there are no other vehicles on the street and road. But as levels up, trucks, cars, buses will be on the road. Some levels are longer, you must follow the arrows on the road to find where to park your car. Don’t hit the pedestrians in the street. You have got three chances to park the car. Once you hit something, you will have to start it over.


Hundreds years ago people thought that the earth is the center of the universe. Later Copernicus found that the sun was the center but not the earth. Now we know that earth is just the center of solar system which is an extreme small part of the whole universe. Suppose that you have the power to change the orbit of all the planets in the solar system, can you imagine what will happen? Orbitrunner is an arcade game on in which your mission is to control the sun with your mouse and manipulate the planets’ paths. The sun’s pull gets stronger as planets get closer. If the gravity is at a right angle to the direction of travel, an orbit can form. Make sure the planets will not leave the screen or collide. Have fun!

Monster Dash

Monster Dash is a skill game on where you will help the little monster collect as many points as possible. The little guy is lifting some paper and when you control him to move right and left, so you must ensure his paper will not fall down—just don’t move too fast. The score notes will fall down like rain drops, as well as some bonuses and unlucky punishments, so get the useful ones and avoid touching those unwanted notes. The more points you get, the higher the paper will be and the more difficult not to drop paper, so you need to be extremely careful. Good luck!

Bricks Breaking 3

Bricks Breaking 3 is a skill game on in which your task is simple: clear the board by removing as many bricks as you can. The cubes can be removed only when there are at least three same ones together. The same one means bricks with the same color, such as all blue, all red, all green or all purple. You can not change the position of the cubes and new bricks will replace the removed ones automatically. There are bonuses such as removing the whole line or row, so don’t miss them. You will enjoy this game.

Diamond Disco Dance Off

Welcome to the Diamond Disco Dance Off. In this skill game, your objective is to compete with the computer to win the dance queen. The rule is very simple: hit the correct arrow key in time with the music. Try not to miss too many notes or you will lose your battle and if you do well, you will be praised and get more points as rewards. You can find it on Have fun!

Black White Car

Black White Car is an advergame.Countless adventure will be full filled in your journey.Drive your car to jump,fly,or get through underground and collect money,bonus,avoiding obstacles at the same time!Try arrow keys,space bar and enter key to gain more benefits,which will bring you into a crazy monsrer truck mood or explode into outer space!The only thing you must remember:The unbelievabe magic driving only belongs to,if you drive in a common way,you will be crashed in a second!You know?! Let’s go !!

Undead Smackdown

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

Twin Squirrel

In Twin Squirrel, an action game on, you need to go and find the seeds up there, and throw it down so that the squirrel can catch it. Use your ARROW KEYS to move the squirrel up on the tree and press DOWN ARROW KEY or the SPACEBAR to place the seeds. Reach the seeds to gain score, each of them for 100. Stars will upgrade your ability or add to your score for 1000 as bonus. Avoid touching spike. And don’t let the nuts drop onto the branches for it will make some noise which will wake the snake up. Have fun!


Welcome to Rihanna! It is a game of dress a model up wiwh a lot of types of clothing. It is available on the free online flash game website Create your own new style of the young woman. With the umbrella, you can choose its top, pants, skirts, shoes or accessories. This game is played entirely with the mouse. Make your girl the prettiest one in the game who will certainly impress you!

Bolle Bolle

The music of the game caught me off guard! So powerful and lively, just the same style of this cute flash game! Though you may don’t know exactly what on the earth Bolle means, (Neither do I!) move with the music and let’s go bolle, bolle! Use the arrow keys to move and press the spacebar to knock all those freaks along your way! It seems not so gentlemanlike, but who cares!? Remember, we are in the Bolle world now, a crazy world! Those who knock you out of your way (if you are not careful or quick enough) are not gentlemen either! So just get rid of the guilty feelings and have fun! Just one more thing, the planes you see on the screen are real things. What I mean by real is that they can do you harm too. I thought they were cute decoration and that’s how I ended my first life in the Bolle world!

The Black House

Obama has newly arrived at the Black House, before he begin his new career, he has to clean the room at first. It is a good idea to send Buch home first with just a kick, launching him like a rocket to Taxes, saving time and money as well. The Black House is a skill game in which the launch is a home present, so you have to send Bush as close to his home as possible. Press the LEFT MOUSE button at the proper angle of the catapult with the maximum power, then the passers-by will also help you once catch sight on him. You can find this game on Have a nice trip home!

Sober Santa

In this game you are the Santa(and yes it's true...) but a santa related to the champagne which is trotted on a roof! movement is made with the arrow keyboard. To gain points you need to catch the glasses of champagne and candies boxes, but the more the Santa drinks, more his movement is dangerous and difficult, attention to not to fall from the roof! because in this case the game is finished.

Gee Bee R1

Gee Bee R1 is a skill game. You must let your plane fly in the right direction and finally arrive to the requested destination. You can use space bar to change your version, it very be helpful during your fly trip. Press “-“/”+”to slow down and speed up. By moving your mouse forward and backwards, you can change and adjust the angle of flight. It is a little difficult for you to keep balance and fly according to straight, but please keep in mind the above key words, try to coordinate all the methods, you will win! This game is on Good luck!

Egg Maze

People eat eggs everyday, but have you ever thought that you can use eggs to go through maze? Egg Maze is a puzzle game on in which your mission is to lead your egg to the pool the destination. You press direction buttons to control the egg. Try to pass marked places which will add you points. Don’t fall into the holes on the path—they are traps. Try your best to make your egg go as far as possible. Good luck!

George Wants Beer

George wants beer, which is a skill game on Beer is the world’s oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic beverage and the third most popular drink overall after water and tea. It is produced by the brewing and fermentation of starches, mainly derived from cereal grains—the most common of which is malted barley, although wheat, maize/corn, and rice are also widely used. Most beer is flavoured with hops, which add bitterness and act as a natural preservative, though other flavourings such as herbs or fruit may occasionally be included. Alcoholic beverages distilled after fermentation or fermented from non-starch sources such as grape juice (wine) or honey (mead) are not classified as beer.

Super Jumy

Jumy is a lizard and he is super! Play our cool board game in our cool website ! Click your mouse on the “play” button and roll a number. This number will bring you a puzzle, a question, a game or even a surprise! I hope Jumy can bring you luck! It is not a surprise if you do a good job, you will earn some scores, right? But think twice, when you give a wrong answer, you will lose a precious life! There are some power-ups to help along the way. Some will double or triple your scores and some can give you a life. You can use either keyboard or your mouse in this game and what are you waiting for? Play our great flash game Super Jump now!

Clubby Killing Season

Welcome to Clubby Killing Season, a skill game on Here your mission is to control the hero Clubby to kill as many enemies as you can. To attack, you just need to jump on the foes, and different directions will generate different results. Don’t forget to eat fish to restore health, and don’t eat mega-muncher, which will give you double damage. The peashy mask gives you invincibility. The special-pill will super speed. Try not to get killed. Good luck!

Treasures Of The Deep

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

Celebrities Get Punkd

Celebrities Get Punkd is a shooting game your target is to shoot at the celebrity correctly. You should firstly choose your celebrity to start the game. You can move your mouse to adjust the shooting angle, and hold the left button to accumulate shooting power, when you release the button, you can shoot to the celebrity. Pay attention to the shooting power bar, on the left side of your screen, it will help you to judge which is the best power to shoot. You can press the “P” key to pause game, press “M” key to mute/un-mute sound. Each level you totally have 2 kinds of weapon (Grenade and Molotov), and each weapon, you have 3 bullets. If the entire weapon use out, it means game over. So try to use a suit angle and shooting power to shoot. Good Luck!!

Diner Dash

Dinner Dash is an arcade game on in which your mission is to keep customers happy by serving them as quickly as you can. The happier they are, the more points you get. If they are wait too long, they will get upset and leave. You first seat your customers, and then take orders. You serve food, give checks and clean dishes. What a tough and challenging work! Do you dare to take this task? Have fun!

Mafia Driver Killer

Mafia Driver Killer, which is a skill game on As we know it, everywhere have mafia and gangsters, they do every kinds of bad things, kidnapping, rob, killing people, cause the fire, selling cocaine...etc, they do every bad things. Life for them seems like nothing, other’s life just as an ant, they kill people easily and would not feel sad or guilty. One day they want to have some fun on the street, they find out driving to kill some passersby is fun, cause they can see people who died step by step... It’s ok, just a game for fun!


A skill testing game for all public. It is necessary to make your character to pass above the obstacles so that it can join the exit. It is enough for that to support at the good time on Espace. The obstacles being various sizes it is necessary to jump earlier or later according to the height.

Brawl Royale

Brawl Royale is a fighting game on Your mission is to defeat all the opponents who came to challenge you. You may face all kinds of enemies: naughty child, beauty, fighter, or even witches. To attack, you need to pull out your weapon, maybe the sword, maybe the machete, or the trident. Slash your enemies before they do something to you. If they are quicker than you, you probably die. Different foes have different tricks, so be careful. Good luck!


The sea is polluted by human beings, and beautiful coral reefs have turned into ugly bald rocks. The life of undersea creatures is challenged. You can help those helpless animals out in Kaleidoscope, a skill game on Here, your mission is to plant the coral seed on the rock and feed them with starfish, little fish, kelp, etc. Some seeds need more food to blossom, so just five them more. Sharks, numbfishes, as well as other sea creatures will swim by, and you’d better drive them away or they are likely to eat your harvest. Good luck!

Kitty Throw

Have hatred against cat? Then if you catch it, throw it away as you wish, this will happen only in games. I promise that the programmer and the designer of the game, did not practice in this way during their process of developing the game. Ok, let’s get started. The aim of the game is to throw the little kitty as far away as you can. First click on the mouse to make sure the angle for throwing the cat, then second click at right time, it will give a power or strength that your cast. Kitty Throw is a skill game, available on Good luck!

Cake Master

Cake Master invites you to DIY your own delicious cake! There are many instructions such as choose cream, put strawberry on the cake, devide the chocolate cake, and what you need to do is to follow the requirements and finish as many levels as you can. The more cakes you have done, the harder the game will be simple. You are racing against time, so complete the task within time limit or you will fail. This skill game is on Good luck!


Buzzer is a skill game on The aim is a power supply with a wire in a maze running from one side to another and you have a ring that you have to move around the maze without touching the wire. If it does touch the wire, you must wait for five seconds before continuing… You will need a steady handle and a lot of patience. You must solve three wires. Try to finish each wire as soon as you can. Are you ready? Go ahead.

Sola Rola

Control Wiz and Waz through a series of rotating mazes which will test your speed, logic skills and reactions as they attempt to fight off the twin enemies of BOREDOM and HUNGER! Press cursor left or A to rotate the maze counter-clockwise, and right or D to move the maze clockwise. Return, SPACE or left mouse click is SELECT and up and down cursors cycle through the static options.

Spermrider Seed Of Destruction

Play free game Spermrider Seed Of Destruction on

Transformers Stronghold

Waves after waves, the Deceptions just persistently give you the toughest tests! Led by Magatron, your enemies have made their minds to crash the Autobot’s LG stronghold! They are tough, you are tougher! With the determination to protect the Autobot’s defenses, you can win the final victory! Build the towers to strengthen your defense power and you can click or drag those autobot icons to produce your loyal defenders! Choose those defenders carefully according to their fire, damage and range power! Don’t forget to upgrade your warriors! (There are 3 levels of upgrading and an additional LG LH50 bonus upgrade. Upgrades can effectively raise the autobot defenders’ destructive power and unlock their new abilities!) When you fight back all 50 waves of intrusion, you will get a massive victory bonus! (50!? Wow, the battle is really tough!) Think strategically and sell any ineffective parts decisively! This exciting flash game Autobot Stronghold is presented to you with great pleasure by our awesome website! I have faith in you, just hang on!

Beer Tapper Gone Wild

Beer Tapper Gone Wild is a skill game on in which you will serve with beers as an employee in a small bar. You have to serve all customers fresh beer in time. You can hold the space bar to fill your mug with beer and release the space bar to fling your beer. And you must catch the empty mugs. At the beginning, there are only few customers. But as levels progress, more and more customers come to drink your beer. You will wear working clothes with a bow tie. You must offer beers before the customers reach you. And empty mugs must be caught by you in time, or they will fall down to ground and break to pieces, the game is over. When you finish a mission, you can drink a mug of beer happily and break this mug to give vent to pent-up emotion. And then you can move to the next level. It’s an opportunity to challenge your skill. Are you ready? Work now!

Riff Master 2

Take part of the greatest show of all—total guitar riff freakout! Pick your guitar, song and get ready to rock! Riff Master 2 is a skill game on in which your mission is to press the keys in the right moment as they appear on guitar griff to keep in rhythm of the song. You can use either classic or rockboard key settings. You can unlock new guitar models by getting at least one “perfect” for each of two standard guitar models. You can unlock new song by getting 75% propriety of the played song. To unlock the bonus song, the player has to get the perfect mark five times on each one of the five guitars. Have fun!

Stunt Pilot Trainer

Stunt Pilot Trainer is a skill game on in which you try to control the plane to pass through the right way. There are some circles hanging in the sky in this game, and you are the pilot. Your job is let your plane fly through every circle, and you get the points from that. Two keys are needed in this game: up arrow key and down arrow key. In the controls menu, you have two ways to control your plane: one way is use the up arrow key to let your plane up and use the down arrow key to let it down. In this situation, when your plane fly back from right side to left, you have to use the up arrow key to let your plane down and use down arrow key to let it up; the other way is opposite to the former. In the bonus gaining round, your flying time will be counted. You should try to gain more bonuses in the limited time. During your flying, watch out the fire balloon and mountain, don’t collide with them. Have fun.


Bebes, which is a kid game on Babies are very cute and innocent, everyone like babies, especially the little girl. They love to go to the toy shops such as toy "R" us for buying barbies and baby doll. Sometimes we even can see a mommy bring a five year old baby with a baby doll walking on the street. In this game, you are the little nurse who always wearing a smile on your face, has patient to take care of the babies and give what they need, no matter shower, milk...etc. You always can handle babies crying... That’s why those babies’ parents like you. Best of luck, sweety nurse!

Drivers Ed Parking

Welcome to Drivers Ed Parking! Here you are challenged with your parking skill. In theory, this is a very simple skill game, and all you need to do is to place your car to the certain position. Up arrow key is to move your vehicle forward or to stop it from moving in reverse. Down arrow key is to reverse the car or to stop it from moving forward. If necessary, turn the wheels right or left. You can enjoy yourself in this skill game on Good luck!

Good Night Kiss

Good Night Kiss is a funny skill game on in which your mission is to get the couple to kiss without being seen. In this game, different levels have different situations. For example, when it is after an awesome evening together, or the two don’t see each other for a long time and so on. The perfect date needs to end in a perfect manner,what better way that a sweet, passionate good night kiss? Puck up and spread the love, but they would be embarrassed if anyone saw them. Now you are the right person who will help them. To do so, keep the mouse’s left button pressed and release it before the window opens or someone comes up. Avoid being caught by others or you just might get into trouble. Go ahead and put those lips to good use. Good luck!


Magneto is a skill game on in which you try to guide a blue magnetic to the middle of a red ball with yellow exit. The screen looks very beautiful because different color sheets are turning around. Red sheets, green sheets, blue sheets and mix of the colors exhibit an amazing world. Control the arrow keys to move the small blue magnetic and try to get close to the exit. There will be red magnets which attract you while the blue ones push you off the target. It looks like an easy game but it is really hard to enter the exit. You need to calculate the way to the red ball or you will hear the sound of “BANG”. Good luck!

Club The Penguin

There are a lot of funny free games on Club The Penguin also a funny game in one of them. We ever play the hitting rats machine in the playground, it depends on how many rat you beat, then how many score you get. The game is trainning your reaction including your brain, eyes and body. You have to hit those colourful penguins, those are green, pink, blue, gray...etc. But do not hit the peguin which is wearing a sharp hat, it will minus your points. Just hit them, and avoid the sharp hat penguin, that’s it! Have fun!

Bush Shoeing Countries

Angry journalists are throwing shoes at Bush. He will make his way under the lecture desk, trying to avoid the flying shoes flying towards him. Everytime the shoe hits the head stretched out, you score a point, it is not a good idea to hold you shoe up into the air. Waiting for the exact time to order the arm throw it to Bush. Move your mouse pointer and click to launch the shoe bomb. There is no more politics in games, just enjoy aiming and hitting the targets. Bush Shoeing Countries is a shooting game on Bush is so welcomed in the game for his standard impression, try to aim ASAP, and react quickly, for he is more professional in dodging for his well known reputation. Enjoy! And remember to submit your high score.

Santa Hohoho

Earn as much happiness as possible in 9 years. Good kids in green aurora must click, each good kids missed will drive 1 deer away. Each click costs 1 happiness, and each present given to good kids rewards 2 happiness. Smily appears when you gave out 5 presents to good kids consecutively. Smily give a lot of happiness. Don’t click bad kids in red aurora for clicking on them will drive 2 deers away. Santa Hohoho is an action game, available on Every level you earn the money will be useful on the beginning of the next level, for you can distribute some happiness into good children in order to make the game easier. Good luck, and Merry Christmas!

Wone 2

Wone 2 is an arcade game on There is a wheel in the game. You can use the arrow keys to get it spin left and spin right. When the game starts, the wheel will be put in certain maps. There will be platforms, walls, slopes, and obstacles formed by bricks. Your task is to control the wheel to collect all the coins in each map (and the stars if you are perfect). Then find the exit. When you pick up all the coins, the exit will automatically open. Get to the exit and move to the next level. But it is not easy to play. Sometimes the coins may be in very high position. You must use some skills to get to the position of the coins. Do you want to experience it? Join now.

Homers Beer Run

Homers Beer Run is an arcade game on in which you try to get as many points as you can. Before the game, it has a lovely picture. There are persons and animals. The aim of the game is to make the person drink as many beers as you can. You should use the keys on the keyboard in the game. Use the left and arrow keys to move the person so that he can get beer. While it has dangerous things, you should move the person to avoid. There is rhythm music nearby your ears when you play the game. In addition, it has a lovely picture during the game. For example, it has blue sky, white cloud and green tree. You will be in a relaxed environment while you play the game.

Mr Sandwich

Mr. Sandwich is a skill game on in which you make as more sandwiches as possible as a chef. You work at a local deli making sandwiches during the busy lunch period. You must work quickly and make few mistakes. If you make too many mistakes or go too slow you may be fired. When an order comes in, simply follow the recipe and click on the items you need. After the sandwich is made, click on the bag to ship the order. You may need burger bread, hot dog, meat, catchup, sausage, vegetables, mayonnaise, lettuce, and so on. You must finish the food within the time limit, or the customer may become angry and leave. You shall spend some time to get familiar with all ingredients. Are you ready? Work now.

Fish Catcher

Fish Catcher is a simple action game. In this game you become a clever cat, and your target is to catch as many fishes as you can. You can use the arrow keys to control your movement. You can press the Up arrow key to swim upward, press Down arrow key to swim downward, press Left arrow key to swim leftward, and press the Right arrow key to swim rightward. Be careful, you will catch fishes in the sea, so you must hold your breath to catch them, so pay more attention to the oxygen bar (blue) and health bar (red). When your oxygen gets low, you can swim above the water to breathe again; avoid the danger dragonfly which can hurt you. You can catch all of the fishes in the sea, but avoid touching the sea-worms, they are dangerous. Hey, want more fishes? Go!!!


BioMex is a challenging skill on, which can train your logic thinking abilities and shooting skills. In order to achieve the goal, you must go in through her defenses and shut her down manually! She have formed various puzzle defenses, firewalls in order to rewire and protect herself in many ways. Sometimes you have to match the same pictures, sometimes there will be some armed spiders who want to attack you. So try to shoot them down before they fire at you. You must breach these and get down to her core to gain control. Time is essence so the quicker you do it the better. Also if you can collect any green data crystals along the way which will help to debug her. You can do this by shooting at them. Good luck and enjoy yourself!

Streaking Game

Streaking is the non-sexual act of taking off one's clothes and running naked through a public place. The word is recorded in its modern sense only since 1973. Before, to streak in English since 1768 meant "to go quickly, to rush, to run at full speed," and was a respelling of streek: "to go quickly"; this in turn was originally a northern M.E. variant of stretch. Streaking is distinct from naturism or nudism in that streakers usually intend to be noticed and may choose a place with a large audience for their act, regardless of the risk of arrest (sometimes even intending to be remanded into police custody) whereas naturists and nudist generally prefer to be left in peace. It is also distinct from flashing in that the intent is generally not to shock or traumatize a vicitm. Streakers may streak only once or a few times, possibly as a result of a dare, or may streak so often it can be considered a hobby. The most public form of streaking is running naked before huge crowds at sporting events. However, many streakers seek quieter venues, such as a neighborhood at night after most people have gone to bed. Streaking may be an individual or a group activity. It is not uncommon for videos of some of the more daring streaks to find popularity on the internet. There have been attempts to create a sport or a game out of streaking., a streaking forum, has created several game variants of streaking, including a "Hide and Seek game."

Chicken Road

Chicken Road is a skill game on in which you help a chicken get food. Once the game starts, you shall guide the chicken across the roads and rivers with your arrow keys to get all the worms. Avoid being hit by cars, trucks, and other vehicles on the road or you will lose a chicken. There are totally three chickens for you. When you help the chicken across the river, the chicken can jump on the back of tortoise, crocodile and floating logs to reach the other side of the river. But you must move the chicken quickly since the water flows quickly in the river and the cars run at high speed in the road. The more levels you reach the more worms you will need to find in order to get to the next level. When you run out of all three chickens, the game is over. Have fun!


Wone is an arcade game on There is a wheel in the game. You can use the arrow keys to get it spin left and spin right. When the game starts, the wheel will be put in certain maps. There will be platforms, walls, slopes, and obstacles formed by bricks. Your task is to control the wheel to collect all the barrels in each map (and the stars if you are perfect). Then find the exit. When you pick up all the barrels, the exit will automatically open. Get to the exit and move to the next level. But it is not easy to play. Sometimes the barrels may be in very high position. You must use some skills to get to the position of the barrels. Do you want to experience it? Collect all stars to unlock Level 6.

Fisher Girl

Fisher Girl is an interesting skill game on in which you have just suffered from shark’s attack, and that shark just took your fisher boy. So your objective is to save him. He can not survive long in this water so you’d better rescue him as soon as possible. You currently have a Bronze rod and four small fishing lures. I’m sure you can find better equipment. Maybe some fish are too big for your lure. If that happens, you will loose a lure. Then you have to select a new one from your inventory. Try to catch the fish when your lure can bear. Such as Tuna, Albacore, Herring and so on. To cast further hold down the mouse button until all three hearts turn red and then let go. If you let go right as the last large heart turns red you will cast the furthest. Go ahead and save your boy...Good luck!

Jumping Rabbit

Play free game Jumping Rabbit on

Ragdoll Laser Dodge

Ragdoll Laser Dodge is based on the same kind of addictive gamplay as Radoll Avalanche 2 and is obviously inspired by it. Use your ragdoll skillz to dodge lasers and collect powerups to achieve a maximum highscore! Hope everyone enjoys it!

Aang On

Practice makes perfect. If you want to have perfect Kongfu skills, you need to do a lot of basic practice. Now you have a chance to do some practice on your computer. Aang on is an action game on in which your mission is to help Aang in his bending practice. You need to move in the direction shown his mental arrows. Use your mouse to do that. Aang will move accordingly and summon defensive elements. A sequence of perfect moves nullifies the oncoming attack. When the spacebar icon appears, press it to make Aang jump. Have fun!

Elf Quilibrium

Balance Santa and the Elf to deliver presents.


Doggles is a sport game on in which you are in control of a helicopter and join a race in the sky. You will challenge your skills racing greyhounds in the sky. Try and keep up with the hare and fly through all of the rings. You can collect bone-uses for extra points. Once the game starts, you shall choose your greyhounds, name, track, and control setup. When you are ready, press play to go to the race and your greyhounds will steer a helicopter. You can hit icons like bigger rings, slow down, speed up and extra life when the copter is in the air. There are many race tracks for selection, such as Hall Green, Perry Barr, Coral BrightonandHove Stadium, Coventry Stadium, Crayford, Doncaster Stadium, Shawfield Stadium, Yarmouth Stadium, Harlow, Henlow Stadium, Boulevard Stadium, Walthamstow, Wimbledon, Belle Vue, Mildenhall Stadium, Brough Park, Oxford, Pelaw Grange, Peterborough, Sittingbourne, Monmore Green and so on. Do you have interests? Join it now.

Tiny Piranha

Tiny Piranha is an arcade game on in which a tiny piranha will eat small fishes and experience risk. There are five levels, forest, water fall, Mill, fishing quay and great lake. You will start to play the game from water fall. Move mouse wheel to move the tiny piranha. There are many small fish in the water and aquatic plants grow under water. Piranha can eat small fish to increase its food volume. But it will avoid meeting small predators for it will be swallowed up and decrease a life. If it picks up a silver board, it will have a temporary shield that can protect it from being eaten up by a predator. But you move it to touch a yellow star, the temporary shield will disappear and you put it in danger again. When the food volume become full by killing other small fishes, you will pass the level and go to other scenes. Do you want to have a look at the sharp teeth and crazy killing of a tiny piranha? Come on!

Look Out Mr Johnson

Welcome to Look Out Mr. Johnson, a skill game on Here your mission is to guide Mr. Johnson to safety. He is afraid of the pink ghost, so you need to control the evil look but good heart ghost to frighten Mr. Johnson so as to make him turn around, jump and duck. When you see the symbol, you can interact with it to eat enemies and remove boxes and such obstacles. Remove the crates to the very right with this technique to exit. Good luck!

Burger Run

Burger Run is a funny classic game. Earn top points by keeping up with the demands as the race against the clock will pay off!! Build your burger by clicking on the ingredients. It’s very important to do this in the same order! Hit the topping when the burger ready to be served. Every correct order gives you 100 points. 5 correct orders in a row give you an extra 300 points and a time bonus!! Each wrong burger cost you 50 points. So try to see the order clear before you do that! Are you ready for some serious burger cooking? Run your business and become a burger tycoon by building multi layered burgers!!

Clinic Escape

Clinic Escape, which is available on, is an awesome skill game that your objective is to escape from the loony bin. You can pick up and throw various items at the clinic staff. Each item has its own damage power. You can increase your strength by killing enemies and therefore pick up and throw big items. Hold up or down arrow keys when throwing to adjust the direction. Use madness to break through the enemies in madness mode. Be careful, your madness reserve is limited. Use items to destroy doors. Press "A" to activate madness(release to deactivate). Use "S" key to pick up and throw items. Hold arrow keys when throwing to adjust the direction and move left and right. Good luck and enjoy yourself!

War of the Clowns

Play free game War of the Clowns on

The Classroom 2

The continuation of The Classroom game. You play in the role of a student at the university and on your arrival in the class, a dunce will register you in the circle of the cheaters. The goal is to copy from the goat of the class without you to point out by the teacher. (Translated by Google)

Cold Ber Amnesty

Move the mouse left and right to control your position. Click the ceft mouse button to hand over a cold one, you can only swap cold once for full unopened cans, no bottles or empties.


This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

Ball Collector

Ball Collector is a skill game on The objective of this game is to remove all balls from the game board. Try to collect balls by pressing space on your keyboard. You can only collect balls of your color. Once you collect a ball, you will change into another color. For example, you original color is pink, after you collect a same pink ball, you may become green or blue. After each level, you obtain one point which you can use for upgrading your skills. If you press the control key on your board, time slows and you start attracting balls of your color and repulse other colors. This skill has limited time for each level. Hitting more balls at once will give you higher score. Collect all balls and move to the next level. As levels progress, the balls will move quicker and quicker, and become hard to catch. Are you ready? Join.

Totally Spies Dance

Have you ever dreamed of dancing on the stage with sportlights highlighting you, and countless audience screaming for you? Now you have a chance to realize that dream. Totally Spies Dance is a skill game on in which your mission is to complete the dance. There are two series of dance step. Press the correct button in the heart to dance. If you miss one, you will fall. If all the three of you fall, you will need to restart the current series of steps. Good luck!

Through Walls

Adventuring into the collapsing ancient alter, loaded with tons of treasures, the load is piles onto the ship with different shapes. Though it is a little abstract to understand the block representing the ships, the obstacles and puzzle lying in front of you is truly and apparently needs your wisdom to overcome and solve. ARROW KEYS or KEY WASD to rotate figure, when you have placed your figure in the right position, press space to start moving the wall, you have limited time until the wall begins moving automatically, fly through this hole. Through Walls is a Skill Game, available on, have fun and enjoy.

DJ Fest 2

In pub, DJ makes up the music sometimes are totally at his ease. Listen to the music remix is somehow a nice stay for you to enjoy. And DJ is most welcomed and popular in or out side the pub. Now it is your turn to have a try playing the role of DJ! DJ Fest 2 is an arcade Skill game, available on, follow the vibe with the mouse, try to stay in the middle to boost your score.

Swamp Treck

Swamp Treck is a skill game on Your goal is to get across the swamp and it is not that easy to do it. You must use natural hummocks as a road. You can press and hold the space button to jump. The bar on the left will show your jumping power. You must be careful – the hummocks will eventually sink in the swamp. Try to be quick. Once the game starts, you will be standing on a hummock. All around is in darkness. Thick fog covers the whole swamp. It is time for you to move. There are totally seven lives for you. Once you fall into the swamp, you will lose a life. When you lose all lives, the game is over. You must control the degree of your jumping power so that you can jump onto a hummock accurately. Good luck!

Cheezy Chums

Cheezy Chums is a skill game on in which you are in control of a lovely mouse to get food. There are two mice in the game. They are brothers. The old mouse opens the cupboard and wants to throw food out of the cupboard. Then the young mouse has to catch food and place them into a tea cup. Once the game starts, you can use arrow keys to move the young mouse to bounce cheese and candy into a tea cup using its head. But watch out for the eggs. If the mouse catches an egg, the egg will break on its head. There are grapes, cakes and oranges on the floor. But they are not your aim, because biscuits and candy are your favorite dinner. Are you ready? Move now.

Nano Eugenics

Play free game Nano Eugenics on

Taverne Naine

Taverne Naine is an arcade game on in which you try to touch a yellow cup while avoiding blue cups. Press “GO”, game begin. It is on a brown screen, you guide a little person to touch a yellow cup, and an exquisite blue cup is floating up and down. If the little person touches the yellow cup once, there will be another blue cup coming out and floating on the map. The difficulty is growing with the blue cups more and more; the blue cups are coming from every direction. If the little person hit any blue cup, game over! You can control the direction of little person by arrow keys. The number you beat and your scores are recorded on the left of the screen.

Class Kiss

The girl next to you is so charming and lovely! You can’t control yourself and you want to kiss her just under your fat strict teacher’s nose! Class Kiss is a skill game in which your mission is to kiss your girl. But you have to do it without the annoying lady’s notice, and if you are caught, you will get punished and also lose your game. Just click the characters to make them kiss. This skill game is on Good luck!


Siris is a shooting game on in which you will steer a fighter plane to go through various tracks for survival. The game is easy to play. Just use your Right key to move forward. When your aircraft is flying, you can try to collect some items for getting a score bonus or obtaining a shield to become invincible. Big falling stones or Aerolites will block your progress. Don’t hit them, or you will crash. You can use space bar to shoot laser. Clear obstacles on your way by using laser weapons. As the track is so zigzag, you must steer the plane skillfully. You must also not hit spider plane on your adventure, or your fighter plane will explode. Try to fly as far as possible for getting a high score and a good rank. Join it now!


Welcome to Catacombs. Here, as a brave a treasure hunter, your mission is to find out precious antiques such as Egyptian amphora. But the task will never be so easy. The treasure pieces will be hidden in the different places in the pyramids and you need to find them out by collecting enough gold coins. As you enter higher level, it becomes more difficult to get the tokens. Be careful of the falling stones which may hurt you. Anyway, good luck. You can find this skill game on

Nova Chain

Have fun in Nova Chain, a skill game play of address to be discovered on the free site of plays in line Make react to the number of balls of colors asked by creating chain reactions. Each level introduces particular characteristics, with you of knowing to benefit from it. This play is played entirely with the mouse.

Grapple Hog

Help the hog jump high into the sky! Click to launch your hog. Jump as high as possible. So try to launch your hog with the strongest power. Click on balloons to grapple and upgrade. Use A and D to move your hog. Hit the bonus balloons for more points. There are no balloons under the boundary. So do not fall too far. Grapple Hog is a skill game provided by Have fun!

Flight Of The Missile

A satellite dish is going to destroy the moon! Fortunately, there is a missile that can stop it. In Flight Of The Missile, you will fly a missile to destroy the dangerous disk. Navigate your ship and try to avoid bullets, laser and enemy missiles. It is gonna be a long journey so you’d better collect supply units to add parts and protection to your plane. This skill game is on Good luck!

That Dam Game

Hold back the dam water and save the village! Do it by catapulting objects from your farm at the cark plugging the dam hale. This will push it back in. Run to an object on your farm using the left and right ARROW KEYS. Pick up the object using the SPACEBAR. Run to the catapult and press the SPACEBAR to drop your object. Pull back the loaded catapult and fire by using the DOWN ARROW KEY. That Dam Game is a puzzle game, available on Good luck! And have fun.


In Meeblings, a skill game on, the elf of the beans, they are somehow lost their way back home, because they are lack of the ability to walk or fly, so you need to pick up and hold a meebling to activate its magic power which are different by colors. Yellow one can call others, while blue one pushes nearby meeblings away. Pink one has power to reverse gravity, and red one will dig a hole from top. Green one named trebling can grow into a leafy tree. Then the silver one can switch the electricity. Interesting? Just enjoy!

Penguin Copter

Penguin Copter, which is a skill game on You are driving a helicopter and you must avoid to collide with the mountain and the penguins. The primary advantage of a helicopter is from the rotor which provides lift without the aircraft needing to move forward, allowing the helicopter take off and land vertically without a runway. For this reason, helicopters are often used in congested or isolated areas where fixed-wing aircraft cannot take off or land. The lift from the rotor also allows the helicopter to hover in one area and more efficiently than other forms of vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft, allowing it to accomplish tasks that fixed-wing aircraft cannot perform.


Beermat is an arcade game on in which you flick the beermat in the edge at the table and then catch it. You have to choose man or woman as your character at first. Then click on the flick button when the flick meter is at its optimal speed and click it again to grab the mat. You have totally 30 seconds. Manage your time. In addition, your character will take a drink from your pint when you playing. It makes your drunken meter rise and become more difficult to grab the mat. Your score will be showed at the left upper corner of your screen. When the time exhaust completely, the game is over. Try to grab more as possible.

Bitter Twisted Stomach

You are a pill in a very sick body. It is up to you to find and destroy the master spore to stop the infection. But be aware, it is guarded by an army of germs, viruses, bugs and bacteria. Blast them with medicine before they devour you. Some enemies should take more than one shot, and others may take special weapon or secret items. Bitter Twisted Stomach is an action game, available on Because you are a pill with drug inside of you body, then find more drugs and strengthen yourself is a wise idea to win the game. Good luck!

Climbing For Love

Climbing For Love is an exciting skill game on in which your objective is to prove your love by scaling these buildings to reach your girl within limited time. Switch from one side of a pole to the other with the arrow keys. When you are on one side of the pole, press the arrow key again in that direction to jump to the next pole. Dodge the roadblocks and falling items such as egg, drink can, hammer, bug, which will stun you, causing you to lose time. Collect ten hearts to get a love boost. Catch the gold medal for 1oo points, pentagram for invincibility and wing to speed up. At the right of the screen shows if you can complete the level and kiss your girl. As the level progresses, it will get harder and harder. Good luck and have fun!

Naughty Starlets

Naughty Starlets is a skill game on in which you become a professional paparazzo to snap some pictures of the starlets. The great paparazzo always has a sixth sense for naughty starlet wardrobe Malfunctions. Think you got what it takes to snap pictures of the naughty starlets’ dirty bits? So grab your camera, focus on the pretty ladies (not the skeletal skinny women or the bodyguards) and get ready to create your fortune. A good paparazzo can tell when there will be a wardrobe malfunction. Keep your camera at the ready and use left mouse button to snap a picture any time a starlet does something naughty. Just be careful. The bodyguards will take your camera if they are in the shot. And skeletal-skinny starlets might break your camera lens. Are you ready? Snap now.

Two Wheeler Trauma 2

Take on some killer traffic! Wheel in & wheel out in some awesome 2 wheeler action! Use Arrow keys to move through traffic. Space to brake.

Draw Play 3

Here in Draw Play 3, your mission is to draw your terrain and get to the flag so that you can beat the level. The rule is simple. You create a path between the start point and the flag point by clicking and dragging the mouse. Be careful with the obstacles which should be jumped over but not just walked across. You can erase the wrong road and draw a new one. You shouldn’t miss this puzzle game which is on Good luck!

Chain Of Fire

Chain Of Fire is an awesome skill game in which your mission is to click a man until he burns everybody on screen so that you can proceed to the next level. Click a man who can strike a fire and run to spread the fire to everyone he touches. Each time a man ignites you get points. Each time you click a man, the start burn value decreases. You can see this on the scoreboard. You can use clicks as many times as you need. Burn as many men as you can on the first click to get the most points. Each level you are given a point objective. Once all men are burned,you must have the same or more points than the objective to continue to the next level. To change the color of the fire,press pause in the game then click the “Fire Colors” button. Go ahead and explore the exciting levels on Have fun!


Welcome to Pathmaster! You are mastering a little point or spot, guide it to the finish line. To play the game you simply have to follow the path and avoid hitting any obstacles, neither the wall on both sides nor the other moving blocks. With your cursor, the game is divided into 5 stages and you have 5 lives. Your aim is to complete all 5 levels in as little time as possible. The speed of the advance will not be under your control, you just have to get use to it. This skill game is on Good luck!

Thief 1

Thief, which is an adventure game on People hate thieves, but sometimes you will meet some nice thieves, they do not mean to steal luxuary things from people, they sometimes just for revenging the bad guys who ever lied people’s money or get wealth by the wrong way. Such as these nice thieves stories, we must heard some before. In this game, you are the nice thief who is going to take people’s jewelry back from a bad guy’s home, but there are lots guards walking around outside of the jewely land, when you going to steal it, you must avoid those guards. Be careful and you will be the new hero!


Equilibrium is a skill game on in which you use your skill and enjoy yourself. You are a tightrope walker riding the monocycle in this game. Its still night, you can see stars flickering in the dark sky, but the sun rise and beautiful radiance of the sun has already shined on the trees. Between two trees there’s a slight rope. Your character is in orange coat, blue trousers and green hair crowns his head. Use your mouse to make the balance controller (which has a black ball and can move flexible on the arch) in the center, or you may lose your equilibrium and fall. Jump to get the blue balls which will give you points while avoiding the red ones. Try now.

Good Morning Meal

Breakfast is very important to everyone, and it can affect people’s whole day performance. So let’s cook perfect breakfast in Good Morning Meal. In this skill game, every meal is composed of three parts: first, bread, toast or cake, any one of these three; second, fried egg, third, porridge. Pay attention to the fried egg, if it is over cooked, the meal will be a bad one. When you have prepared certain number of good meal within the given time, you can pass the level. You can enjoy yourself in this game on Good luck!


In Froglivery, your mission is to deliver packages through out the city in the best possible time and try not to get squashed by traffic or to fall off a building. To optimise delivery times, your highway is roof and vehicle tops—city streets are too crowded for a funky frog like you. Try to follow the direction arrows and get all your parcels to their destinations within the limited time. This skill game is on, a wonderful on-line flash game site. Good luck!

Chaos Edge

Welcome to Chaos Edge, a fighting game on Here you are going to kill as many enemies as you can in the battle field. You can move around and when the army coming close, you can wave your sword and slash them into pieces. Don’t forget to protect yourself, or you will lose the game quickly. You can throw flying cutter to the foes far away. Pick up what enemies have left on the grass, the bonuses will give you more power. Have fun!

Orange Runner

Play free game Orange Runner on

Fashion Boutique

Play free game Fashion Boutique on

Higher and Higher

Higher and Higher is a skill game on The objective of the game is to jump from platform to platform. Try to get higher as you go. Stylish jumps can be performed by jumping when running fast. Stylish jumps allow you to pass multiple platforms at a time. When the game starts, you will guide a lovely boy to get higher. You can press the space bar to make him jump. The platforms are all falling down. Don’t let the boy hit the bottom of the screen or the game will be over. The boy can not also fall down from the platform or you will also lose the game. For survival, the boy must try to get higher and higher depending on the platforms. You can choose one playing mode from four modes. Play now.

Speed Ninja

Speed Ninja is a skill game on in which you control a lovely child to pass across some obstacles with electricity running in it. Press the start to begin the game, move your mouse to let the child go through a passageway. Avoid contact with those obstacles or you will get electric shock from the wire and the game will be lost. There are some signals to guide you how to pass the rolling wheel and which direction you should go to continue your way. This game is also an arcade game, and you should pay more patience to play it. The time counter is shown at the centre of the screen.

Blue Rabbits FreeFall

In Blue Rabbits Freefall, you can experience the beauty of extreme sports. You choose your character, the blue hare or the red one, and then start the game by falling off the plane. Your mission is to collect as many carrots as possible, dodge those ducks and land safely. You can roll if necessary. When you are in the deploy zone, dive to deploy parachutes, and aim the parachutes to land in the centre of the target. Please watch out for wind and wigeons. You can find this skill game on Enjoy!

Candy Breakout

Candy Breakout is an arcade game on in which you can feel very funny. Two little kids want to eat candies. The boy is too short to get these candies, so he needs to throw the girl upwards to get the candies. Press space key, the boy will throw the girl upwards. Press arrow keys, the boy can move to left or right, so that he can catch the little girl. Don’t let the little girl fall on the ground, she will get injured. If she gets injured for five times, she will in hospital. Unfortunately you must replay this game. Most candies can be gained by the girl for catch them only one time. But some need there times at least. The boy may get something useful after the girl gained the candies. One of them can make the boy became stronger. One of them can make the boy become thinner. One of them can make the kids move faster. One can protect the girl falling on the ground. Try to get more points. After gain all the candies, they can enter the next level.

Christmas Adventure

Christmas Adverture, which is a skill game on Christmas is celebrated throughout the Christian population, but is also celebrated by many non-Christians as a secular, cultural festival. Because gift-giving and several other aspects of the holiday involve heightened economic activity among both Christians and non-Christians, Christmas has become a major event for many retailers. Let’s help these elfs to decorating the christmas tree!


Junior didn’t get the Christmas presents so he got very angry and decided to destroy as much as he can. Here, in Rotten, your mission is to take out Junior’s frustrations and see just how much destruction you both can cause. You set the angle and power of his kick, and then control him to kick the football in the living room. Try to knock down as much furniture as possible, such as floor lamp, sofa, etc. You can find this game on Good luck!


Help young Nikola with his experiment! Collect the falling ether particles to increase your energy.

Carbon Auto Theft

Break the cars lock, then drive it out of the parking lot without crashing within the timelimit.

Magic Heaven

Magic Heaven is an adventure game on in which your mission is to kill all the enemies and survive all the levels. You have many tricks such as ice force siphon, ice-breaking attack, Goddess light and flashing. Use them to kill enemies and do remember that don’t be touched by any of the foes such as big-head fishes and fat swine, because they will cost you one life. Try to be more nimble. Don’t forget the bonuses. Good luck!


Use WASD or the arrow keys to move your orb. The terrain in the cavern is not clear without any probe outsides them, in order to explore the cave without dig them out into the exposure, scientists sent an air-propelled probe which can suspend in the air. Yet, this sophisticated equipment is somehow fragile to endure a mere pump on the edge of the interior wall, then mind the flight not to hit on the wall, and transmit the figural signal outside the cave by landing on the other platform.. Probe is a Skill game, available on, Good luck!

The Labyrinth

A game that tests your mouse control skills. You need to use your mouse to move the silver ball, be careful the direction is reversed, move the mouse up if you want to go down, and move the mouse to the left if you decide to go to right… That’s the difficulty of this game, the goal is to move the silver ball and touch the green dots on the screen, avoid the black hole and do all this as soon as possible to get more scores.

Tomato Bounce

Tomato Bounce is a skill game on in which you will help the tomatoes escape the dreadful salad. When the game starts, you will be located at a small kitchen and are holding a metal paddle. There will be a number of tomatoes jumping out of the vegetable basket. You should bounce them across the kitchen to the table so that they will not fall down on the floor and break. You get another life every 500 points. Also watch out for the power-ups. Some are good, and some are not. Hearts give you another life. The plant food spray bottle gives you more points, but the can of tomatoes take away points. Finally, salt makes the paddle (spatula) bigger, but pepper makes it smaller. Be sure to keep your mouse over the spatula or you will lose control. Have fun!

Head Defense

In Head Defense, your objective is to destroy the computer’s castle before he reduces your fortress to rubble. Try to bounce the bomb with your head to the computer’s building, and you will get more scores by hitting the castle higher up. Also, different bombs have different values. Watch out that dynamite doesn’t explode near your feet—you will be frozen for a couple of seconds. You can find this skill game on, a very good online flash game site. Good luck!

Spider Web 2

Spider Web is a skill game on where you are going to guide the spider catch bugs. Catch ladybugs no matter what color they are. Try to avoid bees, wasp and dragon fly, they will reduce your life, cut the spider rope or destroy the web trap. Don’t release the mouse button until your enemies are on the net, or you will work in vain. There are requirements for insect-catching number. Good luck!

Level Editor The Game

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Money from the sky

What if there is a money rain! It is every man’s dream. Now you have a chance to realize that dream. Money from the Sky is a skill game on in which your mission is to collect as many dollars as you can. You need to use your basket to get those following cashes. But be careful not to get the dirty ones or you will lose 10$ and half a life, and you only have 3 lives to survive the game. Good luck!

Sewer Slide Fury

Sewer Slide Fury is a simple skill game. In this game, your target is to go to the destination as soon as you can. You can press the Right arrow key to punch at the wall, press the Up arrow key to jump, and avoid the track on the floor, press Down arrow key to hedge the track on the ground. Attention, because you will move forward automatically, faster and faster, so you must pay your attention to the obstacles, if you hit some war, or some tracks, you will die. Go, good luck!!

Refrigerator Rampage

Fridges are useful, and they can help people store foods such as vegetables, pork, beef, eggs etc. But have you ever thought that one day they would be tired of what they have done for years and start a strike to attack you? Refrigerator Rampage is a skill game on in which your mission is to dodge as many iceboxes as possible. When your score is under 2000, you just need to deal with fridges coming from the top. When your score is over 2000, refrigerators will come from both the top and the right. When your score is over 3000, freezers will come from the top, the right and the left. Good luck!

Election Keepy Up

Here, in Election Keepy Up, you can help Mccain or Obama in the election. First choose your support side and then your mission is to keep the potential president up, and if he fells on the ground, the game will be over, and the longer you hold, the more points you can get. There will falling some items such as house, cash bag, caw, click on them to get more points. Don’t touch torpedo and broken bear bottles or you will lose your game. Try to summit the high score board. This skill game can be found on Good luck!

Bush Flys Coffee

Does fly really like coffee? Anyway, in this unique flash game, they rush to the coffee cup in groups like dive bombers! Use the swatter to keep those menacing devils away by clicking your mouse. When you hang on for certain duration of time, you can proceed to the next level. You don’t want to hit the coffee cup and spill all your coffee, right? Also remember don’t let those humming bombers drink all your coffee! Good luck! With great pleasure, presents you this flash game Bush Fly’s Coffee! I hope you have a great time trashing those annoying flies!

Penguins Castle

The former home of the penguins was conquered and devastated homes. Now they seek a new location to build their house. Your mission is to help penguins move to a place. Move the penguins, the blocks of ice and others can give you more points. Attention to various dangers you may encounter. Penguins Castle is an action and Skill Game, available on Have fun and good luck!


Zorbatron is an adventure game on in which you will have a chance to take a zorb for adventure. You will start your trip on grass. Use the keyboards keys to control your zorb. There might be some items on your way. Green item will decrease zorb speed. Red icon will increase your zorb speed. Blue logo will make you gain invincibility against obstacles. Collect these three items along the way to change the Zorb’s status. And you can also pick up sport cap, news cap and fun cap to gain bonus points. On your way for adventure, you will encounter castles, horse, barrier, car, tree, pig, fence, rock, windmill, or ball as obstacles. Try to avoid them at all times because hitting obstacles reduces health and will end your game quickly. On the basis of these rules, you shall endeavor to run as far as possible. The game will record your distance and your total score. Join now for your rank!


Shrink is a skill game on in which your mission is to shrink your field until it is small enough to reach the next level. Use your arrow keys to smaller the box. Don’t let your enemy hit the edge of your box when it is shrinking, and if that happens, you will start the game form the beginning, so be careful. Your score is related to your performance. Have fun!

Agent Footy

Agent Footy is a skill game on Your task is to step in the shoes of Paul Footy, football agent of the year for three consecutive years, 1998-2000. Famous for his greed, he is hated by all and despised by many, the stuff that legends are made of. But you must push your emotions to the background and help Paul to fill his need for greed before time runs out and his super modern, automated timelock safe closes leaving him to carry the cash all the way home. Once the game starts, you can use arrow keys to move and press space bar to deposit cash in the safe. You can collect wads of money, cigars, and changes for points. But beware of the football. Symbolizing the purity of the sport, the football knocks out our agent if on the path. Pocket the required amount of money and deposit in the safe to move on the next level. Are you clear? Play it now.

Temple Guardian 2

Temple Guardian 2 is a classic game on The game objective is to defend the temple and win the highest points. You may use lightning, thunder, fireball, meteor storm and blessing shower. In order to protect the temple, you must do many other things. A market needs to be built at the early stage of the game, because it will be your main source of income. You can also build academy, hotel, arrow tower, turret tower, Eagle’s Nest, Spike Trap, sky net, voodoo totem, sacred fire tower, sacred lightning tower, and sacred dragon tower. The invaders will be various monsters, like evil birds, wild animals, and so on. Use your weapon to defend the temple. If the health of your temple decreased to zero, the game is over. Most buildings can be upgraded to increase their functionalities and performance. Certain buildings’ construction and upgrade are constrained by the level of the temple. You may create trade wagons to do business and earn money for you. And the academy is used to conduct scientific research. The hotel is used as houses for heroes hired by you. You can hire your satisfied heroes from hero panel. Different hero has different characteristics. So this is really a great and complicated mission for you. Are you ready? Move now!

Bird and Elephant

Bird and Elephant is an arcade game on The objective of the game is to get the bird live as long as possible. It is in the forest. Tens of birds stand at the back of a huge elephant. They want to challenge this big animal because they don’t believe its strong power in killing. So one little bird will run left and right beneath the body of the elephant, while the elephant will try to tread on the bird and crush it. You can use the arrow keys to help the little bird dodge the shadow of the elephant’s foot. Though it is clear that the bird will be killed, you should help it survive as long as possible. The long you can keep it alive, the high score you can get. After one bird is killed, another bird will stand out and the game goes on. Are you ready? Move now.

Ultimate Chopper

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