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Sky Attack

Shooting Games

Sky Attack is a shooting game on in which your mission is to win the air fight. There are some enemy planes releasing bullets over your head, they decide to kill you of course, so you need to move left and right nimbly to avoid shots. If you really get shots, your health will reduce correspondingly. Try to keep your energy high otherwise your moving speed will be dragged. Shoot down your enemies without hesitation. Watch out your missile numbers. Good luck!

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Alien Attack Team

The aim in this shooting game Alien Attack Team is to eliminate your rival, command your troops to victory and change history. Use WASD to move, double click at W to jump twice and press Q to change arms. Key R is for bullets. Move the mouse to your target and left click to shoot. Please remember: shooting rapidly and avoid the enemy’s fire! Just fight now! Enjoy more free shooting games on

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