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Sliding Cubes

Puzzle Games

Sliding Cubes is a puzzle game and totally free provided by There are 25 levels in total. You can select the stage. You mission in the game is to fall in the white area by moving blocks. When you complete one task, you can go to the next level. And you will gain the level scores and total scores. There are more free games in this website. Just enjoy them freely. Good luck!

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Heart Cubes

Puzzle game Heart Cubes is free on You are supposed to clear the cubes on the screen as soon as possible. There are cubes of the same color neighboring each other. You should click one cube of group to swap them. Only when a group is larger than 2 same figures, it is available for you to swap. Use the bonus cubes in the game to help you finish your task more quickly. A total clearance get you multiplied points! Mind the timer!

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