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Smosh Strike

Shooting Games

The Gorzan species of aliens from an unknown planet is laying siege to yours and you must defend yourself as a one man army. You are the only one on your planet that is man enough to fight them off. Now it is time to kick their booties, hard. A few people at the FBI headquarters have offered to help you on your mission to destroy the Gorzons. They will radio in and help you with your mission. Move with arrow keys, fire laser with the spacebar, and press B key to use laser blast special attack.

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Disaster Will Strike 4, a free puzzle game, is brought to you by You are supposed to kill the bad eggs on the screen to level up. There are gears at left top corner of the screen. Click at the gears and set them to the right position to trigger events. Take advantages of the environment to create chain effects leading to death of the eggs. The less time you spend, the higher score you will win. Enjoy yourself!

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