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Snap Trap


Snap Trap is a skill game on in which you set a trap to catch a greedy deer. It is in a shabby factory and many old spare parts and tools are placed on the shelf mussily. You are a worker of this factory, but it has no money to pay for your salary. You have had no cash to have lunch. So you must catch a deer. You put a beverage on the ground to bait the deer. A plastic box is used to catch it. And a flyswatter supports the box and a rope is tied to the flyswatter. Once the deer comes into the range of this plastic box, you must drag the rope quickly, and then the deer will be covered by the box. This is the way you catch the smart deer. Don’t drag the line in the process of this deer approaching the beverage, or it will be scared away. Are you ready? Good luck!

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