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This winter will be exciting! Go snow-skating! You will find a definitely different winter! Snowboard is a sport game on in which your job is to help the athlete skate to the finishing line. You can control the speed and direction. Keep the green flags to your left and the red ones to your right. Try adjusting your view with the two slides at the bottom of the screen. The higher speed you have when passing a flag, the more points you get. If you are tripped down by a flag, just get up and continue—you need to reach the finishing line. Good luck!

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Fancy Snowboarding

Visit to join the free sport game Fancy Snowboarding. You will enjoy it. The objective for you is to send the hero to the destination with a red flag. Left click and hold and then drag to draw a line. He will ski in accordance with the route. You are supposed to collect the bonuses on the way forward. Pay attention! Avoid falling off the screen, or you will lose the game! Good luck!

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