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Space Dogfighting

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Space Dogfighting is a shooting game on in which you should beat back enemy ship in your airspace. You ship, the condor k11, is a completely self-sustaining unit with solar cells that power all of the ship’s mechanisms, including the blaster and shield. For this reason, both the blaster and shield have a certain amount of energy stared at any one time. This energy is represented by two of the meters on your instrument panel. Fortunately, both the blaster and shield’s energy automatically regenerates itself over time ,but this is relatively slow, giving enemies more than enough time to destroy you .This condor is equipped with a selectable 3 made blaster. You can choose between 3 blaster types by simply pressing the button on your instrument panel: Standed-20% damage to enemy ship: 20%from your blast power cache、Pulse-5% damage to enemy ship: 5%from you blast power cache、Power-50% damage to enemy ship: 50% from your blast power cache. Play now.

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