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Space Empires


Space Empires is a puzzle game on in which you should be a ruler of planets. This game is named Space Empires. It is a turn based strategy game, where you play for the humans against 3 other races in a battle for domination in the galaxy spine. Each race starts with 2 planets out of 8. Your goal is to have all 8 under your command. You loose when you have got no planets left. The main map gives you a look on the sector, here you can see the planets in the sector and give your planets commands. In the control panel in the bottom, you can give different commands, not regarding your planets. At any time you can click on the HELP button for help. At your turn, you can do one of the following: giving your planets new orders; talk with the other races. Building new ships for your attack fleet; attach an enemy planet or insert a spy.

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